Quotable Country – 08/22/10 Edition

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When I heard the title of this song, I just assumed it would be a deafening rocker that would serve as an anthem at pre-game pep rallies. I had no idea it would be a country ballad powerful enough to take me from an anti-football mom to the one who’s counting the days until tryouts.
– – Alison Bonaguro’s last(?) post for the (end of the?) CMT Blog follows her familiar ‘I didn’t like this thing at all, then I heard one song and now I totally like it’ template.

We have become so civilized in this world. I could just go on and on and on about the pussification of this country. But, you know, thank god, there’s still a few people where there are lines that you don’t go across. And if you do, there will be a physical penalty to pay. And I think there should still be that element in this society today.
– – Trace Adkins on the occasional need to whoop a man’s ass.

I laugh at redneck jokes harder than anyone else because there’s nothing funnier than the truth.
– – Gretchen Wilson. “They never got old!” she howled, long after everyone else had tired of them.

So glad they are using our tax dollars to bust steroid users in baseball! Cause that’s a pressing issue in this economy. Who gives a damn?
– – James Otto uses Twitter like a pulpit.

One thing we decided when we were making Six Paks was, if the whole idea is to get people back into the stores and buying albums again, then there needs to be something extra on there. And if there’s one thing people are figuring out about me, it’s my sense of humor … If I ever go back to making a full length album, I’m gonna have a ton of that crap in there. I like recording [comedy] more than I like recording songs! [laughs]
– – Blake Shelton on selling personality, not just (or even primarily?) music.

It’s a lot easier to focus on the negative. It really, truly is. But when you take a moment to think about all the good things in your life, you become happy. And I think happy attracts happy.
– – Carrie Underwood. So you can imagine how upset she gets when someone tries to steal her happy.

Where Kid Rock is coming from, that’s where a lot of us are coming from. It’s basically, ‘Let’s have a good time. Let’s forget about all our problems for a little while and have a good time.’ Sometimes we don’t want to talk about our problems and things like that in songs.
– – Randy Houser feels a kinship with Kid Rock.

Right now, it’s just as strong as it’s ever been. What’s great about country is it’s quite a broad genre. If you say you’re country, you almost have to say what kind of country because it seems to encompass a lot. It’s got a great, rich history of always embracing current styles and trends within it in order to keep it relevant and keep moving forward.
– – Keith Urban on country music.

Billy Currington, ‘Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer,’ Story Behind the Lyrics
– – If there’s one song that obviously doesn’t merit this treatment, isn’t “Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer” the one? I mean, how interesting could the story possibly be? It’s a song about doing nothing.

I was a huge Billy Idol fan from the ages of like 9 to 13. I even used to spike my hair like Billy, and it might be embarrassing if those pics resurface!
– – Dierks Bentley.

[My next album is] a great mix. It reflects who I am. I’m definitely not just one thing. I’m the beach guy, I’m the country guy, I love my dirt roads and fishin’, but I love New York City and L.A. and Miami, too. (from email)
– – Billy Currington added: “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am everything to everyone.”

Legalize weed. It’s 50 percent of what’s causing the problems along the border with the drug cartels. A lot of people who sell it want to keep it illegal because that’s where the money is. The cartels are now in hundreds of our cities, growing and selling weed. Legalize it, and it would stop all that immediately.
– – Willie Nelson.

There were a couple of years that I was so busy on the road I was kinda numb. I wasn’t really tired, I wasn’t really not tired, I wasn’t really happy, I was just kind of numb. So I’d go to the dentist to have something done and they’d put that gas mask on me and I’d be like, ‘Wow, that’s as relaxed as I’ve been in years!’ I thought to myself, ‘This is why people smoke pot right here! This is it!’ I don’t smoke pot, but this is why people do it, I guarantee you. Because it gets them away from reality. I even asked my dentist, ‘I just want to come over here and sit some time, can you guys do that?’ He said, ‘We can’t do that, we’d get in trouble.’
– – Kenny Chesney finds relief in the dentist’s chair.

That show is more than a show. It’s an experience. It’s like making love to 6,000 or 7,000 people at a time every time we play the Kentucky State Fair, and I get that feeling back from the people. That completes the love cycle.
– – Oak Ridge Boy Duane Allen.

I remember so many times growing up that I thought Bob Dylan was a country singer, and that Johnny Cash is like rock and rockabilly, so I didn’t even know which was which. I hope that all of my albums have that sort of a sense that country fans don’t know why they like it, and rock fans don’t know why they like it, either.
– – Brandi Carlile on appealing across genre lines.

The first album was kind of more geared toward trying to have radio hits. This album was more written toward something I want to put in my record player. […] I love the songs, and I just really feel like this album is something that I can really, really take ownership in. It’s really also the starting line of albums that I get to make that are true Randy Houser records. Hopefully they will just get better and better.
– – Randy Houser says album #2 will be the first true Randy Houser record.

I am a little bit stressed about the album, because you hear the third album makes or breaks you. I’m just hoping that the first two albums have just been practice. I feel like this third album is going to be my first album, because I really feel like I know me.
– – Kellie Pickler says album #3 will be the first true Kellie Pickler record. I wonder if these singers will refund money spent on their earlier fake records? I’m dating myself here, I know, but I remember a time when the first album used to be the first album.

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  1. Nicole says

    I hate when artists say “this is the first album that’s really me”. Haaaaaaaaate it. I don’t care if it’s true. Don’t say it.

    • says

      Absolutely. It seems like they say that every time they release an album, whether it’s their first, their second, or their 500th. It’s either “this is the first album that’s really me” or “this album is by far my most personal” or “I really put a lot of myslef into this record.”

  2. says

    I must say the story behind the new Currington tune is every bit as interesting as I expected it to be. Why, it was almost as exciting as when Country Weekly told the story behind Brad Paisley’s “Water”!

    Interpret these remarks as you will.

  3. Donald Trump says

    Is the CMT blog done? I hope not cuz I enjoyed reading it so I could make fun of Alison Bonaguro, But if the blog is done maybe they fired Bonaguro, And I just want to say I am so jealous of whoever got to personally fire Alson Bonaguro, if that happened. But I hope it didnt and I hope Alison will be back soon spewing stupidity so we can all make fun of how dumb she is.

  4. Donald Trump says

    True. Bonaguro isn’t dumb. She’s actually smart and knows what she’s doing. She probably gets a lot of readers. But she does say a lot of things that are dumb. I think she may say them intentionally just to provoke people. Still its a shame if her blog is ending cuz it was a source of endless entertainment. But if Bonaguro is getting fired or the CMT blog is ending I think the Donald should have been the one to break the news.

    Disclaimer: I am not really Donald Trump.

  5. says

    Lots of awesome snark this week! Hurray! I especially loved the Alison B. (I thought the same thing when I read the post), Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler snark.

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