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Quotable Country – 08/15/10 Edition

Some weeks the quotes are ripe for the picking, and other weeks they just aren’t. I went to all the usual sources (CMT, GAC, The Boot, a rather time-consuming scan of all Google News search results for “country music”) and turned up very little, so this will be a much abbreviated installment of Quotable Country.

Let’s hope folks say lots of silly, objectionable, and interesting things in the week ahead!

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It felt like ‘If I Die Young’ was gonna come to Planet Earth whether it was the three of us that had written it or not. But it just so happens that we had the pen and the paper in hand, and I’m just really excited that we got to bear that song.
- – The song came down to Planet Earth? Not sure whether The Band Perry’s Kimberly is crediting God or aliens for “If I Die Young,” but either way, I think I’m on board.

But I’m really proud of these new songs. I think it’s the best writing I’ve ever done, and I think it obviously has something to do with me being a different person. I think the next album is going to be a little more diverse and a little broader.
- – Justin Moore. This seems promising until you realize that it would be technically impossible to create an album LESS diverse and more narrow than Justin Moore’s debut.

Congratulations to Tim McGraw, who was presented a plaque commemorating 7,965,000 radio spins, the most of any artist in any music genre from Jan. 1, 2000, to Dec. 31, 2009.
- – Some perspective on this number: Tim McGraw was playing on at least 4 stations at a time continuously for one whole decade. No wonder I’m tired of him.

Taylor secured her place in the International Bowling Hall of Fame by picking up more than 613,000 votes, outpacing Justin [Bieber] by 5,000 in a contest that appears to have been created just to build awareness of the IBHF. She was nominated simply for making the gossip columns by bowling with celebrity pals Selena Gomez and Cory Monteith. Behind Taylor and Justin, none of the other seven candidates drew as many as 25,000 votes.
- – 613,000 versus 25,000? For entry into the International Bowling Hall of Fame? The fervor with which Taylor Swift fans vote for even the silliest of recognitions amuses me greatly.

The last time I read something about myself that made me mad was…
A guy on the internet had ranked my albums from one to last, in the order of what he thought was the best ones and what I wasn’t really paying attention to. That pissed me off pretty good.
- – Guys, I think I might have pissed off Blake Shelton: Rank a Discography: Blake Shelton.

It sure keeps the writers and publishers in Nashville interested in you. They know they aren’t going to have to wait two years until you record again. In the back of their mind, they’re thinking, ‘We can get this song to Blake, and hell, it can be on the radio in three or four months.’
- – Blake Shelton on a perk of the Six Pak approach.

As performers, Sugarland’s Nettles and Kristian Bush are sort of a mixed-and-matched reflection of Brooks & Dunn. Like Ronnie Dunn, Nettles is the primary singer, but she’s also like Kix Brooks in that she’s the relatively wacky one, running around on stage, busting out dated dance maneuvers like the Roger Rabbit and generally making a spectacle of herself. Bush, who strummed guitars and mandolins to the side of Nettles, is a combination of Dunn’s stoicism and Brooks’ silence. It leads to an obvious question: Do Nettles and Bush split concert revenue 50-50?
- – Haha. Sugarland is a mix-and-match reflection of Brooks & Dunn where Nettles gets Ronnie’s singing talent and Kix’s showmanship, and Kristian Bush gets… to stand there. Well said, Cincinnati Enquirer’s Chris Varias.

Say, who’s up for some moderately disturbing Carrie Underwood karaoke?

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  1. Well said on Justin Moore’s album – he can be pretty narrow. And I have to admit that I could hardly care less about the bowling habits of Taylor Swift, or any celebrity.

    That Carrie-oke video was not “moderately” disturbing – that was SERIOUSLY disturbing.

  2. This weeks was shorter than Justin Moore, but good stuff just the same.


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