Quotable Country – 08/14/11 Edition

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Sometimes you’ve just gotta get out of the way and let the song do its job. It’s not Pavarotti’s song.
– – Ronnie Dunn on his toned-down vocal approach to “Cost of Livin’,” which Chet Flippo thinks is a modern classic. Can’t say I disagree.

They had a big audience there, including some pro football players and a bunch of Gary’s friends.
– – Natasha Bedingfield on heading into the studio with Rascal Flatts to record “Easy.” Pro football players hang out at Rascal Flatts recording sessions? If their identities become known, these guys are ruined.

The possibility of Carrie’s longevity is through the roof. There are fine singers, and there are gifted, great singers, and she’s one of those. Her vocal skills are off the hook.
– – Vince Gill is a big Carrie Underwood fan. I’ll bet this gives Carrie some happy.

One idea Marty and I had in common was that because no one was buying a record that only cost me a few hundred dollars to make, or a few thousand to make, why not give it away? Otherwise it’s worthless. There’s no real value so why not use that as my promotion? I knew there was no chance of getting on the radio or getting in the mainstream media so we advocated file sharing. And that was one important piece of the puzzle. People will read this and say, “Oh, you’re an advocate of giving music away.” […] But when you don’t have an audience, why not give it away? I look at it as a stepping stone. It’s a perfect tool for a developing artist. Now you can’t go online and get my album for free. We want them in Walmart. We want to sell them. That’s the goal. But not in the beginning.
– – Corey Smith thinks giving away music makes a lot of sense for new artists.

We just don’t sell CDs like we used to. We live in this download age, and it’s a singles-driven industry now and most people are only going to judge you and only get to know you by the songs that they hear on the radio or the singles that they download. I personally am dismayed by that, and it bums me out, man.
– – Hopefully, knowing that he’ll be judged mostly by his singles will provide the impetus for Trace Adkins to stop releasing so many stupid songs as singles. Wishful thinking?

It’s my job to pick up the flag and take it somewhere it hasn’t been. So, this song was a little bit tongue-in-cheek of my disagreeing with [a critic’s] inference that we had to make music sound like it was 1974.
– – Eric Church is such an outlaw that he won’t even respect the difference between ‘infer’ and ‘imply.’

I just bought tickets to see Judas Priest. They have their farewell tour coming up and I was always an ’80s headbanger at heart, you know. I don’t go to a lot of country shows. Usually if I go to a show it’s a rock ‘n’ roll show. A lot of country artists, man, I think they put on boring shows.
– – You won’t find Kevin Fowler at many country shows not headlined by Kevin Fowler.

I don’t think there’s a better laboratory for human behavior than being out on the road with a lot of people for a long period of time. You know, you see the best of people and you see the worst of people. When you get 120 employees out there, you see every one of those people go through ups and downs in their life.
– – Kenny Chesney on traveling with a large staff. I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that this is in some way analogous to playing on a high school football team.

I have a lot of beginner’s luck. You know the first play I wrote was a success and is still on going, and the first screenplay I wrote, “The Jerk” – I mean with two other people, Carl Gottlieb and Michael Elias – was a success. And the first screenplay I wrote alone, “Roxanne,” was a success. And the first music album I did was a success.
– – Steve Martin chalks the success of his first bluegrass album up to beginner’s luck… and the success of the second one up to trying to prove that the first one wasn’t just beginner’s luck.

Country music is very guitaristic… I’d say 99 percent of all country music involves acoustic guitar. In the smaller clubs, you get solos. You get to play a lot. If left to my own devices, I would not do country. But I do love it.
– – Longtime Dwight Yoakam collaborator Pete Anderson ended up in country because of its, err, guitaristic nature, despite being more of a blues man at heart.

“We work hard to make the performances as close to the real thing as possible,” said Michael Moore, who takes the stage as Willie Nelson – complete with waist-length hair in braids. “A lot of folks confuse us for the original artists. We take that as a real compliment.”
– – Three things: (1) Three guys impersonating Cash, Waylon, and Willie bill themselves as The Highwaymen, with nary a mention of Kristofferson. This just seems wrong. (2) How stupid are the “lot of folks” who confuse them for the original artists, two out of three of whom are dead? (3) I realize it’s probably not the same guy, but can you imagine portly documentary filmmaker Michael Moore with waist-length Willie braids? I’ll lose sleep over this image.

I’ll be honest: out of my whole camp, I was the last on board for that deal because I didn’t know how it was going to work out. I thought it might be too much on the whole rap thing.
– – Jason Aldean had his doubts about having Ludacris duet on “Dirt Road Anthem,” which at least demonstrates that Aldean might have a modicum of taste hidden somewhere.

Everything is vanity, isn’t it? The guy who set the benchmark for the so-called vanity project is William Shatner. I applaud him for saying, ‘This is interesting.’ There’s something wonderful about that. And caring what people say? I guess I do, but I try not to care too much. People don’t like this crossover stuff. They want you to be one thing.
– – Jeff Bridges on whether his new Americana album, out this Tuesday, is a ‘vanity project.’

We are the quirky, cool band nerds of country music.
– – Jennifer Nettles on Sugarland.

And that stupid employee they interviewed should keep her stupid small minded opinions about “old junk” to herself. Nobody’s gonna care about all the “modern country” crap 30 years from now. Scruggs And Flatt (please take note of the actual name the group, Little Miss Barbie Doll) will still have an audience and their albums will still be in print long after Taylor Swift has returned to working retail.
– – Some people get awfully worked up over Fake News stories. Besides which, does anyone actually believe that Taylor Swift will ever have to work retail? Even if she never has another hit, she’s set for life.

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    Even if she never has another hit, she’s set for life.

    Assuming, of course, that she doesn’t blow it all on cheap motels and eight-balls of cocaine.

    Jennifer Nettles sure thinks a lot of herself and that other dude, doesn’t she?


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