Quotable Country – 08/05/12 Edition

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Well, it’s always good to be a pioneer! As long I don’t have to be in the covered wagon!
– – Emmylou Harris, in conversation with Ben Foster, on receiving the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award.

And I felt like I found out who I really was and what my destiny and my real purpose was when I returned to traditional country music. I spent about 25 or 30 years away from it and when I came back home to it I thought, Wow, this feels so good. This touches my heart, and if nobody comes and if nobody listens, I know I’m doing the right thing.
– – Marty Stuart on carrying the torch for traditional country music.

For the end of the tour present, he totally one-upped me on the gift. I got him a bottle of whiskey from Colorado and a biker ring. So he invited me on his bus and his wife brings out this huge picture of the show in Nashville that we sold out, and it had a plaque that said ‘Presented to Brantley Gilbert by Eric Church.’
Then he brings out this case and it looks like a violin case, and it’s a shotgun from 1968. It is unbelievable; it’s probably the only gun I have that I’ll never shoot. I guess he knew I was a gun guy. I don’t know how he figured that out. But he totally outdid me on the gift giving part.
– – Whiskey? Biker rings? Shotguns? Plaques featuring the gift-giver’s own name? Brantley Gilbert’s account of his poser-y gift exchange with Eric Church might as well be Fake News.

It’s funny that somebody in my position should envy somebody like him, but I do. He’s able to live a normal life and still have a great music career, and be able to do whatever he wants to do and not be critiqued for it. You know, nobody asks him questions, and nobody says this was great or this wasn’t great. It doesn’t matter. Even if they did tell him he probably wouldn’t care. He just loves music.
– – Josh Turner’s comments on songwriter friend Pat McLaughlin suggest some of his frustrations with life in the spotlight.

OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy: A New Power Couple?
– – More hard-hitting reportage by Alison Bonaguro.

We made an album that doesn’t sound like anybody else’s record. It doesn’t sound like we’re going to try to head down an even more commercial way. Instead we’re trying to head down a more authentic way. We’re not as worried about moving records as we are about moving people.
– – Rory (of Joey +) on His and Hers.

[I’m] so appreciative to the wonderful MCA staff for giving me their all from my first days at Decca, through ‘I Hope You Dance,’ the awards for ‘I May Hate Myself In The Morning’ and There’s More Where That Came From.
– – Newly without a label: Lee Ann Womack. Here’s hoping a favorable arrangement and new music that’s everything she wants it to be aren’t far behind.

I’m really happy. A lot of people are discovering country more and more in the mainstream. Even Lionel Richie (“Tuskegee”). It seems like it’s still growing. It’s exciting.
– – Martina McBride on crossover.

It’s a combination of a gift, tenacity, hard work and timing. And luck! Songwriters I know who have had a long career are hard workers. They don’t wait for inspiration to come to them; they go seek it out. We have to continually create.
– – Bob DiPiero on writing hit songs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s me who didn’t make Curb Records that much money or someone like Tim McGraw who has made them 75 million dollars… the same problems are there. They don’t respect their artists and they do things like this to try to make people upset. That record (Hillbilly Joker) was recorded over 10 years ago… Sure enough I leave and they try to ride my coattails and take away from my record sales since I’ve started my own record company.
– – Hank III on Curb Records and Hillbilly Joker.

I enjoy some of it. Things really aren’t much different than when I was coming up in that we all have our favorites. You’d gather around the TV with your family and watch the awards shows and hope your horse came in first. It’s really about the song – I think that’s etched somewhere in Nashville. When you look back, certain singers, like Merle Haggard or George Jones or Johnny Cash, stick with you because they have more than just one or two songs that touched you. It’ll be that way with the newer singers, too. Some will have more staying power than others.
– – Clint Black, diplomatically, on modern country music.

It’s just like all the corporations where they’re downsizing. There were too many cooks in the kitchen. Sometimes when that happens, everybody is afraid. They’re afraid to put their name on it because then they have to worry about their job. If it don’t work, they’re gonna get canned. If they don’t put their name on it and it’s a hit, they still get canned.
– – Eddie Montgomery on the major label system.

My biggest problem when they say country rap it turns a lot of people instantly off.
– – No kidding, Colt Ford.

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    I guess he knew I was a gun guy.

    A gun guy who mistakes a shotgun case for a violin case and refuses to shoot the weapon inside it. Can I be the first one to call bull on that?


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