Quotable Country – 07/26/09 Edition

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After all, that’s what country music is all about — storytelling. It’s about folks telling their life story the best way they know how — stories of love and longing, hope and heartbreak, pride and pain. Stories that help us celebrate the good times and get over the bad times. Stories that are quintessentially American. After all, name me any other country that would have produced a Hank Williams or a Willie Nelson.
– – Country music scholar Barack Obama.

I don’t think he knows that much about country music, but that’s OK.
– – Oh, never mind. Brad Paisley on Obama.

[Talent buyers] say, ‘Well, we’ll give you a quarter of a million dollars if you’ll come to Denver.’ I say, ‘S**t no! That’s dove season. I can’t do that.’ And they just look at me like I’m nuts.
– – Hank Jr.’s freedom to turn down $250,000 gigs allows him to connect with the working man.

These were all songs I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know and/or love until Sugarland did them. The B-52s‘ “Love Shack” becomes an instant classic when Sugarland spins it.
– – I think “Love Shack” sort of already was (unfortunately) a classic, Bonaguro.

We honestly think there will be a Latino/Latina breakout artist in country music. We feel chances are probably better for a young, beautiful Latina girl.
– – Adrian Michaels, VP of promotions at Curb Records, on trying to break Star De Azlan. I’m glad someone took a chance on non-beautiful non-girls like Freddy Fender and Johnny Rodriguez back in the day.

And I know Nashville, in this day and age, wants to be known for music in general, not just for country. But there would be no Nashville without country. I don’t think it would have been known for anything without it. Country music is great and acceptable, not something you want to hide in the closet. I found a style I love to do, but I consider it country, really. I would never turn my back on that.
– – Crystal Gayle hopes Nashville won’t turn its back on country music.

His songs have been recorded by many recognizable names in the country music industry: Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Hank Williams, Jr., and Earl Skruggs among them.
– – I don’t recognize the name Earl Skruggs. From an article on Nashville songwriter Don Poythress.

It is inevitable that sometimes in a relationship, you will have your heart broken. Sometimes you don’t do anything, but sometimes you want revenge. Sometimes you don’t, and that’s when you just leave it in God’s hands and know that He will take care of it.
– – Leann Rimes offers a confused comment on her split from Dean Sheremet.

I think there’s something out there. I’m pretty convinced. And I can’t believe that it’s not something everyone on our planet isn’t obsessed with. I can’t think of anything more interesting than if there’s life out there beyond our planet. And yet, people are always thinking it’s a little bit kooky that I’m into that. Other people don’t think about this 24/7? Could anything be more interesting? It really puts everything else into perspective, you know?
– – Katie Cook believes there’s life out there. 24/7? I believe she might have too much free time.

It’s a different experience, more about the camaraderie you have with the crowd. It’s hot and sweaty and loud – and I love that. It becomes as much about the environment as what we present onstage. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it’s an experience for the fans.
– – Eric Church on playing in rock clubs. Sounds like the sort of experience I’d like to avoid.

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  1. says

    It sounds like President Obama had a great country show at the White House. Good for him.

    And this may not be a popular statement, and may be totally wrong … But I think middle America’s resentment toward undocumented workers and illegal aliens would keep a Latino country star from making it big right now.

    • says

      I could see that happening maybe…

      On LeAnn Rimes, that was incredibly confusing.

      I think Obama got his definition of country music straight from American Idol!

  2. Rick says

    Obama’s statement was obviously scripted for him by someone who is actually familiar with country music. I’m just surprised he even knows someone like that. Also the lack of umms and ahhs prove his trusty teleprompter was close at hand….

    I think those concerts promoters are correct and that Hank Jr. is nuts! If he already has enough money, he should do those shows occasionally and donate it to charity! Sheesh….

    I disagree with J.R.’s take that anti-illegal immigrant sentiment would work against a Hispanic country singer whether male or female who is a legal citizen. I’d personally like to send all the illegals (and their kids) back across the border, but I like Star De Azlan just fine as well as Freddy Fender, Johnny Rodriguez, Flaco Jimenez, and even Rick Trevino.

    I think Leann Rimes has mentally crossed over into “stalker” territory. If it doesn’t work out with her latest object of obsession I see a Lifetime channel movie script being written before our eyes.

    Katie Cook has me confused. I’m much more interested to know if there is any intelligent life at CMT….(I’ll skip the obvious Allison Bonaguro reference here)

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