Quotable Country – 07/25/10 Edition

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[“I Will Not Say Goodbye”] is amazing and anyone who doesn’t hate Danny for having a wife who died will love it.
– – Danny Gokey fans kick the crazy up a notch.

Singing and acting are kissin’ cousins, at least. In both cases, you’re trying to create empathy more than anything. In the studio singing a song, I’m in the dark in this little room off to myself, and each song is a mini-movie. You could take any country song — just about any song of any kind, really — and make a two-hour movie out of it.
– – Before Tim McGraw thinks this through any further, can we go ahead and nix the “Southern Voice” feature film now?

The [Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s All for the Hall fundraiser], which will take place on Thursday, September 23, at Club Nokia, will again follow a “guitar pull” format featuring performances by Country Music Hall of Fame members Emmylou Harris and Kris Kristofferson, superstar Taylor Swift, and a very special fourth chair that must remain anonymous. (from email)
– – Emmylou, Kris, and… Taylor Swift? Who’s in the fourth chair, Rodney Atkins?

“It’s hot,” Jimmy [Wayne] says of the desert.
– – Well, there’s a headscratcher…

Dunn, in fact, has said he’s responsible for the ultimate decision to split, saying he quit the group over disagreements he and Brooks were having over what songs to include on their next studio album — which, of course, was never made and became the “#1’s … and Then Some” collection.
– – A little more background on the Brooks & Dunn split.

After the whole [ACM] Entertainer of the Year win, I felt like it was time to kind of have more ‘wow’ moments in the show. And I might follow that up next year with an acoustic tour. That would be just about my favorite thing. There’s so many moments in the show right now that I absolutely love, [and] I’ve never done before. They’re so exciting because they’re so new for me, but my love is singing, and I could stand in front of a microphone and just do that all day long and be so happy with that.
– – Carrie Underwood is considering going acoustic next time. Now that’s a show I might actually attend.

I like to put on my bikini and go to the beach with my Bacardi ‘little umbrella’ drink and see if anybody will rub some lotion on my back and catch some rays. It’s a camo bikini, so I shouldn’t be looked down upon because of my choice of swimwear.
– – Josh Thompson reveals a little too much.

In most cases –- 99% of the time — the subject matter is so shallow. Should you write something that would touch a nerve, that would be the first thing the big programmer jerks [off the air]. He don’t want anything that’s going to cause somebody to look up from their computer and bitch. [Someone at a radio station] told me that. He said, we don’t want them crying in their beer. That eliminates a lot of emotion, which is the beginning of the country song, I thought.
– – Merle Haggard on country music today.

The good side to the Internet is somebody who would never have got a break gets to put their music up and let everybody hear it. And the downside is, everybody’s doing that.
– – Toby Keith sums up the online music explosion.

Bands like the Lo Cash Cowboys say they love Country Jam as much as the fans do.
“It’s incredible every year,” says one of the members of the Lo Cash Cowboys. “We love this place. It’s all about these guys getting out here and hanging out with them, and signing stuff and just getting to know everybody.”
– – I love that this journalist didn’t take the time to figure out which LoCash Cowboy she was quoting – presumably because she knows, like us, that it really doesn’t matter.

I think there’s an edge back in country that’s been missing. It can’t be pretty all the time — sugar and bubble gum. It’s now hip to wear one of our shirts to class. People know that it’s cool now.
– – Eric Church on bringing back the edge.

Yet, though most of McBride’s performance was flawless, the show got off to a somewhat strange start. Note to McBride and all other musicians: it’s really not OK to play your own tunes on the loudspeakers before the show. Find something — anything — else, please. McBride then took the stage amidst lasers and an electronic beat that seemed apropos of nothing, least of all her own music.
– – The Orange County Register isn’t a fan of Martina McBride’s concert opening. In her defense, she was very possibly smashed when she conceived it.

Nah, you know what, that took so much time and it was so little bang for your buck. It took me literally 10, 11 months to write it, complete that project and get it out there. And it’s just pretty much a CMT movie of the week now, I think.
– – Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Toby Keith says there won’t be a “Beer for My Horses” sequel.

Q: Have you ever considered doing a covers album and, if so, what songs would you consider doing?
A: If I did, it would probably be country songs — the great American writers of music exist largely in country and bluegrass. Merle Haggard, Larry Sparks, The Carter family and Del McCoury are all extreme examples of that music. I could get lost in that stuff. I revere those people but the originals can’t be topped.
– – John Waite (“I ain’t missin’ you at all…”) has more respect for country than some country artists.

There are people that want the Prozac country. They want things that are light or things that are cliché in sentiment. It’s like if they have any weight, it’s cliché weight. It’s about how patriotic you are; that you love grandma. It doesn’t ring true for me; not true enough. I’m bored with it. And I think it sells a lot of people short. It’s a shame they can’t sell advertising around music that’s a little more poignant.
On the other hand, maybe that’s what some people want when they get in their car to go to the job they don’t want to go to. Maybe they just want to hear something easy; something that doesn’t move them one way or the other. Just something to block out whatever they don’t want to deal with. And that’s not my approach to music. That’s not what interests me about music. That’s not saying one way’s wrong or right, it’s just different.
– – Elizabeth Cook.

Hey there, working man
With your hard hat and hammer
We’re laying you off
– – Sounds about right. Country Haiku.

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  1. says

    Don’t tell me that “Honky Tonk Stomp” was one of the only songs Brooks and Dunn could agree on. If that’s the case, it’s definitely time to end it for them.

  2. Andrew Leprich says

    Elizabeth Cook hit the nail on the head.

    Major props to John Waite.

    Love the country haiku. All too true these days, sadly.

  3. Karen says

    “In most cases –- 99% of the time — the subject matter is so shallow”

    This immediately following the Josh Thompson quote – perfect

  4. says

    I enjoyed the Elizabeth Cook quote. It explains a lot about why country radio is afraid to play her music.

    And now the mental image of Josh Thompson in a camo bikini is permanently engraved in my mind.

  5. says

    I have a feeling we’ll hear a lot details more about the Brooks & Dunn split after the dust settles on this Farewell Tour.

    Unfortunately, Haggard and Elizabeth Cook both make valid points.

  6. Nicole says

    To be fair, a lot of people on Oh No They Didn’t do hate Danny Gokey for what they perceive as him using his dead wife to win votes on AI… and for being a homophobe and for wearing those glasses and just generally for being Danny Gokey.

    I can personally confirm that it is not cool to wear an Eric Church shirt to class.

  7. Rick says

    Let’s get down to some truly important matters with my breaking “Quote of the Day” from an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow at CMT.com regarding her new country radio single “Country Strong”! (Which was chosen over the original title “Feedlot Stench”!) The song comes from the soundtrack to the new movie of the same title in which Gwyneth is the lead character. Here’s the crucial part:

    “She also said that her character is “in various stages of undress” because of her struggles with a drug and alcohol problem.” Bingo! Now they have my attention! (lol)

  8. Church'sChicken says

    I’m not terribly sympathetic to Haggard and Cook when they complain that country radio typically shies away from deep songs or stuff out of left field. Country radio has done this for ages. This isn’t new. Although Haggard’s music tended to be “less shallow” than many of his contemporaries songs, country radio was pretty shallow in the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s and 1960s too. The music has changed but it was never deep or sophisticated to begin with. Even some of country’s greats produced an awful lot of shallow songs.


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