Quotable Country – 07/18/10 Edition

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There hasn’t been a whole bunch of new news about the Carrie Underwood-Mike Fisher wedding since last Saturday (July 10). However, I did read in People that guests ate sushi and crispy risotto lollipops during the cocktail-hour part of the reception.
– – Alison Bonaguro is just doing this to mess with me now, isn’t she? That’s the only explanation.

One of Mike Fisher’s teammates says the wedding to country music star Carrie Underwood wasn’t unlike other ceremonies he’s attended.
– – Thanks for that breaking news, Winnipeg Free Press.

Q: Are you in a good frame of mind now?
A: Yeah. In fact, if you had seen me in the parking garage, I was doing cartwheels. And a round-off! My round-off is getting pretty smooth, I must say. But I ended up in the splits, unfortunately.
– – If Jerrod Niemann’s album sells well enough, expect to see some triple axels.

If you think I’m going to sit here and pass judgment on Miley, you’re wrong. I think she’s beautiful. I love her. She’s trying to grow up, you know. I remember when I was young and horny.
– – Dolly, as only Dolly can be.

We r just barely hanging on with our song due to serious misinterpretation. Please help us get some spins by requesting “Keep the Change”.
– – Darryl Worley thinks he’s being misinterpreted… as anti-Obama, presumably, though it’s unclear why he thinks that would hinder his success in the country market.

A big portion of the population is fed up with the way things are going and they don’t know why.
– – Don’t go trying to pull any fancy messages out of Worley’s song. He’s just fed up and doesn’t know why.

“I listen to country music — I like country music. I feel that’s one of the last genres of music where storytelling is a staple. ‘She Is’ definitely lives in that world,” the R&B singer told Rolling Stone of the tune on his upcoming album. I hear you, Ne-Yo. No other genre can tell a story the way a country song can. If there is even the slightest nuance that makes his lyrics lean a little country, I’m buying it.
– – R&B singer Ne-Yo is recording a country song. Alison Bonaguro can’t wait!

[Cracker Barrel] is gearing up for the latest release in its exclusive music program: country music star Craig Morgan’s That’s Why – Collector’s Edition. This CD features 13 songs, including the top radio hits “Bonfire” and “This Ain’t Nothin,” as well as two previously unreleased songs. (from email)
– – Oh sure, Craig Morgan. Go ahead and release ANOTHER updated edition of That’s Why. Don’t bother considering the long-term effects of these fan-unfriendly sales tactics.

But would I want to hear a steady stream of old-school country? Not really. Because if there was too much old, how would you ever discover the new? Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume radio never had stopped playing Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette. What if that prevented the world from hearing fresh country voices like Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift or Miranda Lambert? That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? […] And could you ever uncover the next Waylon Jennings if the real Waylon Jennings was taking up all the space?
– – Everything you need to know about Alison Bonaguro: In her world, Waylon Jennings is ‘taking up space.’

I can guarantee that when whomever referred to this type of weather as the ‘Arctic blast,’ they weren’t insinuating it was a good time. It was a great experience, however, I was not having a blast.
– – Cute comment from walking man Jimmy Wayne.

I feel it’s been a life alternating experience.
– – Wait… what? Jimmy Wayne again.

I’ve known music piracy was rampant, but check it out. This week I sold 7,500 singles (which is pretty good), but 80,000 people stole it. No wonder so many of my friends in the business are losing their jobs. Kinda scary. Half the [song]writers in Nashville can’t get a job anymore because of this. People pay five bucks for a cup of coffee, but not 99 cents for a song?
– – James Otto takes to Twitter to complain about illegal downloading. The 80,000 figure seems unlikely.

But also when I’m on stage every weekend and people are singing lyrics that I wrote back to me, at the top of their lungs, or when I’m in a meet-and-greet and someone says, ‘Your song ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ got me out of a really bad relationship, an abusive relationship,’ that’s what we do this for.
– – Miranda Lambert fans are using “Gunpowder and Lead” to escape abusive relationships. That’s a lot of pending murder trials…

I know I’m not the only person who he’s approached and advised to go make records. I don’t think the other ones have surfaced yet, but they will. […] He is sort of a fearless leader in his own way of doing his own thing. I’m certainly not trying to be Jamey, and I know nobody else is. But what Jamey is going to do is put his hand down and pick you up and say, “Man, go make some music that you want to be heard,” and that’s what we did.
– – Jerrod Niemann. The beard was one thing, but now Jamey Johnson is inspiring his disciples to go forth and make the music that’s in their hearts? I think he might be taking the Jesus thing a little too far. (Still, I wouldn’t object to putting copies of That Lonesome Song and The Guitar Song in all motel nightstands.)

In my opinion, there has never been a more purely beautiful pedal steel part ever played embodying the innocence and purity of everything that’s ever been good about country music as it was in the beginning section of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s anthem ‘Teach Your Children,’ with Jerry Garcia playing that beautiful pedal steel.
– – Dwight Yoakam lets some of his California show through.

Once we were all together being filmed taking turns singing our songs when suddenly the action was interrupted by Poodie Locke — Willie’s famous roadie — punching Hank in the face hard, apparently over a woman he’d stolen. […] Later back stage we were all drinking and laughing, and Hank was sitting off by himself. He was wearing a pith helmet, with dark glasses to cover the black eye. I went over and asked him how he was doing. He didn’t say anything for a few moments, then he said, ‘My horoscope said this was going to be a better day.’ That’s all he said all night.
– – Kris Kristofferson remembers Hank Cochran.

Any time that you’re in the country music market, as we have been over the past 20 years, you always have some veils put over you. There are certain things you are expected to do and certain things you are expected not to do. Probably getting very religious from the stage is one of those things that you’re not supposed to do. I do have to say that it wasn’t a big veil because songs that we’ve done like ‘One More Day’ and ‘I Believe’ are very Christian oriented songs.
– – Diamond Rio’s Gene Johnson on tearing away the tiny veil that didn’t really conceal the band’s faith.

When I opened up my AOL account, one of the headline stories for the day was about the 10 catchiest songs in country music history, I followed the link and started to read the top 10. I started at 10 and wondered what would be next as I scrolled down the page. I was thinking that we would not have a song on there, then at No. 1 was our huge hit ‘Elvira.’ You could hear me screaming all the way from Oklahoma.
– – Oak Ridge Boy and lone surviving AOL user Duane Allen. Nice that he still gets excited about these things.

There’s just something about traditional country music and bluegrass that is so real, so innocent and so pure. It comes from a different place than the music of today.
– – Ricky Skaggs.

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  1. Nicole says

    If I had never heard Faith Hill, would it be a shame? Hmm… Let me think about that….

    Yeah, it’s wonderful being young and horny until people decide you’re too young to be that horny and stop buying your albums, which is what happened to Miley.

    AOL is still cool because it has AIM. I can’t deal with MSN; it has all those stupid colors and shit.

  2. James Otto Sweet Heart says

    I love James Otto SO much and I love to learn more about what is on his heart, mind, and soul. (smiles)

    God bless you and him always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

  3. Brocephus says

    lol I think the “misinterpretation” is that people think Worley actually wants to keep “the change”, the change being President Obama.

    This is opposed to his probable intention of telling whichever mystical far-off land that spawned such evil to take it back.

    The first one seems less convoluted; not hard to see where the confusion is coming from.

  4. Church'sChicken says

    If Worley didn’t want to be misinterpreted, he should have considered writing a song that doesn’t all but invite such interpretations.

    As for James Otto’s comment that people pay 5 dollars for a cup of coffee but they won’t pay 99 cents for a song. Well, certain coffee houses make coffee that is worth 5 dollars to me; very few songs out there are worth 99 cents to me. (I did download and pay for “Just Got Started Loving You;” it was worth the 99 cents). Also note that music is easily available for free on the radio; free coffee can be somewhat hard to find.

    • says

      Music is ‘free’ to listeners on radio or online but there are royalties being paid. James Otto just seems to be frustrated (and who can blame him) that more people seem to think music is so disposable that’s not worth paying for. I see where he’s coming from and I will never buy the argument that “I will buy it if I like it” because too many people won’t, if they get the song from somebody for free. It’s one of the arguments against giving away songs for free via downloads or promotional CDs (like we gave out at Roughstock’s booth this year). However, I think the promotional aspect of giving away a song or two (or streaming it for ‘free’ online) far outweighs not doing such things.

      • says

        Completley agree here, I know I’ve been guilty of it once or twice, but if I get a song without buying it I do tend to buy it once it becomes avalible in Canada.

        BTW Matt the sampler cd was awsome really got me interested in tracking down more songs from most of them.

        • says


          Glad you enjoy it. A guy who got volume 1 of the CD (this year was Vol 2) found us and complimented us on our CD, saying he loved it and really was happy to see a vol 2. I hand picked 99% of the songs on there for it and it shows the kind of ‘indie’ talent that’s around these days. It also touched on many parts of the country music ‘big tent.’ From mainstream Top 40 hits “Chillin'” from Blaine Larsen, to bluegrass to traditional to bluesy stuff to country rock.

    • says

      But the problem is, if it’s not worth .99 cents, then one shouldn’t download it. Just because you don’t deem it worthy of the price given that product, doesn’t mean you can take it for free.

      • Church'sChicken says

        I have never illegally downloaded a song, but the major reason I can see that you shouldn’t download a song illegally that you deem not worth 99 cents is the fact that the law says you shouldn’t. And while that’s a good reason, it is a reason rooted either in respect for the law itself or in fear of the law’s wrath should you be caught. It is not a reason rooted in respect for music or musicians. It is also a reason rooted in law, and not a reason rooted in morality.

  5. says

    Alison Bonaguro is starting to really scare me. I only got as far as the words “Underwood-Fisher” before I realized where the quote had come from. Maybe I should take the CMT Blog link off my site.

  6. Rick says

    My favorite latest “breaking quote” comes from Taylor Swift (via CMT.com) regarding where she shot her newest music video:

    “We shot the video in Portland, Maine, which was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. It was gorgeous. I loved it. I absolutely fell in love with it. … I went there and got to spend two or three days just falling in love with it. When I am old and I have silver hair … I want to live in Maine. I want to have a house and make necklaces or something — and have a lot of cats. It’s a whole fantasy for me.”

    Due to Taylor’s inclusion of wanting lots of cats, I hereby take back everything negative I’ve ever posted about Taylor! Well except for the comments about her vocals when she starts to screech…

  7. Church'sChicken says

    It must be a slow news day because Alison Bonaguro has written an informative entry about how Taylor Swift is beinc considered for induction to some bowling hall of fame. OMG. LOL.

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