Quotable Country – 07/08/12 Edition

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Those guys are directly descended from what Tim was doing early in his career. He was one of the first to bring in those Southern-rock guitar. [“Truck Yeah” is] a great way to show what Big Daddy’s up to.
– – Scott Borchetta says Tim McGraw – who he creepily refers to as Big Daddy – laid the groundwork for Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean.

This format obviously has supported novelty-type records, going back to Tim McGraw’s Indian Outlaw.
– – Mike Moore, director of country programming at Entercom in Portland, OR, takes a long view, reminding us that novelty songs have existed since at least 1994, when Tim McGraw invented them.

You have people like Keith Urban (with) more rock influence, a lot of guitar, more musicianship. You have people that are more on the pop contemporary side. You have really traditional country artists, and I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle of all of that. I want to make country music that everybody can like.
– – Carrie Underwood just wants to please everyone. Is that so much to ask?

I signed my pub deal in 2010 — when my dad’s song “Gimme That Girl” was big [for Joe Nichols]. I did not start seriously writing songs until after I signed my pub deal. It was crazy — they didn’t even have any songs to base this deal off of; they saw me play one night! And to this day, it’s still kind of a blur of how this all happened, because it still doesn’t make any sense. I remember telling dad after I signed my deal, ‘I hope I don’t let anybody down, because I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.’
– – The charmed life of Thomas Rhett. Still, it’s not fair to judge him just because having a hit-making father gave him certain advantages in the business, is it?

Thank goodness for Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford and Eric [Church] and those guys paving the way.
– – Thomas Rhett again. Okay, you can go ahead and judge him now.

You know with other people’s babies, they’ll say, ‘Do you want to hold the baby?’ And I always am excited to do that, but then you have to give the baby back. Now we get to keep the baby!
– – Jake Owen has a kindergartner’s grasp of what fatherhood entails.

Like in the bowling alley, those little hand fans, right before you get the ball. I put my head over it and let the wind blow my hair, and then I’ll start singing a Celine Dion song.
– – Neil Perry (The Band Perry) is country to the bone.

Anderson Cooper Gay: Country Artists React
– – Anderson Cooper Becomes a Hot News Topic: Taste of Country Quickly Comes Up With a Tenuous Country Connection to Cash In on Search Traffic

I don’t think any kid who ever stands in front of a mirror singing into a hairbrush is thinking about being in a studio. He’s thinking about playing in front of thousands of people.
– – Tim McGraw lives for the live show.

You have Darius who’s out there now, and myself and a couple others. It’s bringing more and more awareness to that, and I just think that’s a cool thing to be a part of.
– – Damien Horne of The Farm on African-Americans in country music.

Not that I’d know, but I guess it’s a bit like watching your stocks. You’ve got an investment and one starts to take off, and it goes up a point one day, and down a point the next, and you’re like: ‘Oh shoot, is it done? Is it going to fall off the chart?’ And the next day it jumps up five places.
So it’s just this manic depression that lasts 40 weeks or so.
– – Songwriter Gordie Sampson (“Jesus, Take the Wheel”) on watching his songs on the charts.

Essentially they are country music because they are all about that beautiful three-part harmony, incredible lyrics and beautiful love songs.
– – Sara Evans on the Eagles.

With pop music, you can have ‘whang-dang-doodle’ or ‘Who let the dogs out?’ It can be about nothing.
– – Darius Rucker on the difference between country songwriting and pop songwriting.

I want people to know this isn’t a dress-up contest. This isn’t a play, it’s not fake. I know where I came from. I’m a student of the music. I’m a good singer, player and writer. No matter what music [I might play], I’d be successful, I feel. I was born to play good, old-fashioned American music. It’s important to look past what people might think is a façade and listen to the lyrics and the quality of my band playing the songs and the quality of the arrangements. We all know a good song is a good song.
– – Jimmie Rodgers fashion sense aside, Pokey LaFarge wants to be judged on the basis of his music.

But I think in a poetic sense I was trying to talk about the idea that violence is out there. In any history book I ever read there’s no, like, ‘And then there was the period of no violence.’
– – Todd Snider on Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables.

I’ll just rent me an apartment when I go over there so I’ll be a resident. Or if I have to, I’ll buy a place.
– – Heads up, Netherlands: If you outlaw the sale of marijuana to non-residents, Willie is moving in!

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  1. says

    Okay, I really dislike Thomas Rhett now. And yes, it is from a place of bitterness that I pitched a few songs to Nashville that I consider better than anything I’ve heard from him and never got a bite. I’ll admit that casually pitching a handful of songs without actually moving to Nashville is not paying my dues or really trying, but still, I did more work than Rhett. That’s probably the #1 problem with Nashville now: you don’t have to pay dues if you have an angle.

  2. says

    This format obviously has supported novelty-type records, going back to Tim McGraw’s Indian Outlaw.

    So, obviously, it has to support them all. Truck Mike Moore and his brothertrucking format.

  3. ChurchsChicken says

    Fair enough, Rucker, you can have “who let the dogs out” in pop, but you can have “truck yeah,” “she thinks my tractor’s sexy,” and whatever in country. And you can have Roger Miller singing about “do wacka do whacka dos” in country as well.

    And, quite frankly, some nonsense lyrics are a lot better than the mindless cliches that pollute the dial on the country stations.

  4. says

    I started judging Thomas Rhett a looooong time ago. On the plus side, it will be nice having someone new to poke fun at in the blogosphere every now and then.

    I still can hardly believe “Truck Yeah” even exists, let alone that Big Machine is promoting it so aggressively. I remember thinking Tim McGraw had hit a new low when he released “Felt Good On My Lips,” but that one is sounding downright quaint by now. At any rate, he’s officially killed off any semblance of anticipation I might have had for his Big Machine debut.

  5. Jen in Tenn says

    Jake Owen does not know how babies work because the absolute BEST thing about them is being able to give them back. And I say that as a devoted aunt, just one who is not overly fond of my nieces’ and nephews’ bodily fluids.

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