Quotable Country – 06/27/10 Edition

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They didn’t want him to sing there. And the owner of the club, who’s a real good friend of mine, was a solid redneck, and he didn’t want him there. So I kissed Charlie on the mouth. I was just trying to ease the tensions a little bit.
– – Willie Nelson on kissing Charley Pride.

It’s easy for me to choose what I love the most. When I was first coming out and trying to build a career in this commercial music industry and also do what I loved, that was so difficult. I hate that it has to be that way, but it does. I wanted to promote real country music to as many people as I possibly could, and that means getting on the radio and making a certain number of records. Sometimes I put out more contemporary stuff for the radio and people buy my records. It’s always been a struggle, but at this point in my career, I can do more of what I want to do.
– – Lee Ann Womack on balancing commerce with her love for traditional country.

Swim trunks, size M, in case there’s a pool onstage
Giant whimsical eyeglasses, if audience thinks Steve is Sir Elton John (UK only)
If venue is a sporting arena, scoreboards should read “Steve 1, Bluegrass 0”
– – From a leaked Steve Martin tour rider (via Chris Neal).

The only thing I would’ve done differently in this video was cast a different bull rider. This one looks nervous and fidgety, like a guy who doesn’t NOT get off on the pain. Allan himself would’ve been perfect for the role of a cowboy who is not afraid of a little bull.
– – Alison Bonaguro doesn’t not make no sense in her post about Gary Allan’s new music video.

I think there needs to be more songs about inspiring people and fun dance songs — the way it used to be — and not necessarily have to wear a cowboy hat and boots to be popular.
– – In case you wanted Miley Cyrus’ opinion on how country music could be improved… oh, you didn’t?

My wife gets mad because I’ll get home, and Ella’s been bawlin’ and squallin’, but if I go talk to her, she automatically starts smiling. I think she’s a bit of a daddy’s girl. She probably recognizes my voice, because when she was still in my wife’s stomach, I would sing Hank Williams, Jr. songs to her. My wife was like, ‘Justin, really? You have to sing Hank Jr. to our unborn child?’
– – Justin Moore on fatherhood.

Obama is a President who comes from a single parent. He relates to everybody. He’s a country song. That’s what he reminds me of. He started networking and politicking in barber shops and small places. He did it the old fashion way. That’s why he had so many people vote for him. I learned a lot by watching that on TV. I thought, ‘you know what? That’s what I’m going to do with project Meet Me Halfway.’ You can’t get more grass roots than walking halfway across America, meeting people on back roads … going to their house and talking to them about it. Some of these people don’t even have internet. I mean, you’re going in their house! So you build from there. You build your foundation from that grass roots.
– – Jimmy Wayne on how Meet Me Halfway was inspired by the Obama campaign.

You say the b-word, and people think of the banjo cranked up to 11 and people singing through their noses. And it’s like, ‘No, that’s not what bluegrass is, and that’s not what this project is. So I think when you hear ‘Up on the Ridge’ you think, ‘OK, that’ s not what I was expecting at all,’ and I love that!
– – Dierks Bentley on being an ambassador for bluegrass.

Q: You’ve said in interviews that country seems to be the last genre where the deejays are still so passionate about the music. Are you finding that a lot when you’re out visiting country radio now with this album?
A: I am. Part of the passion you can tell is how much they love it. When you walk into a station and the deejay looks like Alan Jackson, you can tell they really love their music. They know what they’re doing. There are some really passionate people left in this side of the business, and you don’t see it on the other side like you do on this side, and that’s one thing that makes me love country music more. And that would keep me coming down to Nashville even more in the future.
– – Country stalwart Uncle Kracker.

We grew up in Mobile, and I was 15 years old when I fronted my first band, the High School Boys, and Neil was eight and Reid was 10, and they had matching bowl cuts! And mom would always dress them alike too. She just stopped doing that a few weeks ago!
– – The Band Perry’s Kimberly Perry… joking, I think?

Personally, I think Sara Evans is HOT! I’m not going to lie. Sara Evans is hot. She’s very womanly. She’s a beautiful woman. And you know who else I think is a beautiful woman is Lee Ann Womack. I don’t know what it is about her, but [sigh], I like Lee Ann.
– – Jake Owen on country’s hottest women.

I’m a big fan of the local Texas country music scene, and she’s one of the honky-tonkers. There’s two different country music scenes going on in Texas. There’s the Pat Green kind of music, and the more progressive type of country music, then there’s the real honky tonk side—like Amber Digby, Kevin Fowler…..There’s a lot of guys out here in Texas that are cutting real traditional, honky-tonk music, and not getting the attention of some of the other guys. That’s what Amber’s all about.
– – Mark Chesnutt on Amber Digby and Texas music.

Anything country. I can’t tolerate it. I grew up in a very conservative, cowboy-friendly town and the rodeo was the biggest event of the year. Country music was blasting out for days and days on end. I was miserable and I hated it. I’ve had enough of it to last me the rest of my life!
But the problem is that country music people are always the nicest people. When I meet them, they’re so kind and I have to say, ‘Oh, I don’t like your music, but you’re so nice!’
– – Glee’s “Kurt,” aka actor Chris Colfer, on what he wouldn’t want to sing on the show.

That water never did get high enough to dampen our spirits.
– – Dolly Parton at Nashville Rising (via Country Aircheck email).

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  1. says

    I used to like Miley Cyrus, even defending her from the haters, but lately she’s been annoying me more and more. I wish she would just stop talking about country music, because whenever she does, she reveals just how little she knows about it. You’d think she would have noticed that the majority of today’s popular country acts do NOT wear cowboy hats and boots, and many of them are not “sweet as pie” either. But just wait. One day she’ll be a 35-year-old washup who decides to make a country album in a last-ditch effort to stay famous.

  2. says

    Willie is glorious.

    I think there was some kind of truth tucked inside Miley’s earlier “country is contrived” comment, which she sort of revisits here with the cowboy hat/boots part. Country music does have certain affectations to it which may be positive or negative depending on who you ask; I think a lot of people have a gut feeling of thus. Miley’s problem (as demonstrated in the two quotes, at least) is that she doesn’t have the hard knowledge (or taste, apparently) to articulate her gut feeling convincingly, so it just comes across as whiny and nonsensical.

  3. Rick says

    It sounds to me like the term “country music” as it “should be” to Miley means only “Some Gave All” and “Achy Breaky Heart”! Well, considering her parentage I guess that’s understandable.

    Wow, Jimmy Wayne considers being mentored and coddled by leftist radicals all your life and then joining the Daley thugocracy Chicago political machine a “grass roots” movement! Jimmy is so far beyond being a conventional “useful idiot” it boggles the mind…

    Uncle Kracker wins the coveted “Country Radio Ass Kissing Award” this go round! Congratulations Kracker. Sadly he’ll have to wait until the next CRS to collect his trophy.

    Maybe Chris Colfer doesn’t care for country music since rednecks and cowboys are more likely to kick sissyboy’s butts than say the American Idol crowd (which in contrast seems to prefer them!).

    I was agreeing with Mark Chesnutt about Amber Digby until he lumped her in with “Don’t Touch My Willie” Kevin Fowler! I think Aaron Watson, Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, or Rodney Hayden would have been much better choices! Crikey!

    So Jake Owen is really hot for married, older women! Wow, that’s just awesome!

    Dolly Parton never has to worry about flood waters on an individual level, what with those excessively over-sized personal flotation devices she’s been wearing for years.

  4. Joe says

    Wow, judging by the quotes of Jake Owen, you would have better conversation with a rock than with him. Sounds like a complete and utter moron.

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