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I’ve heard a bit of grumbling about that, to which I say, with all affection for Nashville audiences, Lenny Kravitz fills soccer stadiums all over the world. It makes us sound a bit parochial when I read tweets like, “Why is Lenny Kravitz in Nashville?” It doesn’t make us look smart to take pot shots at great players who are also brave enough to stretch, in my opinion. My company was built on this kind of risk.
- – CMT President Brian Philips on Lenny Kravitz’s performance at CMA Music Fest.

It’s lengthened my career by a decade.
- – Reba on the convenience of owning her own jet.

The main thing is getting on the bus and going down the road and playing for the fans, even as far as reintroducing ourselves to the younger country music fans. That’s kinda where our business has gone.
The whole record-making major label thing is over for all of us from that era — except for George Strait. And that’s fine. Because we know who we are and we know what works for us. The pressures of the business don’t come into play with what we do.
- – Restless Heart frontman Larry Stewart on the touring life.

Hey #swifties we no longer sell the tshirt. We <3 Taylor's music and think she's awesome!
- – Abercrombie & Fitch to Taylor Swift fans on Twitter, after the company was flooded with complaints about one of their t-shirts reading “more boyfriends than t.s.”

If I knew how, I might try it.
- – Joe Diffie on doing ‘The Diffie’ dance step, which is evidently a thing. Thanks a lot, Jason Aldean.

Country music is the place to find reality in music, and reality in the stars who make that music. There’s kindness and goodness and honesty in the people I look up to. I’m always going to love Keith Urban, [Shania] Twain and [Faith] Hill. I’m always going to love people like that, who I feel are truly authentic. I’m inspired by people who I feel know exactly who they are, and that inspires me to continue to figure out and inform who I am as an artist.
- – Taylor Swift.

This [Cannery Row] is not a country record. You know who makes great country records right now? Hayes Carll and Jim Lauderdale. Those guys make great country music, of which I’m a huge fan. But I did not make a country record. What we did was just make an American music record.
- – Kurt Marschke of the Deadstring Brothers, admirably.

But I’ll tell you this; we have always loved traditional country music in ways you can never imagine. Back when we got our start, that’s all we were doing — a little old-time rock ’n’ roll, maybe, but a lot of hard-core country stuff like Waylon (Jennings), Merle Haggard, George Jones stuff. That’s what our parents passed on to us.
- – Joe Don Rooney on the proud country heritage of Rascal Flatts.

EX: What is your next single?
AW: It’s called ‘Raise ‘Em Up.’ It’s a good, fun song to come out for summer.
EX: What’s the vibe of the song?
AW: It’s a rockin,’ groovy song. [It’s] somewhere along the lines of Florida Georgia Line.
- – Austin Webb to Country Music Examiner. Oh dear. Now ‘along the lines of Florida Georgia Line’ is something people are aspiring to. And as if that’s not enough…

DB: Florida Georgia Line wrote a song on my album, so I gotta support them. It’s a song called ‘Cherry Bomb.’ It’s pretty interesting.
EX: What’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ about?
DB: This is a song that was on hold for Tim [McGraw]. He gave it to me in the studio, which is insane. It’s honestly just about a hot girl’s lips. That’s all it’s about. There’s a lot in the song, ‘she puts the flavor in the flavor saver.’
- – Fellow up-and-comer Dakota Bradley managed to score himself an actual, bona fide Florida Georgia Line song for his album. How lucky.

You want songs to have a different feel and to branch out. When somebody tells me, ‘Man, I got twelve songs on this record, they can all be singles,’ that sounds like a boring record to me. You didn’t take any chances. That’s not what being an artist is supposed to be.
- – Colt Ford, who’s admittedly pretty adept at making albums full of songs that shouldn’t be singles.

[Austin and Nashville] have a lot in common — they are both creative as well as music centers. The big difference is that Nashville is a major record label hub. The people who feed the commercial system are based here, there are more recording studios, etc. Nashville is good for getting your name out there nationally. Musicians who go to Austin are more live music oriented; they know they are grassroots, kind of outside the mainstream.
- – The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Michael McCall compares and contrasts.

I don’t know where it came from—and I still don’t know for sure. I’ve always had it and I don’t know why. I just think I was always meant to sing.
- – Martina McBride on her voice.

If other people have approached us, other writers in the Nashville community, because there are so many writers we’re connected with in Nashville, it’s an honor if they ask us to play one of their songs. And if it’s a better song, we will do it. The way it worked out for our latest album was we just felt the best songs were the ones we all happened to be writers on.
- – Gloriana’s Tom Gossin. Having read quite a number of interviews over the years, I can tell you that ‘the best song wins’ is usually used as a justification for including less, not more, of one’s own material. But I guess Gloriana is JUST THAT AWESOME.

Jason Isbell makes everything better:

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Things People Are Saying

  1. “Lenny Kravitz fills soccer stadiums all over the world.”

    Which is obviously more than enough reason to give him a slot at a(n allegedly) country music show, apparently. Damn George Strait for not taking him on a co-headlining tour.

    • “Lenny Kravitz fills soccer stadiums all over the world” is code for “Lenny Kravitz can’t sell tickets in the US.”

  2. It doesn’t make us look smart.

    To criticize the Lenny Kravitz move.

    Because he’s a talented player who sells out soccer stadiums.

    It was risky, though, because people might….. not…… know…… why….. he’s….. there?

    But those people aren’t smart (with all the affection in the world)

    Without taking risks like booking immensely popular performers (remember the soccer stadium thing?) I, Brian Philips, wouldn’t be where I am today.

    So let’s get this straight.

    I took a risk by not taking a risk and covered my bases by calling people who disagree with my decision “parochial.”

    In closing, it is only by taking risks – like booking cross-genre stars for its festivals – that country music can truly reach the greatest heights it could ever know: selling out a soccer stadium.

    • The president of CMT programming comments in free verse.

      And … This Fall on CMT: watch as your favorite country stars perform spoken word versions of your favorite rap songs.

  3. You’re right, Jason Isbell makes everything better.

  4. You know what else sells out soccer stadiums? Soccer. and no one here cares.

  5. The best thing about the Rascal Flatts and Florida Georgia Line quotes? We have something to make fun of!

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