Quotable Country – 05/25/09 Edition

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Years ago, the wonderful Keith Urban sat cross-legged on the floor in front of me and said, “Everybody tells me I need to know you.”
“And they are correct,” I replied.
– – Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Keith Urban met Hazel Smith at the crossroads…

It’s a humbling thing. I don’t get that way much. But when you see it and you see the people, and they tell you the story of why they did it, I mean, that’s there for life. Some of these kids are 19 years old. One day they’re gonna be 59. I hope I don’t make ’em mad.
– – Eric Church on being the inspiration for fan tattoos.

I’d love to sit here and tell you I have some glamorous ambition of success or whatever, but I have none of that. I don’t know that any one person around here can change anything. But I know that what all of us should be striving for is to make country music the family that it used to be and not this competitive sport that it’s turned into these days.
– – Jamey Johnson with a Willie-like sentiment.

I think music is an escape for many people. I seem to have more success as a writer writing about things that are positive, not focusing on the negative, whether it is a negative relationship or negative economic circumstances. People don’t necessarily need constant reminders that times are hard. They know that.
– – Songwriter Chris DuBois thinks that people want happy songs. I think that they actually want down-and-out drinking and cheating songs but just don’t know it yet.

The Time Jumpers aren’t likely to displace Taylor Swift. They’re 11 musicians – 3 fiddlers, 2 guitarists, 2 female singers, an accordionist, sundry others – with the mismatched, 50-something look of a softball team for a trucking-parts company.
– – Amusing description from an excellent New York Times article on The Time Jumpers.

Blake Shelton, one of Strait’s opening acts, said he was given advice by the headliner before the start of the tour: play something everybody knows to get the crowd going. So Shelton played a jingle about waiters dressed as pirates from a ubiquitous commercial for a credit-report service.
– – A pretty good joke and an even better way to get free credit reports for life.

We can’t know where we’re going until we know where we’ve been. And the music of the past is not just to study and put in a museum. The way to study it is to put it on the stereo and turn it up as loud as you can.
– – Thanks to Emmylou for making my unhealthy music addiction seem almost admirable.

What I love about the fact that I’ve been played on pop radio is that I’m still a country artist, and everyone knows that. It’s really cool to remain true to who you are and always remember who brought you to the party, but to be able to hopefully bring new people to country music.
– – Taylor Swift still thinks she’s a country singer. This must be stopped.

You may or may not know…
L: She has her concealed weapon license.
S: She collects stationery.
– – Las Vegas Sun article contrasts Miranda Lambert (L) and Taylor Swift (S) to sometimes hilarious effect.

Harlan Howard used to say, ‘You just need three chords and the truth.’ Well, we beat him. (‘River of Love’) is just two chords and the truth.
– – Memo to songwriter Dennis Morgan: Cowriting one of George Strait’s worst songs to date does not entitle you to say that you beat Harlan Howard.

There’s always this feeling of, ‘Well, radio ain’t playing this kind of music right now, so if I want to get my song played on the radio I’ve got to make it sound more like that.’ It’s not like you’re selling out. It’s like, ‘I’ll take down the war flag for now.’
– – Jamey Johnson on compromises made in pursuit of fame.

Bonus: Video of an almost unrecognizable Toby Keith performing “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” at Wayman Tisdale’s memorial sevice is available here courtesy of KTUL.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. God bless the troops.

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  1. Mike K says

    Do you think Scott Borchetta has somebody on Taylor’s bus swinging a gold watch and chanting “You are a country singer” over and over?

    I was glad to see the article on the Time Jumpers. Dawn Sears vocals should be handed out to all aspiring female country artists.

    Emmylou basically summed up the first day of every history course I ever took, right before I nodded off.

  2. says

    I feel like I could be such a big Blake Shelton fan if he just pushed himself to make great music. I like everything about him but his material.

    Great edition!

  3. says

    I kinda feel the same way Dan does about Blake. I enjoy Barn and Grill – particularly ‘Nobody But Me’, ‘When Somebody Knows You That Well’, and ‘The Bartender’, but I feel like he could be a really great artist instead of just a good one.

    Excellent quotes and you nailed them as always. Nice.

  4. KathyP says

    Compare and contrast Taylor and Miranda…..Let’s see. That’s like a Fluffernutter sandwich -vs- rib eye steak. Give me the substance any day. Besides, if you’ve ever seen her live without ‘assistance’ you’ll know Swift can’t carry tune a bucket or a shower. Miranda will stand the test of time even after all those OMGs from teenyboppers.

  5. says

    I do like Barn & Grill alright, but a lot of it is just fluffy. I dunno. Aside from “Ol’ Red”, which I would probably put in the top 100 or 200 singles of the decade, most of his stuff isn’t as memorable to me as his singing, which I really like.

  6. says

    I usually like his singing, but I think his phrasing can be too harsh sometimes. I didn’t really get into him until Barn and Grill, but my interest started dissopating with the next album and hardly exists now with Startin’ Fires. I actually hated “ol’ Red” when it was out, but like it now for some reason. The chorus is still almost a little too predictable/catchy for me though.


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