Quotable Country – 05/14/12 Edition

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I am so impressed Lady A have given band members an opportunity to co-write with them. It means more money for those who don’t earn as much as the big stars. Who else does that? Nobody!
– – Pretty sure Hazel Smith is correct that no band in the history of music has ever written songs with their touring band. Good catch, Hazel.

I’m going to do everything I can to keep from being mainstream. I hate it. I want to be the guy out there on the edge. I get frightened when people say you are in the middle of the format and more mainstream. I don’t know how to get my head around that and I really don’t want to be there. I want to remain the guy out there that’s kind of weird and on the edge musically.
– – Eric Church explains why he keeps trying to sabotage his own career.

It’s sad that he probably got roped into a really bad interview. I think it’s sad that they portrayed him that way and that he actually portrayed himself that way and cut down his friends. He probably didn’t realize he was cutting down his friends when he did it, but either way, he said something stupid and it’s going to take a long time to make it up to people that he offended.
– – Miranda Lambert on Eric Church’s Rolling Stone interview.

I would say that was a huge turning point in my life. I’d been writing songs for about five or six months pretty hard, and I was trying to balance songwriting and school – which was a pretty hard task. I wrote it with two other guys who had never had a cut, so for three no name writers to get our first cut on the Album of the Year was an incredible experience as an amateur songwriter.
– – Thomas Rhett, son of a Peach Picker, is having a nice, easy ride.

We went away by whatever means we went away and when we came back, we came back with whatever seasoning a human gets in their journey. […] Not only do we ride the bicycle as well as we once did, we ride it better. We are more skilled, we can do a few more tricks on the bicycle.
– – Robert Reynolds on the return of The Mavericks. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to let Raul do the talking…

I’ve watched Willie Nelson probably record more music in the last 10 or 20 years than he did in the first 30. That’s my goal, is to make 10 times the music that I’ve made to this point. I’m beyond still inspired to be creative, and I see time running out in a sense. At some point it will be hard to draw breath and sing a high note like I can now. I want to continue to do what I’ve done, but in much larger doses.
– – Vince Gill hopes his most prolific years are still ahead.

That song actually comes from about 1967. There was a country duo, a husband and wife team called Carl and Pearl Butler, and they had a huge hit in the early ’60s called “Don’t Let Me Cross Over.” I recorded that song because I loved what it said. I rewrote the last verse to kind of bring it into the 21st century. But, it’s very true. If you don’t believe me, get in your car, drive down to lower Broadway tonight or any night in Nashville and just look around and that’s it, right there. I can tell you from being around 40 years, when things are going your way around Nashville, it’s a wonderful time. But, when things are not going your way and nobody cares, it can be a very lonely place at sundown.
– – Marty Stuart on “Sundown in Nashville.”

It doesn’t matter if it was me — somebody who did not make that much money for Curb Records — or someone like Tim McGraw who made them 25 million dollars, it’s the same problem. They don’t respect the artists’ creativity. It doesn’t make you feel that good to work with someone who doesn’t respect what you do. It kind of takes the wind out of your sails to work with someone that doesn’t like you.
– – Hank III.

Haggard is Haggard – the tone, the depth, everything about his voice is just sturdy. Same thing with Springsteen. They’re just two different kinds of singers.
– – Rodney Atkins, quoted in a Billboard article on the Springsteen influence in modern country.

It is so funny, they will come up during the autograph signings and say “I promise you I am not stalking you.” I am like “I don’t mind! I am honored that you have taken the time to come to more than one show.” There is this one girl who has driven thousands of miles and she is always almost apologetic about it, and you don’t even know how much that makes my day. When I see her car in the parking lot and I know she is coming, that makes me feel like I am doing something right. It literally gives me a feeling I can’t describe to you.
– – Hunter Hayes might have a fan even more devoted than Brittany Fant. Terrifying.

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  1. Chris says

    So a couple hacks with practically no songwriting experience have a hit? Damn I REALLY need to get back to Nashville (shakes head)

  2. ChurchsChicken says

    If Eric Church doesn’t want to be “mainstream,” then why did he tour with Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts and Miranda Lambert, three highly mainstream acts? Why does he make cameos in videos by mainstream singer Toby Keith? Why does he write songs like “Love Your Love The Most” and “Hell on the Heart,” and “Drink in My Hand?” which are as mainstream as they come? Church is as mainstream as Phil Vassar, though they appeal to different segments of the mainstream audience.

    Is Church genuinely conflicted (Perhaps he likes the money and/or fame that being mainstream brings him but in his heart would rather be doing something else)? Or is the “I wanna be edgy bit” just an act designed to appeal to those mainstream fans who find a hint of danger and bad-assery attractive? Does he mistakenly think that his songs aren’t mainstream radio fodder despite their success on radio or did he sign onto a Rascal Flatts tour thinking he would be opening for a non-mainstream band? Maybe he genuinely believed when he signed to Capital Records that he was signing onto a non-mainstream record label? And on and on…

    Eric Church is as mainstream as they come, and lately he’s been making some pretty solid mainstream music. He also provides some great quotes for “Quotable Country!”

  3. says

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t trust anyone who refers to country as a “format” as opposed to a genre. Eric Church’s use of that term makes him look even more like a tool than he already does. He’s not the first to do it, but I do think it makes his outlaw posturing look even more phony.

  4. ChurchsChicken says

    Also, “Bob That Head” by Rascal Flatts is edgier than anything Eric Church has released to radio! Church doesn’t have a single about road head, but the Flatts do! If Church wants to be truly edgy he’s going to have to release a single more graphic and about a more taboo sex act than oral sex in a car.

  5. WillieWonkaTHEman says

    Eh maybe Lady A gets their band involed in the song writing department because maybe they know they can only write SO MUCH stuff that is actually listenable.

    Seriously all records have a few tunes that are hits or
    Depending on the size of the group “long lasting and fan favs” and then there are a few fillers (less than inspired crap that is there because charging 12.98 for a CD with three stars is crap

    maybe they want less of the filler stuff.

  6. says

    Somebody really needs to coach Thomas Rhett on what he shouldn’t say in an interview. I know he won’t have any trouble finding co-writes due to his name and the successes he’s already had, but he’s not doing himself any favors by unknowingly gloating about not paying his dues. It especially makes those of us who gave songwriting a go for years to no avail dislike him that much more.

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