Quotable Country – 05/06/13 Edition

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There is a new documentary, just released, and it’s really of me simply being myself. And if people don’t like it, then they don’t have to f**king be around me. I don’t care about being a bad influence to peoples’ kids. I really don’t. I’ve been writing songs eight hours a day for twenty five years, and the reward of that is that I get to keep my spirit going the way I want to.
– – Todd Snider.

There’s not as many record companies as there used to be, though, and the ones left are having trouble competing with the Internet. A lot of songs are sort of given away — not normally a good thing if you have a record company! One night I was at a music premiere and a young kid came up and said, “I’m a big fan of yours; the other day I downloaded 12 of your songs.”
– – Willie Nelson on changes in music distribution and consumption.

I don’t know that when I first started listening to him that I was really trying to copy him. But after listening to him so much, I started going, ‘How does he do that?’ Then I just became obsessed, literally obsessed, listening to as much as I could. In recent years, it’s become almost a hobby. … Most people play golf or whatever; I sit down and listen to George Jones.
– – Lee Ann Womack on the George Jones influence in her vocal style.

I knew I didn’t want to make a country record, just because that’s not really what I would have ever made as a solo artist. I loved Martie and Emily and what they did on their instruments, and I loved what we created and how we sounded together. But as an overall genre, country music was never where I would have guessed I would have been.
– – Natalie Maines to NPR.

We were like, ‘Are you going to do anything anytime soon?’ She was like, ‘I don’t know, I might be done.’ We were like, ‘No! We will write you a record and when we do, you better cut it.’
– – Angaleena Presley and her fellow Pistol Annies are doing their best to drag Patty Loveless out of semi-retirement from record-making. If it works, I’ll forgive their involvement in “Boys ‘Round Here.”

The strangest thing was, you would start to feel almost normal around him, watching football, eating dinner, telling jokes-just another legend in a La-Z-Boy recliner. And then I would go see him at the Grand Ole Opry or on the road and fans would start crying at the sight of him. He would bust into “White Lightning” and raise the roof. And then out of nowhere would come the words, “He said I’ll love you till I…” and suddenly, I’m 12. And I’m back in West Virginia, and I’m studying those records, wondering what he’s like. Or I’m 20 again, watching backstage the night before I leave home to chase my own dream. Wondering how he bends that word, how he milks every vowel. Watching how he works the mic, thinking, “Just how can one man sing that low and that high?”
– – Brad Paisley on getting to know George Jones, man and myth.

Ever just wanted to drink out of the container in the check out line while the cashier looks at you like you are totally crazy?
– – Ladies and gentlemen: Taste of Country’s Jeremy Robinson! Dude makes Alison Bonaguro look like Peter Guralnick.

I never wanted to learn to play music to play by myself, that’s never been much fun. Every time you play with somebody, that’s the point. It’s like having a conversation. It’s hard to have a conversation by yourself. It’s the same thing with an audience. If they don’t respond and it’s a one-sided conversation, you’re left feeling deflated. You want it to go both ways, the same with playing music.
– – Vince Gill on his love of collaboration.

Four country music stars are announcing their support for legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois.
– – How many of the stars can you guess before clicking the link? Hint: Two men and two women, and your odds of hearing any of their recent works on a commercial country station aren’t great.

No one is going to write about people who are doing the same thing over and over. I think it’s very important to put your opinions in the music and create something that is different. You just have to be okay with it being destroyed once in a while. That’s part of it.
– – Eric Church on always taking chances.

Anyone who says they know is, well… see, I’m Australian. I use a lot of curse words. So I’m thinking now, ‘How do I put this?’ People will want to tell you that they think they know. But they don’t know if it’s a hit. No one does.
– – Sherrie Austin on music chart gurus and prognosticators.

He gets tickled all over himself sometimes, and we have to take him back to the bus and lock him up until he gets over it. We’ve talked about trademarking it, and Rounder has even talked about putting a ring tone out with his laugh. When it goes off, you will not miss your phone call!
– – Jamie Dailey on the infectious laugh of duo partner Darrin Vincent.

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  1. Chris says

    Good for Big Kenny, Mary, Rodney and Emmylou…God made us all and He don’t make mistakes;

    PLEASE Patty, come out of semi-retirement! I’m BEGGING YOU!!

  2. Cady says

    Patty said a few years ago she didnt want to be on the road anymore. Not sure if shes willing to come back to record and not tour around it. Would be interesting to see. Love her!!!!!!

    Cant envision her cutting stuff Pistol Annie’s write though!


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