Quotable Country – 05/02/10 Edition

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What I look for in a woman is someone who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. A girl who likes to go four-wheeling and fishing and can go out and drink a beer, but can also dress up and act like a lady when the time presents itself.
– – Josh Thompson also likes women who dig cliches.

I’m usually one of the first people up on the bus — we have our whole crew there. One of the first things I do is grab ‘Lucky Charms’ [cereal] … and watch the [posted fan] videos. So yes, we absolutely watch those videos all the time.
– – Mike Gossin of Gloriana starts his day with a little self-flattery and the breakfast of a five-year-old.

Taylor reminds me of myself in her determination and her childlike nature. It’s an innocence that’s so special and so rare. This girl writes the songs that make the whole world sing, like Neil Diamond or Elton John. […] I still walk around singing her song “Today Was a Fairytale.” All of us girls want that boy to pick us up and think that we look beautiful even though we’re in jeans and clogs. We want it at 14, and we want it at 60. Taylor is writing for the universal woman and for the man who wants to know her. The female rock-‘n’-roll-country-pop songwriter is back, and her name is Taylor Swift. And it’s women like her who are going to save the music business.
– – Stevie Nicks on Taylor Swift.

She’s like the female Jack Johnson with her mellow, laid-back tunes, effortlessly capturing emotions in her honey-sweet hits. However, her newest single, “I Never Told You,” explores the idea of regret in not expressing these feelings. She co-wrote the song with American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves, her co-writer for several of her past songs such as “Bubbly” and “Realize.”
– – CMT Blog on country legend Colbie Caillat. (Whhhyyyy?)

Billy Currington also proved to be a wise choice to join the Stagecoach lineup. So many of his songs could have been the event’s official anthem — “People Are Crazy” (painted on numerous T-shirts and tailgates), “Swimming in Sunshine” (lots of bathing suits but no pool in sight) and “Don’t” (as in, “Honey, should I keep doing drunken handstands even though that guy behind me is trying to watch the show?”).
– – Craig Shelburne is still the best thing happening at CMT.

I have to be in a wildly festive mood to darken the door of a casino as it is largely ruled by four of my least favorite things:
1. Drunken adults making up for lost time in gymboree or church so they party like it’s 1999. Again.
2. Recycled Cigarette Smoke. This is where the casinos, in a effort to keep people inside and gambling, allow smoking but try to cover it up with some sort of coconut scent which just ends up smelling like a coconut flavored ass on fire.
3. Cold. In an effort to keep people awake (and to keep the burning coconut ass smell less noticeable) the temperature of a casino is freezing. Remember my olympic blog? I’m not very fond of the cold.
4. Loud, continuous, dinging noises. Annoying unless one is completely smashed or 3 years old.
– – I’ve never felt more connected to Jennifer Nettles than I do right now, and all it took was dropping the happy-go-lucky shtick and seeming a little neurotic. See, that wasn’t so hard.

It’s hard to listen to myself and say, ‘Yeah, I owned that, and that’s me.’ It’s really hard, ‘cause when I hear myself, I say, ‘Did I sing that like Merle Haggard? Did I sing that the way I would do it imitating him? Not just like he would do it, but did I do that trying to imitate him? Or did I do that trying to imitate Keith Whitley?’ Or just a random thought, ‘Is that really me? Is that really me?’
– – Some major anxiety of influence happening with Joe Nichols.

I read a million articles where people said that I did that on purpose. Of all the things I’ve done in my life, I’ve not been a person that has done crazy stuff like that. I’m a country music singer. I’m a Southern girl. I do have morals, and I do have ethics, and I do believe in doing the right thing. I believe the porn industry is not a good industry. There have been situations in my own life where porn has been a bad experience for me. I don’t want to do anything to promote that industry, and I don’t want to do anything to give it a stamp of approval in any way.
– – Mindy McCready on charges that her sex tape scandal was a stunt to stir up publicity for her new album.

I went and saw Graystone Chapel, the place that Glen Shirley wrote about in that song that John sang. I got to thinking about the hanging gallows on the way home. It just kind of got to me. And I thought, wouldn’t it be an awful job to be a hangman? When you go home at night, what does your family say: “Great job, dad?” What a tortured soul you’d have to be to be a hangman. I started the song and that day I was over at John’s, we talked about Folsom. I told him what I’d done and said, “I got this song started, it’s called ‘Hangman,’” and told him why I wrote it. The words are, “I killed another man today/It’s hard to believe/I lost track at 30/Now I’ve grown too numb to grieve/The bottle helps me cope when I lay down at night/And when the dope rolls through my veins/It all fades out of sight.” And I had, “Hangman, hangman, that’s my stock in trade/Hangman, hangman, sending bad men to their graves.”
He just spoke up and said to me, “Who killed who, I asked myself time and time again/God have mercy of the souls of hangmen.”
– – Marty Stuart on a song cowritten with the (very) late Johnny Cash, set to appear on Stuart’s next album. Sounds like it’ll be, ahem, killer.

As it’s stayed around now for 40 years, I sing the song now with a different attitude onstage. If you use that song now, it’s a really good snapshot of how dumb we were in the past. They had me fooled, too. I’ve become educated. I think one of the bigger mistakes politicians do is to get embarrassed when somebody catches them changing their opinion. God, what if they learned the truth since they expressed themselves in the past? I’ve learned the truth since I wrote that song. I play it now with a different projection. It’s a different song now. I’m different now. I still believed in America then. I don’t know that I do [believe] now.
– – Merle Haggard on “Okie from Muskogee,” in a great American Songwriter profile by Peter Cooper.

I had a lot of success sticking to my guns and recording things that I believed in, so at this stage of my career, I don’t go out on stage dreading singing those songs like a lot of the people that I know do. I’ve got friends that cut stuff and had great hits with them, and absolutely hate singing those songs every night, and I feel fortunate that I’m not in that situation.
– – Tracy Lawrence, who’s friends with Mark Chesnutt, who sang “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Just saying.

Adam brings with him a talented group of musicians from MUSIC CITY U.S.A. & accurately recreates the music and mystique of country music ICON Tim McGraw ! This powerful show captivates and thrills audiences everywhere. The timeless sound of Tim McGraw proves appealing to audiences of all ages, bringing back memories and touching the hearts of all. This tribute was formed to salute Tim McGraw and is one of the best tribute shows going TODAY! […] FYI: Adam’s voice sounds so much like Tim McGraw’s, that record label won’t sign Adam to a record contract.
– – This cracks me up. If you’re near Battle Creek, MI, you should go this Friday and report back.

Y’know, the record business of the 20th century, as we knew it, is essentially over. If there’s going to be a record business at all, it’ll have to be reinvented. These days, you look for things that aren’t just a record. You look for something that’s a record and a tour and a film. Or a TV show. Or a documentary. Something so that there’s more to it than just a simple record. It’s hard to get any attention for just a record these days.
– – T-Bone Burnett to the Onion A.V. Club.

Damian said it was important to the film [Flicka 2], which is set on a horse ranch, to cast a country music singer in one of the roles.
“It adds that nuance,” he said. “And Clint Black is Mr. Country, and he enhanced that role tremendously. He was really organic, and he’s funny. We didn’t know he was funny.”
– – I saw Clint Black doing stand-up on TV, and I still didn’t know he was funny…

What’s she doing now?
Guess I don’t have to wonder
We’re friends on Facebook
– – Facebook takes all the mystery out of reminiscence, via Country Haiku.

Word on the street is that Chely Wright is ‘coming out’ on the cover of PEOPLE on Wednesday. Don’t know if that’s true, but I do have it on good word that her new album is great… which is of infinitely greater concern to me.

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  1. Nicole says

    When I found out last week that the big coming out story on the cover of People was going to be a female country singer, I knew it would be someone I had never heard of. They hyped this thing up like it was someone relevant, but of course, it never is. And, as a side note, I lost respect for Brad Paisley since, apparently, he was this woman’s beard. It’s a failure all the way around.

    Merle Haggard, however, remains flawless.

    • Erik says

      Lots of people do not discover their ‘true’ sexuality before late into adulthood, and so to call Brad Chely’s ‘beard’ is not fair to him or her. And if you haven’t heard of Chely, you have missed out on someone great.

      • Nicole says

        Maybe I’m just jaded by all of the 20-somethings in Hollywood who fall in love with their co-stars and then magically fall out of love with them as soon as the movie has premiered. Some of those women never actually have boyfriends; they just bounce from one PR fauxmance to another. It makes it hard for me to believe that people in other parts of the entertainment industry don’t do the same thing.

        According to TMZ, her big hit was when I was approximately eight years old so that might explain why I don’t know who she is. Should I be googling her name right now instead of typing this comment? I’mma say yes…

  2. says

    It’s too bad you’ve never heard of Chely Wright. Also, what are you talking about Brad Paisley and being her beard? I’m confused?

    At any rate, I’m looking forward to her new album, especially with Rodney Crowell producing it.

    Love those country haiku.

    • says

      Chely and Brad were rumored to be a couple back about 10 years ago, before he married Kimberly Williams. In addition to an excellent duet together – ‘Hard to Be a Husband, Hard to Be a Wife’ – they co-wrote several songs together that appeared on Never Love You Enough album.

      That’s probably what she’s talking about: that Brad was just a cover-up for her true sexuality.

      • says

        I kind of figured that out after I asked the question. Strange phrase at any rate. But I’m still wondering why she would “lose all respect for Brad Paisley” as a result. Guilt by association?

  3. BamaDan says

    I’ve been following Country Music for a long time. I remember hearing her song “Single White Female” but I don’t remember a lot about her. So, Chely Wright is “Coming Out” and it just so happens it’s around the same time of her new album Coming Out. An openly Gay Country Music Singer who’s already faded into obscurity is not going to sell tickets. I guess Timing her Coming Out with her album coming out is better than what Mindy McCready has done. Mindy has several suicide attempts, domestic violence against her Mother, Parole Violations, drug overdoses, and tops it all off with a “Celebrity Rehab” appearance. If that wasn’t enough, now she has a sex tape coming out. 2 Female Country Singers who have faded into obscurity trying to make a comeback. I think Mindy McCready is a train wreck, and more than likely will sell more tickets than a Lesbian Country Singer. I’ve already planned on going to a Mindy McCready concert if she ever has one. People want to see car crashes and train wrecks. A Mindy on stage meltdown would be pretty awesome to see, as long as she doesn’t actually die.

  4. says

    I also agree about Craig Shelburne – his posts are about the only ones I even bother to read at CMT’s blog anymore.

    Also agree with Jennifer Nettles about casinos, and gambling towns in general. The behaviors she’s talking about are not limited to Vegas, but to any town with legalized gambling. It certainly brings out the weirdos.

  5. Rick says

    Aw heck, I think Chely’s “coming out” announcement will earn her a spot on the revived “Lilith fair” tour this year! Its actually an interesting new way to market herself to a whole new demographic.

    Stevie Nicks said: “The female rock-’n’-roll-country-pop songwriter is back, and her name is Taylor Swift. And it’s women like her who are going to save the music business.” If that is true, God help us all….

    CMT does its very best to try to get some pop artists onto country radio to help dilute the country genre even further! I like Colbie Caillat’s music to a point and do consider her every bit as country as Taylor Swift, so why not? Maybe the two of them together can do a better job of “saving the music business”.

    I have very little musical taste overlap with Craig Shelburne, but at least the blogs he writes at CMT are intelligent and usually quite interesting. Like others here I agree his blogs are the best read at CMT.com although Alison Bonaguro’s little pop culture gems are always good for a laugh because they are often so lame!

    Man, that Haggard quote proves to me just how much permanent brain damage Ole Hag suffered from all that drug and alcohol abuse back during the 1980’s that almost killed him! It seems the part of Merle’s brain having to do with reason, logic and common sense got fried in the process only to be replaced by ignorant delusion and paranoia! What a shame….

    Clint Black was in the “Maverick” film with Mel Gibson and in a few made for TV movies of the Hallmark variety. As an actor he is kinda stiff, so I’m not sure his authenticity makes up for it. On the other hand I bet he works a whole lot cheaper these days than Tim McGraw!


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