Quotable Country – 04/28/13 Edition

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We say our A&R guy, his name’s Jesus Christ. He brought us together, and he gave us the songs, and the time to spend with each other, and the music drives what we do.
– – Now even Jesus is an honorary Annie? Good grief, Angaleena Presley.

I wrote that song a long time ago. When I first moved here, I dated this boy who worked on the railroad, he drove a big Chevy truck with a lift kit on it, and we’d go up in the hills and go muddin’. One night he got his truck stuck and literally it sank down, and we had to get a backhoe to come up there and get it out. That guy, he’s my dad, he’s their dad, he’s our uncles.
– – Angaleena Presley on “Loved by a Workin’ Man” from upcoming sophomore album Annie Up. Believe what you want to believe, but I choose to interpret this as NOT meaning that she dated her own father.

Do we need old school country music? Hard to say. But you listen to the processed, bulked up steroidal arena country, then put on “When the Grass Grows Over Me.” Feel the difference and decide which has the most immediacy, the most charisma, the most punch to the stomach. It won’t take but a bar or two.
– – Holly Gleason, in a CMT.com article on the passing of George Jones.

“Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie.”
“Randy Houser’s How Country Feels.”
– – Aaand Tate Stevens has completely lost my interest. That was fast.

The Jason Aldeans, the Brantley Gilberts–they’re bringing that rock element to country music. It broadens the whole thing, which is awesome. So you’ll hear some guitar tones and sounds that are like that ’80s rock–late ’70s, ’80s, the Journeys, the Foreigners, that kind of REO Speedwagon sound. I love that stuff.
– – And Tate Stevens has kindly relieved me of any guilt I might have felt about dismissing him on the basis of two Q&A responses without hearing any of the music.

I happen to feel that genres are gone in music. I just think that with the digital age, whether it’s satellite radio, terrestrial radio, Pandora, whatever, there are no more genres. There’s good music. There’s bad music. I think it’s an exciting time in music that you can have all the stereotypes and all the things that are placed on it, whether it’s country music, rap music or rock music. That’s all broken down at a festival like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo or whatever. It becomes about the music.
– – Eric Church.

But most of all, what excites me about Hunter Hayes is the pureness inside that heart, his love for music. It’s really emotional to me because I see God working in him.
– – Stevie Wonder on Hunter Hayes. Ergo, if you don’t like Hunter Hayes, you are most likely going to hell.

I’m going to tell people, a lot of artists already do it. I think I’ve been guilty of it in the past, too. We take some of our tickets, we put them on StubHub, overcharge with what the market determines they’re worth … I’m taking 1,000 of them and I’m scalping them.
– – Kid Rock on the (widespread?) practice of scalping one’s own tickets for profit.

I’m not trying to be like my dad and sell 70 million records. And I can’t be a legend in the history of country music. When people say, ‘Do you want to follow in their footsteps?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I want to be successful and do things my way — like they did.’
– – Holly Williams on making the most of family legacies.

Luke [Bryan] tells Country Weekly that he was “one thousand percent” surprised at the big honor.
– – You know, I get the feeling Luke Bryan doesn’t have a great grasp of how percentages work.

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  1. says

    I would like to thank Eric Church for giving me one more exhibit to submit whenever I talk about how people who dismiss the concept of genres are only doing so to further their own ends.

    • Sabra says

      You’re the one who’s always bitching about being mistakenly labeled as having narrow musical tastes. The “there are no genres” thing is just taking your argument to the extreme. “My tastes are so broad I feel no need to define music by genres.”

      In other words, I blame you. Sleep on the couch tonight.

  2. says

    And while I realize he didn’t mean it to be so, am I the only one who finds the Tate Stevens bit about Journey, REO Speedwagon, et al. especially distasteful in the wake of George Jones’ death?

    • Aikou says

      To be fair he might’ve not known about his death or the interview was conducted before his death and it was just published recently.

  3. says

    Yeah, and Martha runs the office when they’re on the road, the Holy Ghost does kick-ass sound, Matthew is their publicist, John the Baptist opens, Mary Magdalen keeps the green room stocked with nachos, God Almighty is in charge of distribution and dispatches archangels to work the merch table, and Mother Mary is at the Betty Ford Clinic… WTF???!?!?

    I think the Jesuits call it Invincible Ignorance, taste being the child of knowledge…

  4. says

    I wonder if Jesus takes the wheel for the Pistol Annies too. I mean, being A&R guy/bus driver would be a lot of work, but if anybody can multitask…

  5. Sarah says

    Really? Jesus? Hunter Hayes is Jesus? I don’t get it.

    I think Eric Church is right, I just disagree with him on whether it’s a good thing. Getting rid of genres doesn’t make it “all about the music”; it makes it impossible for people who love particular types of music to find that type. You have to like everything, or that one mismash genre, in order to enjoy any popular music. That isn’t a step forward.

    • says

      Well said on Eric Church, Sarah, but honestly, I think he was just showing his ignorance. If anything, services like Sirius and Pandora break down music classification even further than the conventional genres.


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