Quotable Country – 04/26/09 Edition


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That sucker’s bald, and I like ‘em bald.
- – Fan explains why she traveled to Stagecoach to see Kenny Chesney.

Obviously, the country audience has plenty of room for all the current songs about how country we all truly are and how we’re all actually from a small town where mom and dad were high school sweethearts and you were the high school quarterback or the homecoming queen. Back when we all really came from Mayberry. And we knew what a tractor was and that it should be green. And that we should drive a pickup truck and it should be an F-150. But many listeners also yearn for some meat on the bones of their music.
“Shuttin’ Detroit Down” by John Rich is one such meaty song.
- – I’m with Chet Flippo on the apparent disdain for songs like “Where I’m From” but not all that convinced that “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” is painting in strokes any less broad.

Toby Keith to Speak at National Press Club Luncheon
- – Hmm, not sure that’s the best idea given ol’ Super-Size French Fries’ recent record with press relations…

Some country songs that I don’t like as much are Kenny Chesney’s new ones. His older music used to be good, like “Big Star” and “Don’t Happen Twice,” but I don’t like the ones about Mexico and chairs. To me, he doesn’t necessarily scream out country anymore.
- – CMT.com should hire Alison Bonaguro’s youngest daughter.

While discussing his success, he seemed exceedingly grounded. “I’m having fun with it,” said Aldean, who wears a goatee and a small silver hoop on each ear.
- – Interesting how the fact that Aldean “wears a goatee and a small silver hoop on each ear” is apparently offered up to support the idea that he is having fun, as though there aren’t any miserable people with goatees.

When I asked [Dann Huff] to give me his own personal No. 1 off each album, he said, “Every song was my favorite song.” And with that, our conversation had to come to an end because Lee Ann Womack had just pulled into his driveway. Could her next album be another No. 1 debut? If Huff’s at the helm, I have no doubt.
- – Aack, don’t do it, Lee Ann. You’ve still got some good music left in you.

I think any artist who signs to a major label understands they’re going to live on the corner of art and commerce. You can’t sign to a major and then bitch about the business. If you want to bitch about the business side, make your own records and sell them out of the boot of your car.
- – Keith Urban is perfectly content with his compromise.

I would like to do a duet with Taylor Hanson, because I have loved Hanson since I was 8. And Taylor Hanson has an amazing voice. And also we’re both named Taylor.
- – Watch for it. This will happen soon… because Taylor Swift is on top of the world and because Taylor Hanson hasn’t been very busy since about 1998. Bet he’s already waiting by the phone.

The new album is on Mercury. How has life changed since moving from a smaller label to a major?
We all drive Maseratis now and hang out with Fred Durst at the Playboy Mansion.
- – The Randy Rogers Band is living the high life.

By Nielsen SoundScan’s count, the Top 75 country albums sold a mere 470,815 copies this week. That’s scary.
- – This is bad. Can’t we ask Taylor Swift to put out another new album or something?

We got married 20 or 25 years into our careers. It didn’t make any sense to say, ‘OK, now we’re married. We’ve got to be Steve & Edie or Sonny & Cher or Donny & Marie or whoever.’ On occasion, we write some songs together. On occasion, we sing together. We may make a duet record someday, but who knows. We feel like if there’s one every now and then, that satisfies us.
- – Vince Gill on not forcing collaborations with wife Amy Grant.

Today it’s, ‘I need my own bus. I need a hairstylist. I need designer clothing. I need. I need.’ Back then . . . I remember Reba (McEntire) with her big Texas-style belt buckle and her hair jacked to Jesus and we were all just goofy and awkward and simple people in a crazy world, and it just seemed a little more real.
- – Wynonna remembers the good old days.

The great thing about country music is that it runs the gamut. You have country guys like Brad Paisley and George Strait making traditional albums and Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood making pop and Billy Currington doing country soul.
- – Darius Rucker says Carrie’s making pop music – not even pop-country! Can’t wait to read the first story about Underwood fans driving their tractors Jettas over piles of Hootie CDs.

A whole section of the parking lot, these people had it all roped off, and they had their own little city, and they called it the Sun City Carnival. The fans don’t even know it, that I got it from them, but I thought, ‘You know what? That’d be good for us, that right there.’
- – Kenny Chesney got the name for his new tour from inebriated fans, which explains a lot.

Since we have enough to think about in our everyday lives with the economy in the pits that it’s in, I feel like the theme of this CD should allow us to have somewhere to escape. I have already written some up-tempo songs that just simply sound great. I’m not writing the crossword puzzles, just good listening music with a groove that makes you wanna move!
- – Jimmy Wayne promises “music with a groove that makes you wanna move,” but I have a sneaking suspicion that’s code for “music of almost no lyrical substance.” And when did crossword puzzles replace rocket science as the preferred example of something that’s difficult and mentally draining? Really, crossword puzzles?

Trailer Choir to perform free concert
- – There’s another Fake News headline I won’t have to write.


  1. says

    Ha ha, you nailed Keith Urban. I’m with Wynonna, I miss the good old days too. And I think Will Shortz will appreciate Jimmy Wayne’s comment.

    Excellent edition.

  2. says

    What an perfect Chet Flippo quote. “oh I say, I frown upon this negative trend in country music that I recognize, surely things aren’t great, but hey look at his bright point *points to obviously horrendous, compromised, lackuluster, boring, corporate music*, things aren’t all bad!”

    the only thing missing is a line or two explaining how we can’t believe our lying eyes and how we may think country music used to be better, but we’d be mistaken.

    Chet Flippo sucks man. seriously. and he employs Alison Bonagurro. seriously.

  3. says

    Ben, I’m coming around to your way of thinking about Flippo. As I’ve been reading his stuff with your comments regarding him in mind, it’s become painfully obvious that either his taste has changed a lot over the years or he’s sold out.

  4. says

    sweet! Now if I can only convince you that Brad Paisley’s songs are offensively stupid and that mainstream 90’s country should be considered an illegitimate offshoot of the genre, my job will be done!

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