Quotable Country – 04/21/13 Edition

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One thing I know is that they are not going to be around forever. Any time you can share the stage with them, that’s huge for us. Those are the people that paved the way for us to be here.
– – Jason Aldean on sharing the stage with Billy Joe Shaver and Willie Nelson… who are, I’m sure, thrilled to have had something to do with a sequence of events culminating in “1994.”

Garth Brooks is as country as sh*t. Back then it was like, what the f**k is going on. This guy is terrible. This isn’t country music. I would take that any day now. That means the bar has been lowered so far that we’re like, please. […] I would listen to only Garth Brooks all day if that’s what I could get.
– – Shooter Jennings.

… but my most memorable low happened at home in Dallas, actually. There was one show a few years ago where I forgot a line, dropped my pick, broke a string, and kicked over the microphone stand all in the same instant. It was so ridiculous that I immediately had great respect for the moment. I just thought to myself, “Something like this will never happen again, hopefully!”
– – Ronnie Fauss on live show mishaps.

I am writing for beauty and truth and I don’t know who the audience is. I never know who the audience is. The audience decides to be an audience; I don’t decide that they’re going to be an audience. If I write for beauty and truth, the songs will find their way to me. Then, it’s the songs that speak to the audience and they can become part of the tribe that is into what I do. If I lose them, it’s because I went down another street and they didn’t want to go down it and that’s a natural part of the process. People come and go. It’s a living, breathing thing.
– – Mary Gauthier on trusting the process.

The role of Loretta Lynn will be played by Sheryl Crow.
– – Keith Urban at the All for the Hall benefit, where Lynn had to cancel her appearance due to an associate’s illness. Sheryl Crow for Loretta Lynn? Makes about as much sense as Jewel for June Carter, I guess.

Carl is the guy that mentored me, took his arm around me and said, ‘Hey, you know what? You do what you do because you love it. You make music because you love it.’ Constantly. ‘Just make the music.’ Carl said, ‘Don’t be a follower. You will find that a lot of people in this town just want to follow whatever is going on.’ He said, ‘Don’t be that guy. Be the guy that makes your music, and be original.’ He used to say, ‘When someone calls you an original, that’s not a bad thing. That is a good thing. You don’t want to fit in with everybody else.’ That was Carl’s motto: ‘Be original.’
– – Billy Ray Cyrus on Carl Perkins.

The guitars hit harder and are a little more in-your-face. We’ve got some drum stuff going on that’s quite different. It’s almost like a more hip-hoppy kind of drum beat, but at the end of the day I’m singing, so there you go. I’ve got some fun beats and the lyrics are very country in a lot of this stuff, too.
– – Luke Bryan’s next album: Louder guitars, heavier drums, hip-hoppy beats… but lyrics that are “very country,” i.e. probably about partying in cornfields. God knows we need more music like that.

One of the biggest issues for me was Emmylou [Harris] going in after me. That bothered me. I had a great career, and maybe even a bigger impact than Emmylou, in charts and hits and whatever you want to size it all up. But she was my hero. I said, ‘She should be in there before me, by a mile.’ There were a few people that I thought deserved to go in before me. But I had nothing to do with it, so I smiled and said, ‘Thank you.’
– – Vince Gill on reservations about his 2007 induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

I know Eric. He ain’t an outlaw. He likes to have fun, but he ain’t an outlaw.
– – Jason Aldean on Eric Church.

Q: In some ways, it seems like you’d have to work extra hard to prove yourself in country music?
A: Yeah. It’s fun shoes to fill.
Q: What have been the challenges and what has been the reaction?
A: I haven’t really encountered any challenges, I’ve kind of just done my thing and fans have been really receptive. Every show I’ve done I’ve had a great turnout and the meet and greets are awesome.
– – Krystal Keith (daughter of Toby) on the tough road to music business success.

You have to brand yourself. Jason [Aldean] always wears a cowboy hat, a short-sleeve button-down shirt and Wrangler jeans, and Eric [Church] wears sunglasses. I dance and I’m an idiot and have fun.
– – Meanwhile, Thomas Rhett (son of Rhett Akins) says his brand is being an idiot. Believe him.

I don’t really like the happy songs. I think if you’re writing and you’re happy I’d rather hear somebody else.
– – Gary Allan.

MOODY, Alabama – The Elvis and country music impersonator jailed in connection with letters suspected of containing ricin and addressed to the president and a senator had been arrested after performing at Moody’s Oktoberfest in 2009 on fugitive warrant for cyberstalking, court records show.
– – Way to make country music look good in the national spotlight, Paul Kevin Curtis.

Q: Is it true you keep a knife on the drum to deflate rogue beach balls?
A: Yes, I don’t enjoy beach balls flying through the air while I’m on stage. I performed a ballad on stage once and one of them hit me in the face [and hit my mic], and it didn’t feel very good as you can imagine, it also kind of broke the somber mood of the song and performance.
– – Miranda Lambert will shank your beach ball, and I’ll love her for it.

Newcomer Hunter Hayes has landed another high-profile performance slot on this Monday’s (April 22) Dancing with the Stars episode. Slated to take the stage alongside legendary Stevie Wonder, Hayes will continuing [sic] living the superstar dream.
– – Oh, sure. Since their ACM collaboration was so magical and not-at-all-headache-inducing.

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  1. says

    I suspected that’s how Vince felt about his HoF induction. I was super excited for him, of course, but I knew others felt it was too soon for him and I suspected he’d be one of them.

    Love your snark with the Miranda Lambert quote.:)

  2. SunsetPark says

    I’ll take Gary Allan over Luke Bryan any day of the week, and the quotes above remind me why. Nice to have a happy song, but sad songs have more staying power for me. Gary Allan’s latest album isn’t his best work, but it is far better than Luke Bryan’s latest – which apparently is going to be better than his next album, judging from his own description of it.

  3. Rick says

    After reading Shooter’s ramblings above, I’m more convinced than ever that he suffers from some sort of brain damage…

    Toby has given Krystal a lot of breaks by putting her on his label, but if she doesn’t have the talent to sustain a career it won’t matter much.

    Vince really should have been referring to Rose Maddox, as that would make a lot more sense than that hippie chick Emmylou Harris.

    I’m disappointed that Miranda uses a knife to puncture giant beach balls! A CO2 powered pellet pistol would be so much more appropriate!


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