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Quotable Country – 04/19/09 Edition

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I desperately want to bring line dancing back.
- – Startling confession from Alison Bonaguro on the CMT Blog.

While Rascal Flatts and Urban continue to blur the line between country and pop, Aldean definitely knows the difference. In case anyone’s confused, he spells it out in “She’s Country”: “From her cowboy boots/ To her down-home roots/ She’s country.” Well, at least somebody is.
- – Aldean might know the difference between country and pop, but what about country and rock?

I kind of equate singing to Olympic high-diving. The less splash the better in that competition. But the way most people sing, certainly on “American Idol,” is everybody’s doing cannonballs into the pool. We’re not really supposed to be doing cannonballs all the time. [...] In many ways, I think our culture has lost that. We’ve lost that nuance. We may be getting it back, I don’t know. Or maybe there’s just a segment of the population that’s hanging onto it for dear life. But that kind of cannonball singing is reflective of everything else in our culture: It’s in-your-face and brash and ugly and tasteless.
- – Raul Malo takes issue with showboating singers and pop culture.

Carrie Underwood is an angel that descended from Heaven to bless us all with her beauty and talent!
- – You can always count on a Carrie Underwood fan for a level-headed response.

I guess what I realized is that if a company like BNA wants to put up several million dollars to put out a record on me, then I’m going to listen to their opinion. That’s good business. These guys have sold millions of records and have had tremendous amounts of success throughout the years. Why wouldn’t I listen to them? … I’ll change a song or consider a song for recording that you put in front of me. But I have to buy it. I have to agree with you.
- – Pat Green responds to charges that he has sold out.

We’ve heard that question before, and it’s obviously hurtful to Kristian. From a musical perspective and from an emotional perspective, it’s a wonderful partnership for me. It’s kind of like the Eurythmics. Annie Lennox went off and had a solo career. But I have no plans for that as of right now.
- – Jennifer Nettles on going solo. How’s it kind of like the Eurythmics if that’s not what you’re planning to do? Why is the “as of right now” necessary? Foreshadowing of things to come…

If that turns into bigger venues, then that’s fine. But for right now, you’ve got a honky-tonk band playing in a honky-tonk bar, and that’s what we do. I don’t need arenas and private jets and all that crap. I just play country music.
- – Jamey Johnson keeps it simple.

You had a bouncy castle set up at a past show, wherein you explained that you were trying to test the limits of your tour rider. Have you made any other odd requests of that sort?
HC: I’m usually pretty easy on that stuff. I mean, I’m still a little surprised when they give us beer. But every once in a while we’ll ask for seven blond virgins, just to keep ‘em on their toes.
- – Hayes Carll and Jamey Johnson would probably get along just fine.

On Friday night at Target Center, not only did Sugarland play hits by Madonna, R.E.M., Kings of Leon and the B-52′s, but the duo used such proven pop tricks as waving glowsticks (N’ Sync), blowing bubbles (Lady GaGa) and having the two singers travel over the crowd inside giant plastic balls (Flaming Lips). Sugarland even opened with an anthemic ballad (its own “Love”) that soared like a U2 classic.
- – Instead of a pop show masquerading as a country show, Sugarland pretty much just puts on a pop show.

“Gary could beat everybody’s ass on [Dancing with the Stars],” bass player Jay DeMarcus told Suzanne Alexander on the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. “He’s a great dancer.”
“I can bust a move,” Gary confirmed with a laugh. “I’m so manly.”
“Grace under pressure,” Jay added. “That’s Gary LeVox.”
- – What’s happening in this exchange?

Girl, I brought my own bag.
- – New catchphrase sweeping the nation.

I’ve always loved guys’ songs. When I’m cutting an album, songwriters pretty much know not to send me a female demo because I’m more attracted to male vocals and a male song. I’m not crazy about “poor little me” songs. My past pretty much speaks to the fact that I like strong men’s songs and I turn them into strong women’s songs. It seems to work for me. Women have the same needs, desires and pain as men do.
- – Tanya Tucker on covering a bunch of guy songs (ala Patty Loveless) for her upcoming album.

I communicate my best with sad songs. I love ‘em. When things ain’t going good, like the economy now, that’s when country music is at its best. Traditional country music is about the working man. It’s American music, the story of our life.
- – George Jones.

It’s been a quarter-century since Restless Heart formed. Do you notice a difference in pop and country music since the mid-’80s, when you first achieved success?
Larry Stewart: Certainly in country music. We went from a fringe contemporary band to mainstream-sounding. Our hits from the ’80s almost sound on the traditional side of today’s country. Same songs, same recordings. We were just a little ahead of the curve, I guess.
- – Restless Heart does sound somewhat traditional compared to Rascal Flatts and Jimmy Wayne. Scary.

CNN: What do you consider an expensive ticket?
Aldean: If Elvis was still around, I don’t know if I’d pay 80 bucks to go see him. I surely would not pay 80 bucks to go see me!
- – I wouldn’t pay $10 to see Aldean, but I think I might pay $80 to see a 74-year-old Elvis.

What really kills me is the decline of country music, which started well below sea level in the first place. When Conway Twitty started wearing pastel leisure suits and his hair higher than Loretta Lynn’s, I was sure it was a sign of the apocalypse. But it’s been downhill from there.
- – This writer doesn’t seem to like (or know much about?) country music, but the Twitty quip is worthwhile.

Finally, from the Edison Research/Country Radio Broadcasters Survey 2009 slideshow (link):


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  1. All of those qualifiers from Jennifer isn’t looking so stable for Kristian.

    Go Dan Milliken!

  2. I wish Jennifer Nettles would go solo already.

    And I laughed out loud at the Hayes Carll quote. Another flawless edition.

  3. Glad to see someone else feels the same about the obnoxious pop lemmings that have ridden the Carrie Underwater Carnival Ride over the edge. I liked the one below it that said she is the “tiger woods of country music”.

  4. I wish Jennifer Nettles would just go……

    Favorite quote, from Raul Malo: “But that kind of cannonball singing is reflective of everything else in our culture: It’s in-your-face and brash and ugly and tasteless.” But how would Cannonball Carrie’s lemming fanbots respond to this accusation? Hmm…


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