Quotable Country – 04/15/12 Edition

Justin Moore vs Ashton Kutcher ad

Speaking of "distasteful," how about using a Twitter feud as a marketing ploy? Image via Nashville.com.

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Remember now, you all call it country. I call it pop music. It’s American pop music. That’s why when you go to the Grammys now, it’s not [only] the country category. Country artists are winning song of the year now, record of the year. … That never happened before, to the point now where it’s become dead center of what America’s about.
– – Lionel Richie on the pervasiveness of country.

I haven’t met her. I don’t know if I am supposed to. I have her on this pedestal. I grew up singing her songs, and me and my mom used to do dishes to her records. We had a record player in the kitchen. I used to skip school and go to Butcher Hollow [pronounced ‘Holler’] and write in my journal, ‘Oh Loretta, I wanna be just like you.’
– – Angaleena Presley on Loretta Lynn.

In so many ways, it’s like crawling into my dad’s stereo speakers. That’s what it was like for me.
– – Keith Urban on performing with Don Williams.

I had written that song and it was one of the biggest fights that Porter (Wagoner) and I had ever had. He had produced that on me… and he thought we should put it out as a single. Emmylou [was] a friend and she was down at the studio. We were playing the stuff and she turned to me and she said, ‘Dolly I HAVE to have that song,’ and Porter said, ‘Well you can’t have that song because we’re going to put that out on Dolly.’ I said, ‘She can have that song’ and he said, ‘She can’t have that song!’
– – Dolly Parton prevailed, and now “To Daddy” is best known as an Emmylou classic.

He’s recorded some amazing songs over the years like ‘The Good Stuff’ and some slower ballads. But you won’t really hear him play those at a show, ‘cause he’s always about keeping it up tempo and gettin’ people rockin’ and rollin’.
– – Jake Owen on why Kenny Chesney only performs non-amazing songs at his concerts.

There’s a lot of the songs that I have that people really love to hear and sing along to and relate to. And there’s a lot of the songs that are meant for pure live purposes that people have a good time at a live show, but they don’t necessarily take anything away from it spiritually. So there’s always kind of a catch-22.
– – You know, I’m not sure that Jake Owen has a firm grasp of what actually qualifies as a catch-22.

No one knows as much as I do about country music.
– – Dierks Bentley gets a little carried away.

But we’re already under judgment, just like yesterday or two days ago, a school in Boston tried to take God out of “God Bless the USA.” […] The joke’s on them; God is love, and they can’t get God out of it anyway. It just shows you how politically correct and how spiritually bankrupt America is.
– – Ricky Skaggs. And here I thought the commercial milking of “God Bless the USA” in all our times of national instability was the height of spiritual bankruptness…

My process doesn’t always start with music or words; it’s a mixture of both. Sometimes I may have an idea and match it up with music and sometimes I may have a cool riff on the guitar and the words come in.
– – “But usually, I don’t have any good ideas or cool riffs and I just write anyway,” continued Brantley Gilbert.

I have a real affinity for them — whether it be Blake Shelton’s ‘Ol’ Red’ or Reba’s ‘The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia.’ They are really so well crafted that they really attracted themselves to me.
– – Country songs were really drawn to HLN host Robin Meade. You’d think it’d be the other way around, but no.

What he was singing about that night made me feel less like a freeloader and more like a free spirit. All of a sudden, it felt like the life I was leading had some value. I realized from watching him that taking a life like mine and adding three chords is probably where a song like ‘Mr. Bojangles’ came from. I felt like I had the qualifications to be a songwriter.
– – Todd Snider on his first encounter with Jerry Jeff Walker, to whom he pays tribute on Time As We Know It: The Songs Of Jerry Jeff Walker, due out April 24. Song samples at the linked title, while the bullet link leads to a great New York Times article on the project.

If [Lyle Lovett’s] disinclination toward mainstream country-star status wasn’t evident from his urbane, tailored suits and tousled, upside-down-cake hairdo…
– – Tousled, upside-down-cake hairdo? Kudos to you, Steve Morley at Country Weekly.

Also: An interesting infographic on ACM Awards social media engagement.

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  1. says

    The whole Justin vs. Ashton feud I just find unbelievably ridiculous. Funny how Kutcher’s “less than stellar” rendition of George Strait managed to stand out so sharply among all the other less than stellar performances of that night. Plus every time Moore talks about how he ‘lives and breathes’ country music, the quality level of his own music contstantly feels like the elephant in the room…

    No one knows as much as I do about country music. – (I think Dierks should take that up with Paul Dennis and Barry Mazor)

    That Parton quote was very interesting, and kind of funny. It’s fun to imagine that scenario playing out, and I love how Dolly’s so cool about agreeing to let Emmylou have her song, just like that. Now I have to go listen to “To Daddy”…

  2. Brocephus says

    It’s fun to think about how the creator of the Moore v Kutcher image must have had to scale up his picture of Justin so the two could appear to be the same height.

  3. Rick says

    It’s too bad Dierks Bentley didn’t say that while being interviewed by Eddie Stubbs at WSM…

    Is Lionel Richie saying that pop-rock contemporary airhead country is in the center of what America is currently all about? That’s really depressing…

    Angaleena, I think I love you! But you’ll have to quit smoking those Lucky’s and start voting Republican for starters…(lol)

    Lyle Lovett needs that hairstyle to direct attention away from his crooked mouth. I’d swear his mouth runs crossways at a 30 degree angle to the rest of his face! My chiropractor, who specializes in cranial adjustments, would just love to get her hands on that noggin.

    I agree with Ricky Skaggs. If Obama gets re-elected, I can’t imagine the magnitude of natural disasters that will befall this once great country.

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