Quotable Country – 04/08/12 Edition

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“I remember my mom used to make me wear these goofy [Easter] outfits that I hated,” recalls Brantley Gilbert, dressed in a black velvet jacket decorated with silver spikes. “Like terrible colors, like pastel colored shirts and khaki shorts, it just wasn’t me at all. I’m more of a black guy with chains.”
– – Brantley Gilbert, quoted in The Tennessean, has traded one ridiculous costume for another. Don’t know if you noticed, but these days he’s more of a black guy.

“He fell in one of these treehouse things you take your kids to so they can play.”
The weird part?
“His lip’s not busted, but his whole gum is like torn off.”
– – I know it’s not right to laugh at a kid falling out of a treehouse, but doesn’t it make perfect sense that the son of toothy Luke Bryan would bust his gum without going through his lip?

He is one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever been around.
– – Brett James on Kenny Chesney. They wrote “Reality” together.

We are in trouble economically. I don’t think we can blame it all on one black man. I think we spent 50 years getting ourselves in trouble, and it may take a long time to get ourselves out of it.
– – Merle Haggard on America’s dire straits. (Just to clear up any confusion, the black man he’s referring to isn’t Brantley Gilbert.)

I’ll hear people warming up for an hour before they go on stage, and I’m like, ‘You’re wasting it! What are you doing?’
– – Carrie Underwood isn’t much for elaborate vocal warm-ups. Punching kittens, on the other hand…

In tight jeans and a silky blue top, she sang what I consider one of the very best and sassiest country songs ever. And even if the Idol audience wasn’t packed with Wynette fans, they sure seemed to be going crazy for Pickler.
– – Comically over-praising a real country song in a vain attempt to regain some of the credibility lost through years of gossipy sensationalism? Classic Alison Bonaguro. Good as it is, “Where’s Tammy Wynette” is absolutely not “one of the very best country songs ever.”

If we see too much of one person, even though we like that person we start to kind of pull for other people. I found myself pulling for other people. I remember in the ’80s, Randy Travis was my guy. He’s the reason I moved to Nashville, and I just loved him. But at some point when he was winning everything, you find yourself pulling for other people. I remember talking to Patsi about that. [During the ’90s] I found myself pulling for other people against me.
– – Garth Brooks was so overexposed during the ’90s that even he got sick of hearing about himself.

This project has created so many new readers — Literacy abounds, I love it!
– – Angaleena Presley on “The Hunger Games.”

She’s a nerd.
– – Miranda Lambert on Angaleena Presley.

We’re here to celebrate American music and rock ‘n’ roll. Country music is really the world’s music. Rock ‘n’ roll and country are both born in America. […] We’re just here to tip our hats to country stars. And they’re gonna tip their hats right back.
– – Paul Stanley of KISS, appearing at the ACM Awards.

I found it distasteful as a country music artist and somebody who grew up the way that I did loving country music and trying to uphold the tradition of country music the way a lot of artists do.
– – Justin Moore on Ashton Kutcher’s ACM Awards appearance. If anyone’s qualified to judge what is or isn’t distasteful, it’d have to be the guy whose entire first single was a farm sex joke.

As someone who appreciates the traditions of country music I found Carrie Underwood’s strip tease act and KISS coming onstage with their bit more offensive than what Kutcher did.
– – Saving Country Music’s “Triggerman” Kyle Coroneos, quoted by FOX News.

And he has more than 10 million followers on Twitter. So instead of wondering if Kutcher’s intentions were good, let’s think about thanking him for telling 10 million people he loves country music.
– – Meanwhile, Alison Bonaguro falls on the side of “Wow, Ashton Kutcher tweeted about country music! We’ve really made it now!”

It might be authentic sounding to people who live in the suburbs and own a couple jet skis and nice trucks. But to the people who live in the rural parts of the country, or live in small towns or medium sized cities, I don’t think it reflects what is going on in their lives.
– – Hellbound Glory’s Leroy Virgil on mainstream country.

A lot of people don’t realize how serious his songs are… He was like the John Wayne of country music. He didn’t claim to be a great singer and his range and all that was not spectacular, but when he did it, you just believed it every bit. He just was great at what he did. He was a great storyteller.
– – Dolly Parton on Johnny Cash.

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  1. WillieWonkaTHEman says

    Lol the last person who needs to be talking about “reality” is Kenny “the redneck millionaire” Chestney lol now if he is talking about how to pretend to be Jimmy Buffet or still being in high school football then I’m ALL ears lol

  2. says

    Brett James needs to be around more songwriters.

    Okay, Justin, I’ll bite. How exactly do “Bait a Hook,” “Backwoods,” and “Back That Thing Up” uphold the traditions of country music?

    That Angeleena Presley quote reminded me of when Reba introduced Liam Hensworth introducing the Zac Brown Band at the ACMs, and she couldn’t get the title of The Hunger Games movie right. (“The Hunger Game…sss… Hunger Games.”) You can tell she tries to fit in with the young crowd, but right then she had to be thinking “Now what the heck is all that about again?” I found that funny.

  3. Rick says

    Brett James is a very talented songwriter in his own right. What he was really saying in that quote above about Kenny Cheesehead is “Holy crap! I’m gonna make a sh*tload of royalty money off of this Kenny Cheesey co-write! WooHoo! Kenny, I love you man and so does my business manager!”.

    Angaleena Presley is a bow hunting, redneck , rennaisance nerd! Crikey! Must make it a bit difficult to locate eligible bachelors…

    I heartily disagree with Leroy Virgil! I live in the suburbs and the only thing authentic about todays Top 40 AirHead Country music is it’s utter mediocrity! I think that pop-rock pap appeals to shallow airheads throughtout the land no matter where they reside.

    If Carrie Underwear ever said something truly profound or interesting, I think I would fall off of my chair! Fortunately the odds of that ever happeneing are far less than getting hit by a falling meteorite or winning Super Lotto without buying a ticket first.


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