Quotable Country – 04/06/14 Edition


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And know this: A half-truth is a whole lie. Character, like integrity, is much easier kept than recovered. So write from your true self, not the self you think you should be. Do not try to impress us, and do not hide behind thin walls and smoke screens. It will only bore us. Brutal self-honesty is your challenge, and will reward you with much more than you can yet imagine.
– – Mary Gauthier on songwriting.

It was stunning. From the very first song, ‘All My Tears,’ the sound of what was being played around me, all of a sudden I came to life. It was almost as if I’d been sleeping and I woke up. Dan’s turbulent rhythms and the sounds that came from a very small group of musicians in that small room at Woodland, I knew something magical was happening. All I had to do was sing.
– – Emmylou Harris on the Wrecking Ball sessions.

There’s a lot of bands playing big acoustic choruses these days, with lots of harmonies. I think that reflects largely on the public desire for camaraderie. There’s a generation of people who have never gone to church, and didn’t grow up singing together. I think people are now finding that fellowship in concerts.
– – Sara Watkins, in a New York Times feature on the return of Nickel Creek.

I feel a responsibility to support other women in the business. If there’s anything I can do to kick open a door and hold it open, I’m going to do it.
– – Miranda Lambert.

You’ll be all right without sunscreen. Just don’t forget the ibuprofen.
– – Luke Bryan (pre skin cancer) on surviving Spring Break as an old guy.

Bad reviews normally mean you had a really funny show. Every time I see something I think is hilarious, the reviews just trash it. Maybe if they hate it, we’ll really hit our core and connect with people because that’s usually how that stuff works out.
– – Blake Shelton is hoping for bad reviews of his hosting performance at the ACMs.

I remember being a kid and watching all my heroes being in a spot of hosting an awards show, and now I’m my own hero.
– – Luke Bryan, Shelton’s ACM co-host.

Since I started in the business, people would ask me who my biggest influence is. I would always say Merle Haggard. But it’s true. He is absolutely the king, in my opinion, for his songwriting and his voice, how buttery smooth it is, and the way he delivers songs. I hope I do him justice.
– – Miranda Lambert, who’s helping George Strait pay tribute to Haggard tonight.

That little girl’s wonderful. […] I think the world of her. She’s one of the most genuine people I know. And that’s the honest to God truth. I think the world of that little girl.
– – Brantley Gilbert on ex-girlfriend Jana Kramer. Repeatedly referring to grown women (Kramer is 30) as “little girl” is all part of his outlaw charm.

There was a couple guys who were program directors that were like, ‘You know, I’ll be honest with you. I never thought my audience would accept an African-American country singer. And I was wrong.’ They’ve all looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I was wrong. You proved me wrong.’
– – Darius Rucker on his reception in country.

All 700 of them.
That’s right. Seven hundred, not 70.
“There’s a whole lot in the vault,” Moore says. Ever since he was 21 or 22, “I just have been a writing machine. Writing two songs a day for several years. A lot of people have never even heard them. There’s been people trying to get ahold of a lot of them recently, but I’ve kept them for myself.”
– – Kip Moore somehow figures that writing two songs a day for several years equals 700 songs.

People say that it’s this parasitic, opportunistic, leech-based hierarchy. But there are good, honest people there who will believe in you and will help you. You just have to find them.
– – Sturgill Simpson on Nashville.

It’s when you’re trying to go back to your room like a good boy and then you run into Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann. I got Leemann’d last night. Oh, it was bad. I remember there was a lot of whisky…
– – Tyler Farr on getting “Leemann’d” in Vegas. A bro-country song come to life.

There has been talk with CMT about doing some type of taping for a television show or commemorative DVD – getting a bunch of different artists, friends, and fans together and celebrating. It’d be great to have a special that would talk about the album and the 25th anniversary and have us perform, most likely in Nashville. I know our fans would like that.
– – Longtime Clint Black collaborator Hayden Nicholas on celebrating 25 years of Killin’ Time.

I hate to hear myself sing. ’Cause I don’t sound like George Jones or Vern Gosdin or Merle Haggard.
– – Alan Jackson to Country Weekly in 1994.

Mary Gauthier, ladies and gentlemen.


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