Quotable Country – 04/02/12 Edition

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I’m a huge fan of theirs and have studied their records for years.
– – Hunter Hayes has studied – as in ‘listened to, on purpose, repeatedly’ – Rascal Flatts records. Can you imagine? This kid is not to be trusted.

Jamey Johnson is completing a duets tribute album to songwriter Hank Cochran that will team him vocally with Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Bobby Bare, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, George Strait, Leon Russell, Vince Gill, Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard.
– – Days after reading this, I keep referring back to the news item to make sure I didn’t dream it.

That’s not a cliché. It’s real for me. All of it is.
– – Justin Moore on “Flyin’ Down a Back Road” and being a living cliché. Know what? I believe him.

I’m like a duck paddling under the surface, but hopefully I look cool.
– – Carrie Underwood on the work of remembering where to breathe when singing “Good Girl.”

I think people will hear once and for all the way that we were influenced and what we cut our teeth doing in the clubs together. Our music wasn’t as pop as what it evolved into. Joe Don used to play a (Telecaster) every night and chicken pick with the best of them. We’re proud of the records we’ve made, but it’s always been fun for us to explore our countrier sides.
– – Jay DeMarcus is framing the new Rascal Flatts album as their return to a more country style. If you’re brave, give the clips a listen on Amazon and see if he’s right.

My albums are my babies. They’re what make me wake up in the morning.
– – Miranda Lambert, winning ACM Album of the Year for Four The Record.

You think this 16-year-old kid who bagged groceries for a living — making a couple of dollars an hour — you think I thought this could happen? Just go out there and sing, and crazy things can happen.
– – Scotty McCreery. A couple dollars an hour? Someone should look into North Carolina labor laws…

The storytelling is the same. I have always said the honesty is in the lyrics, the honesty is in what’s the story about, whether you put a steel guitar in the middle of it or whether you leave the steel guitar out or put a choir in the background, or guitar or saxophone solo. It’s still the same.
– – So, yeah. Lionel Richie has pretty much been country all along.

Blake Shelton hears with his ears, eyes, mind and his heart.
– – Hears with his eyes! Wow, Hazel Smith always has the inside scoop.

Jones is known for classic country hits, including “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”
– – One-sentence explanation of who George Jones is, tossed in at end of an AP article about his upper respiratory infection. Tipster Jeremy Dylan writes that it’s “a little sad that they needed to explain who the Possum is in this AP story. It seems both over and under explaining him.”

My problem with the dancing on stage is I sing. Sometimes if I get excited and start bopping around, I can’t sing. Everything I do is 1000 percent live. It’s easier to move around on a video when you don’t have to actually belt it out.
– – I’m not sure that Carrie Underwood has a firm grasp of how percentages work.

And Bob just knows how to put a song together. I’m not gonna say that he knows how to sing them. I’m just gonna say he knows how to put them together. (Laughs.) To watch him sing is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a big fan of his.
– – Loretta Lynn thinks Bob Dylan is a great songwriter, and also good comic relief.

I had the finest help you ever saw and whoever would have thought of that? Georgia’s known for chain gangs.
– – Merle Haggard, from the stage, on his hospital stay for pneumonia in Georgia.

Fun talking hungry people with you, @martinamcbride.
– – Alison Bonaguro, tweeting about a Big Machine/General Mills partnership to fight hunger in the United States. Not sure “fun” was quite the right word.

Loved hearing about your efforts to feed the hungry, both past and present, @JayDeMarcus.
– – Now that she has the answer to one of the most pressing questions of our time, Alison’s holding back. Anyone out there have thoughts on how we can feed the hungry people of the past?

Here’s Charlie Robison’s video for “El Cerrito Place,” which Kenny Chesney is evidently covering on his upcoming album Welcome to the Fishbowl. Think it’ll be a good fit?

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  1. Sabra says

    The news that Kenny Chesney is covering “El Cerrito Place” is going to depress me for the rest of the week. Dangit.

    • says

      I’m sure most of the people who already know Charlie’s version will prefer it, but this actually seems like a pretty natural match for Kenny. I’m interested to hear what he’ll do with it.

      • Sabra says

        Actually, you’re right. The more I think about it, the more I think he won’t do too bad a job (that’s the best you’re getting from me); I think Chesney’s slower songs tend to be his better ones anyway.

  2. says

    In better judgement news, Jamey Johnson scratched his original idea to record an album consisting of songs in the Peach Pickers songbook that would’ve been dedicated to the genius of Dallas Davidson. His label thought he was better than that and suggested he tackle Hank Cochran instead (If anything, it would make for fantastic fake news).

    So that’s why Hunter Hayes sounds just like Gary LeVox. I always wondered why he was going for such spot-on vocal impersonation. His “research” seems to have paid off, if that was the intended result.

    Someone should tell Carrie she can’t dance. Maybe the inability to dance and sing at the same time is a clue? At least she’s brilliant at one of the two.

    Until I hear Kenny’s version of “El Cerrito Place” I’m holding off judgement. Charlie’s original features a wonderful backing vocal from Natalie Maines and will be hard to top. In general, the whole thing feels kind of random, but he pulled off “You and Tequila” so I wouldn’t be surprised by a similar result here. At least its a better song than that crap he sang with Tim McGraw at the ACMs last night. So far, I’m not digging that collaboration.

  3. says

    Presumably Scotty McCreery’s parents were providing board and lodging and little luxuries like clothing when he was 16, so his grocery wages would have been basically pocket money – not exactly “earning a living”.

  4. says

    I’ll give Rascal Flatts some credit for covering “Next to You, Next to Me” though.

    It seems that maybe Kenny’s trying to do a couple respectable songs an album now?: First covering Guy Clark, now Charlie Robison.

  5. Rick says

    That’s funny, every time I’ve heard Hunter Hayes he sounds like he’s trying to be a Keith Urban clone! Hmm…

    Not sure I agree with Jamey Johnson about including Elvis Costello on the Hank Cochran tribute. Nick Lowe would be a much better choice! lol (or even Joe Jackson for that matter) Just as long as Jamey keeps T. Bonehead Burnette from getting involved to muck things up. On request: Please, no noodling intros and songs that drag on forever! Play ’em like Hank wrote ’em and leave it at that.

    Maybe Kenny Cheesehead can get Grace Potter to duet with him again on “El Cerrito Place”. I am not a Charlie Robison fan (although I am chuffed he is a Republican! Go Charlie!), so I’d expect the cheesy version to actually be superior in this case.

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