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Quotable Country – 03/22/10 Edition

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Q: For some who’s never seen you on tour, what can they expect from your show?
A: I just tell people, “Don’t expect too much.” (laughs) If you’re not expecting too much, you won’t be let down. I will leave it there. I do tell people not to expect too much.
- – At least Uncle Kracker is honest…

Let me end with my comments on the Academy Awards by saying I am totally surprised that Hollywood finally had the know-how to make a movie of America’s music — country music. I’ve been screaming for moviemakers to look at Music City for 40 years, and this is the first time Hollywood listened.
- – What’s Hazel Smith on about? Crazy Heart is the only country music movie of the past 40 years, and she’s going to take credit for it? Huh, okay.

We were trying to think of ideas, and Gordie walked in and said, “I have this title, and I don’t know what to do with it: ‘When Jesus Takes the Wheel.’” Hillary and I both laughed. I thought it was kind of silly, to be honest with you. I thought, “What in the world does that mean?”
- – Brett James on the inauspicious beginnings of “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

I don’t listen to as much folk music as I did when I was young. I like songs with titles like Hanky Panky and Louie Louie. If it’s got four syllables and two words, I’m in.
- – Todd Snider is an easy man to please.

what is most bizarre about the whole thing is that Undo It has some of the most brilliant lyrics ever!
“You stole my happy.”
that is such an awesome expression! Wow!
- – Fan on Underwood message board.

In a theoretical sense, writing seems easy. I’ve done it my whole life, with not insignificant success. Virtually everyone has written something – a love letter, an email, a journal entry. So why should the act of stringing words together be that hard? It’s only when you get down in the dirt with the specters of doubt, ego and self-judgment that things get complicated. What about this word? This line? This song? Do I know what I’m doing? Did I ever?
- – Gretchen Peters gets all self-searching in her March newsletter.

Q: Because you’re in country music, do some envision you as being stupid?
A: No, I think they’re surprised to find out that I am stupid. (laughs) They hear records like “The Baby,” “Austin” and “Home” — some of these more love-type songs that I’ve had. [...] But then they find out that I like to hunt and drink beer and party and that I need to work on my language a little bit.
- – Blake Shelton.

That’s because when you have co-writers sitting down to write, their purpose is not to waste time. Their definition of ‘not wasting time’ is writing a song that can move their careers forward. With a solo songwriter, there’s this piece of romance about getting your heart down on paper. That’s a different thing.
- – Michael Kosser in a fine Peter Cooper article on cowriting.

Luke Bryan, Gloriana among ACM top new artists
- – AP headline gives Joey + Rory (the other top new artist winner) the shaft.

Throw in some swivel hip dance moves and a tight band and Bryan wowed his adoring fans with hits like “Country Man,” “We Rode in Trucks,” and “I’m Hungover.”
- – Between the song titles and the hip swivels, Luke Bryan’s show sounds like a parody of a country concert.

(Rock ‘n’ roll is) kind of what I grew up on. I think when it really changed, when country became like rock for me, was during the Highwaymen tour. I saw that when I was like 14 or 15. That was with Waylon (Jennings) and (Kris) Kristofferson, Willie (Nelson) and Johnny Cash. I was just blown away by that, by people just singing truth. No jumping around, not a lot of production. Just four dudes up there just singing to you. And it was very cutting to me. And I think that’s when I knew this was what I wanted to do.
- – Gary Allan on bringing a rock sensibility to country.

I call this [threading] the camel through the eye of the needle. Country radio is programmed 90 percent by men predominantly in their 40s and 50s. The gatekeepers need to like [the song], then it has to research with women [35-54], but then I want to sell it to girls who are my [12-year-old] daughter’s age.
- – Lyric Street President Randy Goodman on trying to please everyone.

I didn’t come here to get a record deal. I didn’t even know how to do it. They’re hard to get — they’re like a mythical unicorn.
- – Like a mythical unicorn? Eric Church’s outlaw cred just keeps on plummeting.

Underwood will sell millions of records and her singles will be heard by millions of listeners. Because of that, the conversation we have about her is fundamentally different than the conversation we have about Jan Doe from Augusta, or the one we have about the new female artist who probably has a less than 10% chance of having a hit at radio. It makes sense, and it is fair, to examine Underwood’s music, and the messages she sends through that music, with the knowledge that she penetrates our culture deeply and across certain demographics.
- – Jim Malec relaunches his personal blog to address Underwood fans, and explain (among other things) why he holds their fuhrer to a higher standard. Not to be missed.

God-fearin’ women
Like to make dead baby jokes
And grow lots of pot
- – Best Country Haiku ever.

This year, (there will be) breakdancing. I’m gonna break a banjo and set it on fire out onstage.
- – Randy Travis is making some changes to his live show.

I think Miley Cyrus might’ve said something, too… but as it turns out, nobody cares.

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  1. Carrie’ Cult is the very definition of batshit insane.

  2. I’d rather see Uncle Kracker perform than Kenny Cheesey even with diminished expectations.

    I’ve written a song for Todd Snider that he should like based upon his criteria! The title is “Marxist Assh*le” and I’ll leave it to the Toddster to guess who its about…

    Eric Church has been caught in a “gay trap” as they’d say on the ABC series “Cougar Town”. Its nice that country music has naturally comical men like Blake Shelton to act as an antidote to all of Eric’s angst.

    If Luke Bryan had appeared on the country music scene between say 1985 and 1995 he would have been considered a second rate artist at best. The fact he is so popular today speaks volumes about how far the quality of mainstream country music has declined.

    What Randy Goodman at Lyric Street really meant to say: “Country radio is programmed 90 percent by bean counting men predominantly in their 40s and 50s who have incredibly sh*tty taste in music. They size up each new single primarily by how hot the artist currently is on Top 40 radio and then by how well its “tested” with target listeners. Each song is treated as a commodity, not a piece of sonic artwork, and the resulting crap they play on the airwaves confirms this unequivocally. They choose airheaded crap that soccer moms will crank up for their tween daughters while driving the minivan to soccer practice”.

    I’m sure Jim Malec’s piece on Fembot Extraordinaire Carrie Underwear and her faithful fanbots is extremely well written, thoughtful, and incisive. Unfortunately I don’t give a sh*t and couldn’t care less. Now if he were to tackle the real long term Constitutional implications of Odumbocare, I’d be far more intrigued.

  3. Wonder if the CU fan has ever heard of LOLcats? That’s actually what that sounded like. Thanks so much The 9513 review Juli Thanki for pointing that out. Now if i can only find a cat pic to caption with those lyrics.

  4. Why so much hate for Eric? Out of everything coming out of Nashville these days, surely he can be considered near the top for producing self-written, good country music that isn’t geared toward 12 year-old girls. I admit, his new video sucks. It is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on CMT and I hope Nashville doesn’t ruin him. But the music is good. And the concerts are awesome.

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