Quotable Country – 03/22/09 Edition

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It is a humbling experience working with these guys. I am way out of my league.
– – Dang. I was sure that was something he would never say. John Rich on having Kris Kristofferson and Mickey Rourke in the video for “Shuttin’ Detroit Down.”

West Virginians support each other, and we should support Brad in this endeavor. Your vote is important, because the audience will help determine the outcome of one of country music’s top awards this year. West Virginians, let’s work together and get our friends and family to take just a moment and vote online for Brad. It would be great to have a West Virginian obtain this prestigious country music recognition.
– – The governor of West Virginia apparently doesn’t have anything better to do than help Brad Paisley get votes for ACM Entertainer of the Year. I wonder what he has planned for Paisley’s June album release.

Usually we have someone who comes up to the meet and greets after a show and says, ‘I don’t like country music, but I like what you do.’ And we say, ‘You are who we record for.’ Because we love all kinds of music, but we want to bring people into the very beautiful music tradition that is country music.
– – … by exposing them to a twanged-up version of ’80s pop rock. To Jennifer Nettles’ credit, though, she did manage to make a public statement without insulting everyone else making music today.

In this interview with CMT Insider host Dolly Parton, the vivacious country star [Parton] shares her fondness for Frederick’s of Hollywood, cornbread muffins and two musically gifted teenagers — Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.
– – CMT Insider pulled a real coup by getting Dolly Parton to do a rare self-interview.

So that’s why Lee Ann Womack’s song, “I Think I Know,” is so telling. She says she thinks she knows what killed Keith Whitley, and it wasn’t just the whiskey. Same thing with Hank Williams, that there was an emptiness that filled him. And as for ol’ Johnny, she does not think it was his tired body. So while the specific causes of death vary for each artist, Womack’s tune points to the other contributing factors in the lives of country’s greats.
– – I don’t understand what this writer (guess who?) thinks she’s telling us about the song, but I’d love to try my hand at this new style of lyrical analysis. Here we go: “Lost Highway” is a telling song because it’s about a how he was a lad of nearly twenty-two and he went astray. It also mentions a deck of cards and a jug of wine, so I think there might be more factors that contribute to highways.

A lot of times you can tell the type of mood the person’s in by the song they write. I write about life, so it’s really not that difficult, in my opinion. I just make stuff up about things that are happening.
– – Perhaps it should be a little more difficult, Craig Morgan.

What are some of the benefits of road testing material?
Well, you express who you are. You say things you believe in, things that you think are worth other people hearing. If your song’s successful, there’s an income that’s associated with it. It’s also nice to be able to move people and help remove them from their day for a minute and have a good time. It’s very rewarding part as well.
Plus, with road testing, it is the perfect way to gauge which songs work and which ones don’t.
Absolutely. We do that with every song. We play them out live for several months before we go out and record them, sometimes for years.
– – (1) Interviewer: Here’s a question. (2) Zac Brown: I’m rambling about stuff. (3) Interviewer: Here’s the answer to the question. (4) Zac Brown: Oh, okay. Yeah, that works too.

Headlining the days and nights of music is Shawn Mayer, a finalist on NBC’s “Nashville Star” season 6. Mayer is a 21-year-old country music loving singer/songwriter from May City, who has opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley and many more.
All shows are family friendly. The show times and line-up are both subject to change.
– – You mean there’s a possibility that Shawn Mayer might not be able to make it? Too busy?

Put a Girl In It, from the Cowboy Town album, was another high point of the fast-paced show.
Sure, their politics lean to the right — George W. Bush used a couple of their songs in his election campaigns, and they supported Bush’s re-election in 2004. But that kind of goes with the territory, anyway.
Brooks & Dunn have taken the honky-tonk mentality to the upper reaches of the popular music world, and it has been one sweet ride.
– – Silly Canadians insert gratuitous political asides into concert reviews.

I like to spice it up, challenge my audience and provoke thoughts. I never play down to who I think I’m playing to. I always try to hold the line on the quality of the song.
– – Robert Earl Keen speaks Greek to a Viacom-owned world.

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