Quotable Country – 03/04/12 Edition

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I was a delivery guy for Pepsi. That was not cool. I was not going back and doing my old job. I worked too hard to not have to do that anymore. So they said, ‘What about we do kind of a dream job deal with you, where you get to do something with the Braves?’ I was like, ‘Now that I would be into.’
– – “Day Jobs” is a show in which entertainers return to the regular jobs they had before becoming entertainers. Jason Aldean is such a prima donna that he wouldn’t participate unless they changed the entire concept of the show to suit him. Wow.

… AC/DC and Metallica and Tom Petty and Springsteen… This whole generation, that’s what our influences were, that’s what we grew up on. So when that stuff starts making its way into the format, I don’t have a problem with it because people are just being true to what their influences are and they’re just making music. The same way I believe that Merle Haggard tried to sound like Lefty Frizzell and George Jones tried to sound like Hank Williams Sr. or Ernest Tubb: That’s what they listened to growing up.
– – Eric Church makes sense of country gone rock.

Yes. I’ve said this before, so it’s no secret: a mute gunfighter. Where you don’t have any lines to remember. Like, somehow, he had some horrible, unfortunate accident, and he lost his tongue. He can still hear and stuff. He just can’t speak. It’ll be just a lot of situations that you’re placed in. And you get to kill people. And, of course, the women can’t resist you. That’s the ultimate role, isn’t it?
– – Trace Adkins on his ideal film role.

What determines what’s a great song? Because lots of people like it, or because it’s a great song? I’ve always said that I don’t think there’s a bad song. If you had balls enough to write the song and put it out there, there’s something to be said for that. If you wrote it and that’s what you felt, I don’t think it’s bad.
– – Colt Ford doesn’t think there’s any such thing as a bad song…

She’s a corn star! / Talk of the crop at every county fair, y’all / Corn star! / Blue ribbon winner for the last five years / They cut a four-lane highway right through her pasture / Blamed it on progress and movin’ traffic faster / Everybody knows the only reason for the road / Was to see her chug-a-luggin’ on top of that tractor / She’s a corn star!
– – … while Craig Morgan offers evidence to the contrary.

So, when I got this song, I immediately got on the phone and called Phil and I said, ‘I was listening to this song, ‘This Ole Boy’ – did we write this?’ It felt that familiar! And Phil said, ‘No, that was Rhett and Ben.’ So I said, ‘Well, this is definitely a no-brainer. If it feels that comfortable, we should cut it!’
– – Craig Morgan feels right at home in a Peach Pickers song. Ugh.

Writing is difficult. Actually, I like to say that writing is easy; it’s having a good idea to write about that’s difficult. But it’s really hard having something to say that means something.
– – No idea what Lyle Lovett is even talking about. Dude should totally start taking notes from Rhett Akins.

I texted Blake asking if he’d be interested in producing an album with me. He of course just wrote back a bunch of cuss words. I texted him back, asking if it’s even possible for him to do it. He wrote back a bunch more cuss words. And finally I called him. He cussed me out on the phone and said ‘Are you serious?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I think it would be pretty cool. As smart as you are in the biz. I just didn’t know whether you’d be able to do it.’ He said, ‘I’d love to do it, but I’m not sure if I can either.’
– – Neal McCoy on how he came to work with Blake and Miranda.

His upcoming projects include: a Bob Dylan tribute album (the two toured together in 2005); a TV reality show, on which he and Jason Aldean will nurture young talents (including Haggard’s son, Benny, 19); and a feature film, “The Merle Haggard Story,” based on his remarkable life.
– – For your information, some of Merle Haggard’s projects in development. A reality show with Jason Aldean? I wish this were fake news.

I love the traditional stuff, but I want to be competitive, too. So I don’t think you’re gonna see the message or my lyric content change, but I think what you’re gonna see is that I’ve gotten a little bit edgier with my production value, and trying to get a little bit more in step with what’s going on out there in the market, so I can attach to some of that young demographic out there.
– – Tracy Lawrence is trying to play it smart in hopes of scoring at least one major hit every decade.

I think that country radio — five or six years ago, had a solid grip. Record sales were through the roof, and they knew exactly what they wanted. Now, I think they are having to open it up a little bit, because the formula isn’t working like it used to. […] I’m finding a lot of artists are becoming more geared toward traditional country, like Kellie Pickler’s new record. I also love Miranda and the Pistol Annies a lot. I’ve always been a fan of Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, and George Strait, and people who were neo-traditionalists. My faith has been renewed in country radio and where it’s going.
– – Shooter Jennings thinks country is coming back around.

I’m now focused on moving on with the tour and am graciously looking forward to what’s in store.
– – Odds that Randy Travis knows the difference between ‘gratefully’ and ‘graciously’? Not great.

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  1. WillWonkaTHEman says

    Lol Jason Aldean better save his money so he doesn’t have to work for pepsi again!!! Personlly I can’t stand him. He’s an idiot.

  2. says

    I don’t have a problem with it because people are just being true to what their influences are and they’re just making music.

    The problem, of course, is that it’s not so much country as bad rock and roll.


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