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Quotable Country – 02/28/10 Edition

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You cannot judge me
‘Cause guys do it all the time
Please just pay my bail
- – Country Haiku on Mindy McCready.

Underwood’s star power was evident as dozens of the normally blasé radio folk clustered near the stage to take photos and videos when she came out to sing.
- – After sitting through Paisley, Lambert, et al., radio programmers at CRS turn into a bunch of teenage girls at the first sight of Underwood.

I love radio. I love DJs. I love program directors. Do you still have program directors? I love the guys who own radio — all three of them. I love that big house you bought me and that nice big car I drove up here in.
- – Ronnie Dunn tries some honesty at CRS.

When Waylon Jennings and Harlan Howard died within about a month of each other in 2002, a little bit of all of us died. Who is gonna sing the songs? Who can sing and play guitar, too? Who is gonna write the songs? A whole lot of us grieved over the loss of these two great men who had given so much to country music. But we wanted more. Will anyone else write with feeling and sing from the heart? The good Lord dropped Jamey Johnson right in our very presence — like a gift. A man who can put words together like Hank Williams did. Another Alabama boy, too. “Praise be!” I say.
- – Hazel Smith is absolutely buying into this Jamey Johnson = Jesus thing.

[My husband is] not into country, and when I try to bring him with me to concerts, his standard answer is “If Bryan Adams is going to be there, I’ll go.”
- – Scary thought: Alison Bonaguro is the one in her house with the unembarrassing taste in music.

Because for all those people bitching that country isn’t country enough anymore, Brooks & Dunn will shut you up. They may not have the iconic status of a Haggard or Jennings, but they are pure country. [...] Yet for everyone who prefers country that’s more rock than it is old-school outlaw, Brooks & Dunn fit that bill, too.
- – Bonaguro. So they’re ‘pure’ country with other stuff mixed in? Pretty sure that negates the whole idea of purity.

It’s not necessarily where you live or how far out in the country you live, but a set of beliefs. Some people still believe in the bible. Some people still believe in their second amendment right. Some people won’t wait for a hand-out. They’ll just get to work. That’s basically just the theme of it all.
- – Josh Thompson. “Don’t wait for a hand-out, son… Get to work! Oh, you say you don’t have a job? Unemployment’s at 10%? Hmmm… I’ll get back to you. Might have to tweak my stereotypes.”

Wynonna was in Las Vegas last week, joining the stars who walked the red carpet — make that blue carpet — at the MGM City Center’s Aria, for the premiere of the Cirque du Soleil extravaganza, ‘Viva Elvis,’ celebrating the life and legacy of the King and his music.
- – They went with a blue carpet for contrast, so you’d still be able to see Wynonna’s skin.

Country music tells stories, and it’s also basic. It’s the kind of music that reaches right inside of you because it’s simple and it’s direct. I just enjoy it thoroughly. It’s relaxing and nostalgic. It can turn on some lovely memories and sometimes some poignant ones.
- – Betty White on country music.

Wonderful. Just a regular shmoe like everybody else, just a regular guy and he’s so eat up with guitar he can’t stand it like the rest of us. He’s just like a dork. He’d rather talk about pick-ups and you know, bridge pieces and strings, parts, “What kind of gauge of frets are those?” you know. He’s talking about all that kind of stuff all the time. He just loves the guitar and Telecasters and playing and everything to do with guitar, he’s great that way.
- – Redd Volkaert on Brad Paisley.

I think she is the voice of her generation. In her age group when normally they don’t have that sort of thing — a true lyrical songwriter person who puts into song the feelings of her age group, a teenager who’s able to write perfectly about those years of life. Usually, those people don’t necessarily have that until they’re older. Here’s teenagers able to say this woman, this young woman is my voice. She’s singing about my heartbreak and the love I’m feeling and the things that are going on.
- – Brad Paisley on Taylor Swift.

(Couldn’t find a ‘Taylor Swift on Redd Volkaert’ to complete the loop…)

Q: What do you think of all the criticism of [Stevie Nicks'] performance with Taylor Swift on the Grammys?
A: Honestly, I just wish she would’ve waited so that I could’ve performed with her! [laughs] Because I can sing the heck out of ‘Rhiannon’! But I have to commend Taylor for having the courage to perform such a legendary song. That takes some serious guts.
- – Sarah Buxton sidesteps a Swiftbomb.

People know they aren’t being fed something to try and sell a record or manufacture a No. 1 song. I like being against the grain a little bit. OK, a lot.
- – Eric Church, lest you forget that he’s a badass.

Fans spent 28 percent less money on CDs, music downloads and concerts last year, compared with 2008, according to the study commissioned by the Country Music Association.
But the study’s biggest surprise was that country’s core fans, who bring in the bulk of the industry’s sales, also have declined in numbers, causing country music’s already smaller revenue pie to shrink even more.
- – Country’s core fanbase is shrinking? Quick, devise some song repackaging or liner note monetization scheme. Whatever you do, don’t look at the quality of mainstream music released last year.

So, what’s the Danny Gokey “look”?
“Pop,” says stylist Kim Perrett.
“Let’s think of a different word,” says manager Rendy Lovelady. (Yep, that’s his real name.) “Modern,” he says.
“Modern country,” Perrett adds. They nod in agreement.
“Gotta get the word country in there,” she says.
- – If they say it enough, maybe it’ll become true.

Q: When you look over your career, is there one particular obstacle that you are proud to have overcome?
A: My record label. [laughing] That could be it! [laughing]
- – Jo Dee Messina, candidly.

I don’t think much of it at all, really… in either direction, honestly. I listen to what I want on the radio, or via the Internet, or at my house. There’s only a playlist of the artists that make the money for the record labels, and those are the ones that they are pushing. I don’t need anyone to tell me what is good and what isn’t.
- – John Michael Montgomery on modern country music.

Q: And you wrote songs while you were delivering the mail?
A: I wrote “Sam Stone” and “Hello in There” on the route. When you’re a mailman on the same route for a couple weeks there is nothing to do, you just try to drop the right mail at the right house and make sure you’re on the right street. Once I delivered the right addresses to the wrong street and I had to come back at dinner time and knock on everyone’s door and ask for the mail back. I likened the mail route to being in a library without any books. You just had time to be quiet and think and that’s where I would come up with a lot of songs. If the song was any good I could remember it later and write it down.
- – John Prine on writing during his mail route.

My whole life, I had never understood why people go see movies twice, but I’ve seen [Cash biopic] Walk the Line four times. My kids finally bought me the DVD. And I was pretty sure I had all of his music, but I was just checking iTunes, listening to those little 20 or 30 second clips, and I found this one. It has some good pickin’ in it!
- – 71-year-old man who won $10,000 in iTunes credit by buying one Johnny Cash song.

I just felt like it was time for me to go back to a company that has a full staff and the money and resources behind it. I’m excited. Looking forward to getting back with a big staff and getting stuff on radio.
- – Tracy Lawrence on returning to a bigger label (BamaJam) after his Rocky Comfort experiment.

I shot my whole part in three days. I tell you, you break your b******s doing five months of prep and you shoot for six months and you get slammed. You come off a plane, put your hair in a ponytail and strap on a pair of cowboy boots and you get some of the best reviews you’ve ever got.
- – Colin Farrell on his role in Crazy Heart.

I realize that I provide a service that no one requires.
- – Truest words ever spoken by Cowboy Troy.

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  1. Wow…Carrie really must have had an effect on the radio programmers at the CRS, which is kind of odd for that type of audience. Maybe Carrie wore a short skirt to the show, and some of the males in attendance wanted to get a photo. The only other possibility I can think of is that the radio execs were mesmerized by the quality of her lyrical wonder known as “Undo It,” and needed to get a video of the performance to play on a loop in their house every two hours.

    Speaking of the CRS, the fact that Sony felt it necessary to close their boat show with Bryan Adams says all that needs to be said about the state of country radio right now. Basically, what Sony is saying is that a rock act like Adams or Frampton is automatically a bigger deal than all of the record label’s country music stars. I’m all for putting on a fun show, but Sony has extremely successful acts in Lambert, Paisley, Underwood, and Brooks and Dunn. If your label’s biggest country acts aren’t enough to entertain country radio programmers, than perhaps you have to rethink a few things…namely, how well do the radio programmers really appreciate and respect the tradition of country music. It’s a similar type of plague that effects many award shows, who often showcase artists like Daughtry, Elton John, or the B52s in an effort to reach more pop fans, all at the expense of a quality up-and coming artist or a legend of the genre. To me, this just reflects the lack of identity that country music is struggling with. The record labels don’t seem to have confidence in what they’re trying to promote, and the radio programmers don’t seem to have an idea as to what “country music” really is.

    On a positive note, I loved the Cowboy Troy and Eric Church snark. And, the guy who won the ITunes certificate seems to be a pretty cool dude.

  2. Did that CRS thing really happen like that, or is some reporter getting biased?

  3. I am really worried about Alison Bonaguro. across the board.


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