Quotable Country – 02/12/12 Edition

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It’s nice that corporate America has now completely absorbed the essence of country music and is trying to assimilate it and bring it down to roughly the level of the so-called music competition shows on network TV.
- – Chet Flippo, writing at CMT.com. You can’t say he doesn’t have a sense of humor.

… a dynamite record isn’t the end-result of a process. It’s more like the end-result of a particular episode in psychopathic self-immersion, in which some nutbag endeavored to find an ideal balance between technical prowess and his own crooked nature, and in doing so banged his head on many walls and almost certainly shortened his lifespan. If it were a process, it would have evolved in one-hundred-and-some years, and we’d all be enjoying better and better music, recorded faster and more cheaply.
- – Robbie Fulks on record-making.

I’ve never eaten Mexican food in Chicago. And, no disrespect, but it can’t be that good if a guy named Bayless is cooking it.
- – Lyle Lovett doesn’t eat Mexican food east of the Mississippi. Smart man.

Q: Are you friendly with the other nominees in the bluegrass category?
A: I have met all of them and liked all of them until now.
- – Steve Martin is talking tough in the Grammy race for Best Bluegrass Album.

[Now] you run the whole studio by a mouse. It’s unbelievable. I really never noticed all those years when I was out of radio how the technology had changed and taken over. There’s no more index cards in front of the microphone. Now, you click online to get the weather, to download the traffic reports, and for your sports scores. Commercials, music, promos, everything is just one click away on the screen as you work your way through the hour-by-hour program. It’s all so foreign to me.
- – Former country radio air personality Dale Turner on returning to the business after 26 years on the record label side of things.

It’s not the end of my career, I hope, but we’re moving up awful close.
- – George Jones on receiving the Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

I know some Grammy voters that are actually friends of mine that only listen to country music, but they vote on categories in the rock world. They don’t know anything about the rock world and they’ll tell you, ‘I don’t know. I’ve just heard of Maroon 5 so I just voted for that.’
- – Gary LeVox thinks Grammy voting can be an unreliable indicator of actual musical quality.

Sure, piracy has its drawbacks, but it also has positives. We’ve had people admit to us before that they were given a burned CD of our record from a friend. They’d go on to say that, once they heard the music, they bought tickets to the nearest show. And there, standing in line afterward to say hi – wearing a band shirt they bought that night – they recounted how many friends they’d turned on to our music. In short, we try not to be curmudgeons about piracy, but to embrace this shift in culture.
- – Joy Williams of The Civil Wars sees the promotional upside of piracy.

I believe that song is an absolute hit. I believe when we get that on country radio, it will be as big of a hit as ‘International Harvester’ was.
- – Craig Morgan thinks new song “Corn Star” will be every bit as successful as past hit “International Harvester.” Song titles like these are why people hate country music.

My original plan was to have him in the video for ‘Dirt Road Anthem.’ But I think he was sick or something when we were filming the video and couldn’t do it.
- – When it came time to film the video for Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” (OMG, that song is Brantley’s NOT Jason’s, etc.), George Jones fell mysteriously ill. Smart man.

The eight semi-finalists for ACM New Artist of the Year have now been narrowed down to three finalists: Brantley Gilbert, Hunter Hayes and Scotty McCreery.
- – It’s as bad as it has ever been, friends.

Hold on, don’t throw that man out. Hold on, don’t hurt him. He’s in the spirit!
- – Luke Bryan, interrupting a song to come to the defense of an unruly drunk fan being ejected from one of his concerts. Whose side is this guy on, anyway?

I’m kind of a songwriter guy so I wanna hear a smart lyric and this and that. But then you can put on ‘The Joker’ (by the Steve Miller Band) or something and some people would rather just hear something easy to listen to, and sometimes that’s just those songs that might not sound like rocket surgery but they still have a hit factor about them. But they still bring in the cash.
- – Lee Brice believes that good songs are sometimes simple, unlike whatever surgical operation it is that they perform with a rocket. You know the one?

Texas has always been Ground Zero for me. It’s the coolest place in the world. From the day that I moved to Nashville over 20 years ago, my wife and I have been talking about moving back to Texas. We just don’t know where in Texas.
- – Ronnie Dunn is all about Texas.

When I’m just chilling out and drinking on the bus, we listen to a lot of Keith Whitley, especially his album Sad Songs & Waltzes. J.D. Crowe went back and took vocals that he’d cut before Keith even had a country record deal, between his bluegrass and country stuff, and re-tracked them about 12 years ago using new musicians. So that record is one of my favorites… That’s depressed drinking. Sometimes it’s not let’s just get f—ed up and party, it’s like let’s see how sad we can make ourselves. Put on some Vern Gosdin, break out a bottle of red wine, ready, set, go. Who’s gonna get the razor blade out first? That’s a sadistic thing we do on the bus.
- – Dierks Bentley has all the right influences. Makes me wish his new album were better.

Artists who can’t do what he does have to draw on outside sources for songs. And that well can run dry eventually. But if you have a well inside of you, like he does, you can produce songs that could only come from you. They all have your imprint.
- – Scotty Emerick doesn’t see Toby Keith ever running out of song ideas. (Well, as long as Robert Earl Keen keeps recording, anyway…)

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  1. Jeremy Dylan says:

    Sure, piracy has its drawbacks

    Such as theft.

  2. Ben says:

    “Corn Star”? Seriously, Craig Morgan? You have got to be kidding me.

  3. ChurchsChicken says:

    Is “Corn Star” sort of like the sequel to the Trace Adkins classic “Brown Chicken Brown Cow”?

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