Quotable Country – 02/01/09 Edition

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I actually don’t get along with a lot of the stars. Arrogance is my biggest pet peeve in life.
– – Gary Allan in the Feb. 9 issue of Country Weekly.

My favorite thing when I go to a concert is having lots of changing things to look at, so I’ve been working really hard to make this show as multi-dimensional as possible.
– – Taylor Swift. Call me crazy, but my favorite thing when I go to a concert is music.

As long as I can sing on key and the good Lord gives me good health, I’ll continue. If I get to where I sing above the music, or below it, I’ll find something else to do.
– – Taylor Swift again. Wait, no… Charlie Louvin. Sorry about that. My mistake.

It’s as if every time he sings that song he has to relive that horrible moment in his mind. And oddly enough, whatever it is that seems to torment him absolutely sets me free. Thank God for George Jones.
– – Jamey Johnson waxes poetic on “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

‘What I’m For’ [and] ‘Footsteps Of Our Fathers’ were the two title-track choices, and I felt like ‘What I’m For’ said a lot more in three words than ‘Footsteps Of Our Fathers’ said in four words. […] And then if you look at it kind of top to bottom, the record is really… it is what I’m for, what I’m about right now, what I believe in, so it’s a great snapshot of what the record’s all about.
– – I think Pat Green is overestimating the evocativeness of the title “What I’m For.” What does it say other than that he’s for some unspecified thing (maybe getting played on the radio)? It’s like titling an album My Album.

Please someone help me with CMT. I can’t log on. There is no log on button. When you pull up the artist, it doesn’t work. Can someone explain step by step what needs to be done. Can you still use CMT or a Specific My Space page to log on to your favorite Artist.
– – CMT.com has gone and confused many of its regulars with a new message board system. Reminds me of the time Grandma got a new flatscreen for Christmas.

I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless.
– – Jessica Simpson reminds me that I really shouldn’t be reading this article about her.

We’ll be headlining shows and bringing the food, so people won’t have to eat crappy nachos when they come to a show.
– – A pretty novel idea from chef Zac Brown. Is that fried chicken I smell?

I want [the new album] to be like an experience. That’s why that first song starts off with the motorcycle going through the gears. It’s like I’m getting ready to take you on a little journey. That’s the whole idea.
– – Ooh, kicking the album off with motorcycle sounds to signify the beginning of a journey. Very clever, Dierks, and might I say, not heavy-handed at all.

I’ve a new album coming out now and it feels good to have done some writing on it. I’ve just been unable to write because of my frustration with George Bush.
– – Nanci Griffith. I hope John Rich experiences a similar problem during Obama’s presidency…

God gave me a voice that doesn’t lend itself to traditional country music.
– – Collin Raye blames God for his treacly pop affections. Personally, I blame the Eagles.

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  1. Dan says

    Dude, pretty weak excuse by Nanci Griffith for not writing. And I think Gary Allan and I could be friends.

    Great edition!

  2. says

    I know this is purely speculative and I love Gary Allan’s music, but I’ve never gotten a sense that Gary wasn’t a bit arrogant himself.

    As for Griffith, I’d think she’d have plenty to write about while Bush was in office, unless she wants her stuff to be positive or something.:)

  3. Rick says

    Taylor Swift’s comment seems to indicate Taylor herself suffers from ADD and assumes that all her tweenypopper fans do as well.

    Just who’s arrogance is Gary Allan talking about? He doesn’t exactly strike me as the warm, fuzzy type….

    Dierks sure is giving his new album the hard sell on so many fronts. I guess he realizes hype will be necessary to cover up for the album’s lack of creativity and substance.

    Nanci Griffith’s comment about not being able to write due to “W” is ridiculous. Bush can legitimately be blamed for many things, but songwriter’s block isn’t one of them. Well not among sane people anyway. If Nanci needs a little creative inspiration she should ride on Willie’s bus for a week or two. Michael Phelps won’t be needing that bong any longer…

  4. Dallas says

    Taylor Swift is awesome but really…..

    I agree with Gary Allan there are a lot of arrogant stars……..not to point anyone out (Kenny Chesney)

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