Quotable Country – 01/31/10 Edition

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[I still] haven’t had a cigarette. I’ve killed four people, but I haven’t had a cigarette!
– – Trace Adkins, one year after he quit smoking.

We co-produced Fearless, and she was askin’ for banjo. I would say ‘What about this?’ — fiddle or whatever. So the decisions to do those country instruments were the two of us collaborating.
– – Nathan Chapman tries to impress us with the fact that he and Swift included a couple country instruments on a ‘country’ album. Shouldn’t that be a given?

I’m doin’ the same thing I’ve always done. I get up, I sing and I have a great time and thank the Lord for havin’ a great job. So it’s timing , it’s being with great people. As my great friend Barbara [presumably Mandrell] would say, ‘The stars are lined up.’ And maybe Mercury’s not in retrograde — or is, I don’t know the difference. But we’re all really thrilled.
– – Reba on the success of “Consider Me Gone,” thinking better of an astrology reference. Whew, close one.

I mean, “Need You Now” — “I’m a little drunk, and I need you now.” As a new artist, we might be afraid of saying that on the first record. Now we’re like, “Hey, man, this is country music. What happened to country music? What happened to Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash songs and singing those kind of lyrics?”
– – Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley on carrying on the outlaw tradition.

I’ve heard a lot of artists do this. It’s really funny. T.M.I. [Too Much Information] coming up: I have a really weak bladder, and so I’m always getting up and going to the restroom, and every now and then … I’ll be humming, and I’ll be like, “Oh, man. I have a good song idea.”
– – Okay, so maybe Kelley is an outlaw with a weak bladder.

Oscar you are out of line. Believe it or not there are people who support, and believe in child molesters and sexual predators including myself. Carrie seems to support this too, otherwise she would have NEVER agreed to participate. If you don’t support sexual predators that’s your choice, it’s also mine and Carrie Underwoods to support them any way we can.
– – The CMT Blog is nuts – and sometimes intentionally so. This comment is somehow related to Underwood singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

I’m not sayin’ a guy that’s in a good mood don’t deserve his song, too. But what about the couple that’s goin’ through hell, and nobody knows that they have to put on a front when they’re out in public and smile and look like everything’s cool, and then they get home and throw dishes at each other ‘til they go to sleep? What about those guys? They need to be fed, too.
– – Jamey Johnson takes care of the others.

I only thought they had one Grammy show, and then I went out there and found out that the B team don’t get to go to the big show. I had to go to the little show, which nobody was there, along with all the other polka bands and swing groups and jazz acts and us country guys, and then they called whoever won and nobody clapped.
– – Trace Adkins on being a second-class Grammy nominee at last year’s ceremony.

I love Miranda Lambert’s record. It sounds like it was made by an artist who treats every song as distinctive. I have tremendous respect for what she’s doing.
– – Keith Urban is a RanFan. I wonder if Ran is, in turn, a Monkey. Fan club names are ridiculous.

Well, mostly [country music is] supposed to be about real people, what they are and what they feel. It’s not just some cute saying laid over a nice, tight hook. Music today, you listen to it, say ‘that’s clever,’ and you forget it. I get the feeling it doesn’t have anything to do with anyone. At least no one I know, or would want to know.
– – The character Bad Blake in Thomas Cobb’s 1987 novel, Crazy Heart… which is being reissued tomorrow, with Jeff Bridges on the cover, natch. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Q: You’re 55 tomorrow. How do you handle parenting, and being on the road and all that stuff?
A: Well, I don’t know. I haven’t done it yet. This kid will just go with us and travel by bus. We drug two dogs all over North America. We can drag a kid.
– – Steve Earle’s gonna drag his kid around America.

I’m a sucker for prison songs — but this is more than that. Merle is the man and this is just another example of how real life makes for the best songs. If you live it, and you write it, people are going to relate. How did this kind of music get lost in the shuffle?
– – Darryl Worley names “Sing Me Back Home” among his favorite songs. See the rest at AOL Radio.

So when someone played this new song, “Just Breathe,” for me, I thought maybe it was some new country artist trying to copy Hill and Swift and give the “breathe” concept a man’s perspective. It starts with some nice guitar picking, there’s a sweet cadence to the melody and the vocals kind of have that pleading desperation sound. I like it. Well, I did like it. Until I found out that it was A PEARL JAM SONG.
– – I heard from a few people about my failure to include this in last week’s edition, so here it is: Bonaguro explains her musical decision-making process with all the depth and subtlety of a grossed-out kid sister.

You knew you’d love the song 4 seconds in but you’d have to retract that love if you later found out that it was a Pearl Jam song.
– – A few days later, a commenter responds to a post in which she endorses Jack Ingram’s “Free.” Bravo.

“Love Story”: princess
“White Horse”: “I’m not a princess”
“Fairytale”: princess
– – Country Haiku with a Swift summary.

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      • says

        Both of them are going to be here in late April and I had to choose which one to see. Haggard won out even though I’ve seen him twice to Travis’ none.

        • says

          Tough decision. Travis is worth catching next time. I’ve seen him three or four times to Haggard’s two (once with Kris) and he’s always in top form.

          I saw Carrie Underwood open for Randy a few years ago (first time they met) and was mortified to learn that nearly everyone around me had come for her, not him.

          • says

            I’d eventually like to catch Travis, but I haven’t seen Haggard on his own yet. By the time I noticed they were coming to town, the Travis tickets were already on sale and I was able to get into the Haggard presale and get in the first two rows for the same price as mid-level Travis tickets. The combination proved too irresistible.

  1. says

    Good gosh, that first Trace Adkins quote is awesome.

    I remember reading that Lady A bit about “Need You Now” supposedly being all provocative and thinking, “no wonder we’re in trouble.”

  2. Kim says

    Ah, CMT blog, what would we be laughing at without you? More interesting discussion going on between Alex, a Polish poster and Kate. That’s incredible. “Waverly” had a good one too. And then the discussion degenerated into wondering were her regular body guard, Terrance, is. LOL

    kicking puppies works better Trace.

  3. Rick says

    Damn, there’s not one quote listed with a poltical connection! Rats…

    Oh wait, Alison Bonaguro lives outside Chicago and is an avowed Obamavoter, so the foolishness of most of what she says is to be expected…(phew, that was a close call! lol)

  4. ARodRocks says

    Thanks for mentioning belatedly the Alison Bonaguro Pearl Jam post.

    And yet her Ingram comments (from 1/25/2010) deserve further attention. Bonaguro writes, “Jack Ingram’s latest song, “Free,” is one of those songs that I knew I’d love about four seconds in. Because I feel like he really means what he’s singing from the very first line.”

    Whoa! She knew she would love the song after just four seconds (probably before Ingram even uttered one word, much less one line) because “he really means what he’s singing…” How could she know that, just four seconds into the song?

  5. Rick says

    Here’s an article from Country Standard Time that includes a great new Trace Adkins quote!

    “Sunday, January 31, 2010 – During Trace Adkins’ set before packed DCU Center in Worcester, Mass., Saturday night, the lanky country singer introduced a celebrity known slightly better for non-country reasons – incoming U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

    Brown, dressed in a shirt and tie, stood up & waved to the crowd drawing cheers after the announcement that he was in the house. Later, Adkins said that he hoped no one booed when he announced Brown’s presence, threatening to “kick their ass” if they had. ” Go Trace! (lol)

  6. says

    Poor Reba. She wants to be new age and L.A. sleek, but then she remembers ‘I live in Nashville this month.’

    Great quote from Jamey Johnson. I hope that idea becomes a song.


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