Quotable Country – 01/29/12 Edition

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I know I don’t look like the type that would know all that old-school country stuff. … One night I bet a man $10 a song for every Haggard song I could play. He’d put $300 in that tip jar before he finally just gave up and left.
– – Thompson Square’s Keifer Thompson knows his Haggard. I wouldn’t have guessed.

People want to know what they’re going to be listening to before they hear it. And that’s so funny because it’s so easy to listen to music, and you’d think that people would just be more willing to listen to things without having to hear about it first. But, comparisons are funny, because like you said, all they really do is either burden you or make you feel like you have to work towards something that you never really thought you’d have to. You can’t really progress towards that comparison. You have to progress as your own artist. If you start to feel pressure about becoming that artist, it starts to affect the original vision of what you set out to do.
– – Caitlin Rose feels ill-served by comparisons to other singer-songwriters.

I mean, there are so many songwriters in this town. I don’t mind if I come to the car and you put a CD in my windshield wiper. I’m like, “Great!” I love to hear new stuff. I don’t want to hear the same stuff all the time. I love hearing music that people have sat down and poured their soul into. It’s fresh, it’s different and I’ve never heard it before. You never know, there could be a hit on there.
– – How much stuff do you think Kellie Pickler will start getting under her wiper blades NOW?

So during dinner I’m nodding a lot and making the proper facial expressions during conversations, really trying to contribute. Then I’d think, I should say something about this particular topic, so I’d write it down. And just about the time I got it written down and was about to hold it up to share it, the conversation would move on to another topic. So I’d write faster and people would say, ‘I can’t read that.’
– – Keith Urban on vocal rest.

I’m a dainty musician.
– – Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley on fracturing his pinky. By bumping it against the edge of a table.

Is Richie Law the Next Scotty McCreery?
– – Taste of Country headline about some guy on the new season of American Idol. Can we please not start talking about the ‘next’ Scotty McCreery until we’ve managed to rid ourselves of the current one? Thanks.

Maybe some people who have a more commercial sound and know the business, that’s OK, but if you have something to say, you have to find a way to say it. I want to be as successful as possible, but I don’t want to change what I want to say, and how to say it to be there. Dwight Yoakam and The Dixie Chicks made great records with great integrity, so that’s a big role model for me.
– – Miranda Lambert on trusting her instincts.

Faith is an amazing thing. When you’re in a town with all these people who could change your life and they’re not doing anything about it, that’s where faith comes in. And yes, it’s frustrating, but I felt in my heart my whole life [that I was] drawn to Nashville, even as a kid. I figured I’d kick around until they kicked me out or gave me a chance. You get your hopes up at different times, and it kind of just drags you along. In misery.
– – Jerrod Niemann on lean years in Nashville.

They’re just kind of a nasty bunch of hillbillies, and I just got sick of it. So I wrote them a song, which is the most time-honored way of answering stuff, you know, particularly in country music.
– – Robert Earl Keen on “The Road Goes On and On,” his love letter to Toby Keith’s posse.

The “Nashville Sound” is not today’s country music, but great producers remain, among them Tony Brown, Frank Rogers, Keith Stegall and Frank Liddell. Others, like Don Cook, Buddy Cannon, Dann Huff and James Stroud, choose to hack it out factory style, focusing solely on giving radio what it wants, not showing what a singer can do (it’s possible to do both).
– – Rich Kienzle in a posting titled “How Nashville Producers Got the Power.”

I find there are so many people, they’re so bound to the idea of that tradition that you grow up to get married and have babies. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s wonderful, that’s the dream. It doesn’t work out for everyone. Some people are in their 40s, 50s and 60s and they haven’t found the one, and they’re not going to settle. There’s no expiration date to find true love.
– – Terri Clark on her song “The One.”

Radio is a beast that has to be fed, and he’s a guy who’s at a point in his career where every lick matters. This is an important album in his career because he needs to continue to have hit singles.
– – Wade Jessen, Billboard’s senior chart manager, on Dierks Bentley’s return to mainstream country following the grassy detour of “Up on the Ridge.” Bentley’s new album hits stores February 7.

West acknowledged he’s a big fan of Nelson and wanted to capitalize on a golden chance to perform for such a noted “captive audience.”
“Willie loved the song, he is a real outgoing individual” he added.
– – Hudspeth County, Texas, county commissioner Wayne West used the opportunity of prosecuting Willie Nelson on marijuana charges to… play him a self-written song. A captive audience, indeed.

Taylor will probably win, just because she’s in here. Let’s give her an award for filling up stadiums. I know Jason [Aldean] wants to win this, but he likely won’t. He picks great songs, but it’s getting old; you can’t tell them apart anymore. Eric [Church]’s too hotheaded. But Lady A has done a great job of being right down the middle – they’re like the Black Eyed Peas of country music.
– – In the latest (Feb 3-10) issue of Entertainment Weekly, an unnamed country star who’s a “Nashville crossover with several Grammys already in his trophy case” thinks a Best Country Album win for Lady Antebellum is in order. Thanks to Carolyn for the tip.

In case you missed it, a bunch of smart folks (plus yours truly) commented on 2011 in country music for the Nashville Scene’s 12th Annual Country Music Critics’ Poll. It makes for pretty good reading.

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