Quotable Country – 01/23/11 Edition

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So if I had to speculate, since Gyllenhaal was in Nashville, it could mean that he was coming to Swift’s home turf to say he was sorry for breaking things off in December and that he wants to win her back. And maybe he wanted to do so before she left for her Asia in February to get her international Speak Now tour up and running. We will never know what the two of them talked about on Wednesday.
– – “So if I had to speculate…” Let me stop you there, Alison. You don’t. But the fact that you always do anyway ensures your continued relevance to the Quotable feature.

Now I’m really lucky to be at this spot where I think people see me as maybe you don’t know what to expect. I have license to do both ends of the spectrum now, and that’s a hard place to get.
– – Brad Paisley is so unpredictable. You just never know which of his two song types he’ll come out with next.

I’m honored to call him friend. I had this great shirt made after he won the Entertainer of the Year. I like to pull it out every now and then. It says, ‘I’m with the Entertainer of the Year.’
– – Darius Rucker on Brad Paisley.

There’s no telling whether Taylor Swift has ever heard Carrabba’s music. But with its crisp acoustic arrangements, yearning vocal melodies and hyper-real diary-entry melodrama, the country star’s 2010 blockbuster “Speak Now” could in many ways be a female version of a Dashboard Confessional record.
– – The L.A. Times Music Blog’s Mikael Wood on the emo-ness of T-Swift.

I thought this song was very unique from the first time I heard it.
– – Kenny Chesney on “Somewhere With You.” Pet Peeve of the Week: By definition, there are not degrees of uniqueness. Something either is or isn’t one of a kind; it can’t be ‘very one of a kind’ or ‘somewhat one of a kind.’

I’ve never seen anything quite as unique as the Boot Campaign, and I’ve seen a lot!
– – Listen here, Charlie Daniels.

Like everything else, we’re going to have to work out some of the kinks in it and get the timing right where it looks like she’s almost live via satellite. And her part’s on track[s], so I love the duet for the fact that if you mess up the song, you can only mess up half of it, so that’s kind of cool.
– – Jason Aldean on performing “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with a prerecorded Kelly Clarkson in concert.

The Throwdown tour is definitely going to be cool. I’m going to spend as much time with Willie Nelson as much as I can during those three months. Whatever that entails, I’m going to be hanging out, if he’ll have me.
– – Just say it, Lee Brice: You want to smoke weed with Willie. No use beating around the, ahem, bushel.

Some people have that damn knack, and I guess I do, I have it. And it comes out from time to time, and they say your speech comes from one side of your brain and your creativeness and your singing comes from the other side of the brain, so I’ve been able to do that, and I didn’t know I could until I just started.
– – Mel Tillis on songwriting.

And I know this will be funny to some people, but I’m influenced by other live events, like wresting. I watch to see how the wrestlers get people riled up, and I use all the stuff I’ve seen over the years that got my attention, in my show. I draw from everything.
– – Well, as long as Jason Aldean doesn’t start painting his face and wearing Spandex onstage…

One time, we were doing a show and the manager, who hadn’t noticed the band before, came out, called me over and said, ‘We can’t have a black person in here at all, and certainly not onstage.’ He said, ‘The rest of you are fine, but get rid of him,’ meaning Al. I turned around and said, ‘Guys, let’s pack it up. If Al can’t stay, I can’t stay.’
– – Wanda Jackson on featuring Big Al Downing in her band around 1960.

I’m so impressed with Bill, he’s had a career resurgence lately. He never got bitter or angry, which happens to some country musicians. He’s not bitter. He’s happy to be in the game.
– – Lee Ann Womack on the continued success of Bill Anderson.

There is too much compromise these days in music. Being a woman, I particularly look at young girls and (see that) they look at other people and they want to be like her or (think) ‘I have to do what she’s doing because that’s how you get on the radio’ or ‘I have to look like that’. I’ve made a career on doing the exact opposite, by being different. If I was like everyone else, I wouldn’t be here.
– – Kasey Chambers, who recently won four Golden Guitars at the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival.

It just kind of seemed like the natural progression, the way I tend to write. The songs over the years that I’ve written by myself and brought it to the band — songs like “Outside,” “It’s Been Awhile,” “So Far Away,” “Everything Changes,” “Epiphany,” “Tangled Up in You” — if you took those songs and put country accompaniment to them, they would fit on this solo record that I’m putting out.
– – Staind’s Aaron Lewis has always been country. Of course!

My mother loves me, but she hates this song with every fiber of her being.
– – Vince Gill on “It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long,” which was based on a comment made by his dad.

… starting with “Working Class,” in which Ms. Peterman, already familiar to CMT viewers as host of its highest-rated show, “The Singing Bee,” plays a struggling single mom, trying to raise her three kids in a suburban Chicago neighborhood she can’t really afford. If the show succeeds, CMT hopes to roll out as many as three other sitcoms within the next few months. Next up, most likely, would be a show built around the comedian (and ex-husband of Roseanne) Tom Arnold.
– – Yikes. Don’t embrace “Working Class” unless you’re ready for a new Tom Arnold sitcom. There’s a threat if ever I’ve heard one. (Hey, remember when CMT used to show music videos?!)

People get a little possessive when somebody like Miranda Lambert records one of my songs. They’ll tell me, ‘We knew you first!’ In Canada, they’ll say, ‘You’re not getting too big for us now, are you?’ But Americans are always excited for you to do well. But yeah, I’m getting calls from some of the heavy hitters in Nashville who want me to come write with them. They’re so confused about the state of country music these days, and I’m so whacked out that I’m like, ‘This is fun!’ Country is just in such a conundrum that they’re grasping at straws. And where I used to not be a good straw to grasp, now I am.
– – Fred Eaglesmith on becoming something of a hot commodity in Nashville.

I listen to myself as a 20-year-old. I’ve gone back and listened to my music. No, I was not ready to do Mosaic. This is a poppa, an elder. This is a voice of one crying out in the wilderness. Return to the Lord. This is the hair and everything. [laughing] I think of even my long, growing-out, gray hair that I’ve got. People come up and say, “Man, you sound like an Old Testament prophet.”
– – Ricky Skaggs explains the place of hair in his Mosaic plan.

I’m just a black man trapped in a white woman’s body, and it’s too late for the NBA.
– – Marshall Chapman.

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  1. Matt B says

    Ricky is a cool guy. Sat the row in front of him on a recent flight back to TN (Southwest) and he was very kind to everyone. The hair certainly adds an ‘elder’ mystique to him.

    The funny thing about Taylor “Confessional” is that her songs are better-written, less whiny songs.

  2. AikoujOi says

    Nice M Bison reference CM XD that was funny

    It also reminded me of the Nostalgia Critic in Kickassia. He was dressed up as M.Bison.

  3. Nicole says

    Or, perhaps, Jake Gyllenhaal is a desperate attention whore, which explains why he’s throwing his lot in with the likes of Camilla Belle: Professional Mistress, and Taylor isn’t any better.

    I feel like I liked Staind at one point. I may have been thirteen…

  4. Steve Harvey says

    Jason Aldean on performing “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with a prerecorded Kelly Clarkson
    No. Wrong. Bad Jason. That’s not how concerts work.

  5. Rick says

    I think Taylor Swift just dates guys long enough to get inspired to write a song or two. Either that or no guy can live up to her lofty fairytale princess expectations.

    I find Brad Paisley and his music about as interesting as watching paint dry. Wait, make that less interesting…

    I was always wondering how Jason Aldean could build such a big fan base. Mystery solved now that I know he appeals to the professional wrestling and roller derby fan bases!

    Kasey Chambers has always been doing her own thing her way. It takes a great deal on innate talent to pull that off and be a success, and Kasey’s got it. I just wish Catherine Britt had the same mindset…

    I didn’t think CMT’s programming could get any worse or insult my intelligence any further. Boy was I wrong! Two actors I refuse to watch in anything are Tom Arnold and Jim Belushi! YECHH!

    So Ricky Skaggs is doing his best to look like Charlton Heston did as Moses in “the Ten Commandments” when he parted the Red Sea huh? I think his rotundity precludes him from pulling that off successfully. Oy Vey!

  6. Stephen H. says

    Random Thoughts:
    — Perhaps Jason could have, I don’t know, enlisted the JaneDear Girls to do the Kelly parts? Not that they can sing very well, but at least it’d be live.
    Or maybe Eric Church could do it. That’d be the most outlaw thing he’s ever done.

    — So will Lee Brice be dipping into his upper middle class white stash? Maybe his next unreleased album could be entitled “Picture of Weed”.

    — So if “country instrumentation” of “It’s Been Awhile” and “Outside” is what we can expect from Aaron Lewis’s album, then, while the album will by no means be country in any way, it will at least fit in on country radio.

  7. Mike K says

    Maybe Jason Aldean can set up a ladder match with Eric Church during the upcoming tour to prove who is the Outlaw World Champion. That would me the unique-est!

    I am a Fred Eaglesmith fan so if he can make a few bucks and get some added exposure, I’m all for it. But they don’t have to do it as loudly as Miranda. Now I just need somebody to record “High Heels in the Rain” or “Bob’s Dogs and Burgs.”

  8. says

    I’m influenced by other live events, like wresting. I watch to see how the wrestlers get people riled up, and I use all the stuff I’ve seen over the years that got my attention, in my show

    I know Aldean says a lot of silly things, and this site rightly laughs at him.

    But this comment is one of his more insightful ones. The best pro wrestlers are popular in large part because they know how to get a crowd into what they’re doing. It’s a special kind of theater that doesn’t work if you don’t have the audience involved.

    If you’re going to do arena and stadium shows, it doesn’t hurt to study your Hulk Hogans and Steve Austins to see how to engage the people in the nosebleed seats.

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