Quotable Country – 01/22/12 Edition

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Three unique families will step into the spotlight as Bayou Billionaires, My Big Redneck Vacation and Swanderosa premiere on CMT this weekend.
– – CMT continues its focus on non-music programming…

1,071 views, 100% thumbs down
– – … not a popular move, judging from the stats reported at the bottom of the posting.

Stephanie Renae had just turned 15, but she did a grown-up version of Underwood’s “Inside Your Heaven,” and she did it well. I think I loved her for her song choice more than anything because it makes me think her country side may go pretty deep.
– – Alison Bonaguro on American Idol. Familiarity with “Inside Your Heaven,” the finale song of Carrie Underwood, suggests a deep knowledge of country music? If you say so.

I didn’t go in the studio thinking, ‘What will country radio play?’ I really dove into this record and I didn’t hold back and I fought. I didn’t pick and choose my battles. I fought all of them. And I got most of them.
– – Kellie Pickler on 100 Proof, out on Tuesday.

He is so versatile and so appreciated for all of the things that he has done. The fact that he shines in songwriting, shines in his solo career, shines in movies and does it all so tastefully. I got to meet him last year, and he’s just one of those people who has been in this business for years but you can tell it hasn’t chewed him up and spit him out. He just seemed like the human embodiment of gratitude. Sometimes you see these people who are just so—God—so affected by all of it, where ambition has taken precedence over happiness. But when I meet people who really embody this serenity of knowing that they have had an amazing life. . . . They just seem to be effervescent.
– – Taylor Swift on Kris Kristofferson.

EVANS, NY– Evans Police and New York State Park Police are warning people about a Craigslist scam advertising a concert this summer.
Investigators say the posting is dated 1-15-12 and advertises a country music concert to be held at Evangola State Park between July 13, 2012-July 15, 2012. The poster asked vendors for $1,000 to reserve their spot.
Officials say there is no concert.
– – So, uh, you might want to do some research before sending large amounts of money to random people on Craigslist. Go figure.

On Monday, a trial gets under way in Davidson County Probate Court to decide the proper division of the income from Reeves’ royalties — which earn as much as $400,000 annually for the estate of the late singer best known for the lyric “Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone.”
– – Jim Reeves still brings in up to $400,000 per year. Not bad for a guy who has been dead since 1964.

This is little more than a stylistic (albeit crude) way of saying that should you require something more substantial than a plastic cup, you are not a man.
Well, you know who disagrees with that statement. Jean Claude Motherf*ckin’ Van-Damme, that’s who.
– – Shea Serrano at LA Weekly’s West Coast Sound blog, in a posting titled “Toby Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup’: Why This Song Sucks.”

Someone said to me one time, ‘You know, you can drive from Maine to San Diego, and you can get there in a car with headlights that only shine 30 feet in front of you.’ That’s how it feels: It feels like I’m going, but I can’t really see the specifics. Mostly what I think I’ve learned after decades of doing this, is if I have the courage to stay in touch with what really moves me, that is my best chance for moving other people and staying connected with an audience.
– – Kathy Mattea on making her way in the music business.

C-o-u-n-t-r-y, that’s kind of like part of the hook, and that became the name of the song — spelling out the word country. It’s one of the most fun songs we’ve ever written. It’s one of those songs we didn’t think about it a lot. It’s not really deep lyrics, but it’s got country roots, and it talks about our country and how much we love country music and how much we love the country lifestyle. That’s what it’s all about for us.
– – LoCash Cowboy Preston Brust on the duo’s new single. Sounds pretty enticing, right?

Once a decision was made to go forward, that record probably came together easier than any Dierks Bentley record had before because that’s where he lives creatively.
– – Mike Dungan says “Up on the Ridge” came naturally.

[Lee] Brice says he and a few other people were asleep at the time. He says they left the bus “and within of minutes it was in flames.”
– – Good news for Lee Brice: You and your bandmates escaped a bus fire yesterday in Arizona. Bad news for Lee Brice: You were quoted, or misquoted, by the AP sounding like a goober. Within of minutes?

Throughout the documentary, Chely, a devout Christian, showed great concern for young gay kids who face the difficult reality that they are perceived as “an abomination” and not even worthy of being alive. These kids are the motivating factor of why she may have committed career suicide. Her last CD sold less than any previous album she had ever released.
– – Look, I’m sure the Chely Wright documentary is indeed wonderful, but can we stop pretending that Lifted Off the Ground wouldn’t have been her worst-selling album if she had stayed in the closet? That’s sort of what happens when you go a decade without any big hits: successive albums are less successful. If anything, the publicity around her coming out probably helped cushion the drop by boosting her sales numbers a bit.

He said, ‘Oh, I’m not really sure I like that one.’
– – Miranda Lambert recounts Blake Shelton’s reaction to “Dear Diamond” being the first song she wrote after they got engaged.

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  1. ChurchsChicken says

    I respect Chely Wright for coming out and I realize it must be very difficult for some people to do. But I’ve also heard the “My coming out hurt my album sales” bit several times and I don’t buy it.

    I doubt she would have sold many copies of that album had she remained in the closet. The album didn’t have songs that would appeal to radio, and it has been over a decade since her last top ten hit. She was off the radar screen. Coming out didn’t cause Chely to “commit career suicide.” She had no real commercial career at that point anyway.

    That said, I realize that many gay and lesbian kids face tremendous barriers and prejudice. Perhaps Chely coming out will inspire them, will encourage Americans to be less bigoted, or otherwise cause good results. I hope more celebrities will come out in the future and Americans will become more tolerant.

  2. Rick says

    Chely cannot be living a homosexual lifestyle without severe guilt and conviction and still be a practicing “devout Christian” as they are mutually exclusive. Sorry Chely, take it up with the Bible, not me… As for her album sales I do believe her coming out did diminish her sales with her long time fans that hold to more traditional values, and especially those in the Bible Belt regions of the country. She knew the risks when she made her choice.

    Our household has been looking into switching away from Time Warner cable TV and I’ve been voting for Dish so I can get RFD-TV. (Our other alternative is AT&T U-Verse and they don’t carry RFD-TV.) I’ve given up on CMT entirely and only watch Great American Commercials on occasion. I miss Kylie Harris and her “On The Edge of Country” show on GAC. Oh well….

    LA Weekly has a sound blog? That’s news to me. But then again they don’t distribute that paper down in the suburbs where I live. Its designed more for the hipsters that inhabit the more youth oriented parts of Los Angeles like West Hollywood and Echo Park/Silverlake.

    Anyone who’s ever heard Dierks Bentley’s indie debut album “Don’t Leave Me In Love” would know where he started creatively, and that “Up On The Ridge” comes closest to getting back to his roots…


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