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Quotable Country – 01/18/09 Edition

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I’m really excited about the medium of country music. I’ve been doing a lot of homework, I’ve been practicing and studying to be really honest, and it’s some exciting music. To me it’s almost what pop music used to sound like.
- – Gone Country 3 contestant #1, pop queen Taylor Dayne, has been practicing and studying to be really honest, which seems rather like a contradiction in terms.

I think I can write a country song because I’m from the south.
- – Gone Country 3 contestant #2, rehabbed Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, believes she’ll just tap into her inner reserve of innate southern songwriting talent when the time comes.

My writing, especially when I write when I play guitar, has a more country soul attitude. So this show is an amazing opportunity to get to know – and also have them know me – a brand new audience. That is an amazing audience and a loyal audience if you can get it right.
- – Gone Country 3 contestant #3, American idol runner-up Justin Guarini, pulls out the old “I’ve always been country” trick because apparently anything played acoustically is country. Are you excited for the show now?

People ought to give her a chance. She’s got a great voice, she’s beautiful – I don’t know what else they want!
- – Loretta Lynn’s affection for Jessica Simpson is putting a real strain on our imaginary friendship.

Country music just kind of got back on the track, I guess. It’s been going forever. I haven’t lost any crowd no matter how I go. I still think there’s great country out there. If you don’t sing real country music, it’s you that’s going to lose. 
- – Loretta gives the ultimatum, but not to Jessica.

John Rich is either the hardest-working hombre in country music… or he’s the Amy Winehouse of country music… or both.
- – Gotta love ggcolumn.

Life itself is deep enough, so can’t we all just rejoice in the simplistic stories of country music?
- – Alison Bonaguro’s strained justification for the dumbing down of country music.

Joe and I really like being together, so that’s kinda handy, because we’re married.
- – Carlene Carter is a funny woman.

We want [the fans] to be moved by hearing and seeing these songs played in front of them. [The live show] is a full sensory experience. If we could feed them chocolate at the same time, we would!
- – Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles gets a little kinky.

You [learn] your limits real quick, especially if you’re playing in a smoky bar sometimes and you’re singing in that atmosphere. It’s amazing what three days rest will do for your voice, you know, and I never really knew that until [last] year.
- – God forbid Chuck Wicks get a little smoke in his lungs. Wouldn’t want to ruin that perfectly vanilla tone.

Hell, even with a pretty woman in a bar, that’s the first thing you think of: ‘Wow. Good job, God.’
- – Jamey Johnson on talking to God in the January 26 issue of Country Weekly.

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  1. My favorite part of Taylor Dane’s spiel is when she claims that her first album sold “many, many millions of records.” The RIAA certification? 2x Platinum – 2 million. Um.

    Gone Country makes me embarrassed to live on planet Earth.

  2. I read the Loretta Lynn quote last night and I wondered what she was smoking when she gave that interview…

    Excellent observation from our beloved GG Column, and as always, brilliant comments on each quote. This feature is my favorite.

  3. Kudos to Alison Bonaguro for taking a bold stance and supporting the cookie-cutter, bland, commercial side of country music. If you weren’t one of 800,000 people who didn’t buy Taylor Swift’s CD within 2 weeks of your release, you’re a music snob who hates country music. And probably America.

  4. Sam you forgot, Kathy Mattea’s Coal must be terrible because nobody bought it!

  5. Loretta Lynn is getting a bit loopy as the years march on and it sounds like she was having a “spell” during the interview where she wondered what more country fans could want from Jessica Simpson.

    By “Life itself is deep enough” does Alsion Bonaguro mean she had a flat tire on her minivan today while taking her daughter to soccer practice? Oh the humanity…..

    I avoid anything John Rich is associated with (well, barring John McCain that is) and especially his “Gone Country” shenanigans on CMT. Is John trying to become the Johhny Knoxville of mainstream country music? He is definitely not the Ashton Kutcher of country related reality shows…

    Maybe if Jennifer Nettles covered her giant hamster ball with Hershey’s chocolate syrup her dreams could come true!

  6. Is this Alison Bonaguro serious? This broad calls me a snob because I think the sweat in Stoney Larue’s bandana has more musical talent than Kenny Cheesney, Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts combined. Give me a break.

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