Quotable Country – 01/16/11 Edition

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Rumor has it the Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal hot romance has sizzled and ceased and they tell me Jake the snake called it off. Well, all I’ve got to say is Taylor is only 21 and does not need a man who has stripped off naked in a movie for all the women in the world, include her mama and me, to see! Keep moving, Taylor. There’s more pretty men that don’t display their privates to the world.
– – When there’s drama in the private lives of country singers, Hazel Smith is there to dish out judgment. What would we do without her?

If we were to use the success of ‘Need You Now’ as the barometer for every other song, then we’ll probably be highly disappointed. That song will probably undoubtedly be the biggest song of our career. We can hopefully have success for 20 years, but we may not ever have the success of that one particular song again. But we might. You never know.
– – Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley.

Howard and I have no personal beef with Britney. She’s a talented gal. But professionally, well, in all honesty, we feel completely ripped off. Where’s the originality?
– – David Bellamy thinks Britney Spears copied the idea of “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?”… which he borrowed from Groucho Marx. Where’s the originality?

The best male voice in country music since Keith Whitley.
– – Grascal Jamie Johnson on Joe Nichols.

The Opry is the most prestigious historical music-related event in all of country music. I don’t live in Tennessee, and it’s always been difficult for me to make the arrangements to perform on that grand stage. But it doesn’t keep me from listening almost ritualistically to it.
– – Toby Keith listens to the Opry ritualistically, which sounds like it might involve incense or human sacrifice. Also, regarding the supposed difficulty of making arrangements to show up at the Opry more than once a decade, how hard can it be when you live two states away and own a private jet?

Buddy Miller produced that track for me. We looked over the songs that others had cut and couldn’t believe that particular piece had not been chosen yet. I think it’s her best song and we were both thrilled to work on it. I guess it was meant to be.
– – Lee Ann Womack on covering “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl” for the Loretta tribute album.

I can tolerate a twang, but I tend to avoid country music due to my phobia of fiddles and banjos. When I hear that knee-slapping sound, I picture being in some southern tavern with a lot of gruff men who are missing some of their teeth. […] [Need You Now is] full of really nice, pretty songs- a good solid album. There are a few songs that are a little more countrified than suits my taste, but because they’re interspersed with the softer ones you don’t really feel like you’re getting clobbered with them.
– – Shocker: Person who dislikes country music likes Lady Antebellum. Additional shocker: Lady Antebellum evidently has some non-soft material on their album.

I think a good song can be done in any style and made to work. It doesn’t have to be, “This song was written to be a bluegrass song.” Or written to be a country or a rock song. I think as long as a song was written to be good, and is good, if it’s done well by a good artist it’ll still sound good.
– – Grascal Danny Roberts on the band’s new covers album. That last sentence is especially, err, good.

I was driving to Minneapolis from Illinois to play a place called the Coffeehouse Extraordinaire. It was a 10-hour drive, and I was all hopped up on Vivarin when I heard my recording of Ghostriders in the Sky on Minnesota Public Radio. I couldn’t figure out why the song was so recognizable for a few seconds. Then I shouted to my German shepherd, ‘Hey, Dutch, that’s me!’
– – Suzy Bogguss on hearing herself on the radio for the first time.

My job over the past five years has been to do what I need to do to make it work. Of course, it has to be a song I believe in. If I didn’t believe in a song, and I cut it only because I thought it could be a hit, then I’d be a sell-out. But if I love the song, then that’s all I need to know. I’m 40 years old now, and if I was going to be a legitimate hit songwriter, I’d already be that by now.
– – Jack Ingram on making the move from Texan singer-songwriter to Nashville star.

Sure, anyone can sound like Loretta Lynn with studio magicians at the helm, but Paltrow had the moxie to back it up with a live performance with Vince Gill at the Country Music Awards in November, to mostly positive acclaim.
– – First: Even with all the studio magic in the world, anyone can’t sound like Loretta Lynn. She’s got a special sort of mojo. More importantly, though: Is there such a thing as non-positive acclaim?

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  1. ChurchsChicken says

    “What would we do without” Hazel Smith? I’m sure we would do a lot better without her specious moralizing. And if forced to chose, I’d rather have a significant other who went full frontal naked in a movie than one who is so quick to pass judgments – often ill considered – on others. Jake’s naked ween on the big screen is not obscene. But Hazel Smith’s attitude is contemptible.

  2. says

    Shocker! I was nearly a whole sentence into that Hazel Smith quote, and I was sure it had to be Alison Bonaguro.

    As I was reading the Jamie Johnson quote, I was thinking “If this is Scott Borchetta talking about Gary LeVox… I just might toss my cookies.”

    I wonder when was the last time Suzy Bogguss heard herself on the radio.

  3. Vicki says

    Hey, I love Hazel. She’s good old bird and I like reading what she has to say as it’s entertaining. I thought I’d laugh out loud when I read that on her column Monday.

    I think Jamie is right. Joe Nichols should be the next up to have his Blake Shelton time to shine.

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