Quotable Country – 01/08/12 Edition

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I see people like Martina [McBride] do it, and Faith [Hill] do it. I know it’s a possibility. I just maybe need to sit down with them and say, ‘How DO you do it?’
– – Carrie Underwood on crushing beer cans against her forehead… I mean, balancing music and motherhood.

Is that so? There you go. You can’t win ’em all. Maybe they’re R&B fans or something. You can’t please everybody.
– – Scotty McCreery, upon learning that his debut made Entertainment Weekly’s list of the five worst albums of 2011.

As in, I only wear baggy, shapeless clothing starting at Thanksgiving and continuing through the first week of January….when I finally have had enough and resolve to get back on track. Which, for me, means making healthy choices about food, starting a workout program, saying no to that 2nd (ok, maybe 3rd) glass of wine, and trying to get more sleep.
– – Wearing sweatpants, eating nothing but bratwurst, imbibing a little too much, staying up all night… Thanksgiving through just after New Years, Martina actually IS DrunkenMartina.

I see guys today that are great songwriters, but I don’t see anyone else writing like Townes. Hayes Carll comes close, and he will get closer.
– – Jack Ingram thinks Hayes Carll might be the closest thing to a modern Townes Van Zandt.

When I turned the guys in my band, who’re even younger than me, onto Ghost on the Canvas (Glen’s final recording), they didn’t really know who he was. Now it’s something every one of them is suggesting we play on the bus.
– – Not knowing of Glen Campbell doesn’t say much for the guys in David Nail’s band, does it? Wonder how long before Nail lets them know that Campbell also made a few recordings pre-“Ghost on the Canvas.”

For two hours each night of the tour they can be taken away from reality – literally.
– – Pretty sure Brad Paisley has misunderstood the meaning of ‘literal.’ Do his concerts actually take place in some alternate dimension?

He wasn’t an outlaw, he was a good dad. It was just a term. It was like ‘I’m gonna wear pajamas inside the house. Outside, I’m a derelict.’
– – Shooter on Waylon.

They have tried to get me on that ever since it started, even before this movie, and I said, “ARE YOU INSANE!?” [laughs]
– – Dolly Parton on “Dancing with the Stars.” I’d watch.

Oh, man, the new [album] is REALLY country — old country, with pedal steel and lots of twangy slide guitar — Brent Mason (the 12-time Academy of Country Music Guitarist of the Year who’ll be with Lewis for Saturday’s show) went crazy on his stuff.
– – Aaron Lewis is hoping Brent Mason made him country enough. Not sure it works that way.

The racist atmosphere at TAMC [Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu] was heavy. A white sergeant, listening to country music, menacingly told an African-American coworker, ‘That’s the kind of music we listen to when we jump off the back of the truck and chase you boys through the woods!’
– – Exhibit A: Why people hate country music.

If I have a song idea, it’s almost something that I want to keep to myself. I feel like a co-writer comes in and says ‘We can do this or we can do that,’ and it’s really too early. I haven’t processed the idea in my own head enough, so I feel like it interrupts the process. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve let go of that some, and realized that the co-written songs are just a different thing.
– – Gretchen Peters on writing solo versus writing with collaborators.

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