Quotable Country – 01/03/12 Edition

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I have a career that’s on a bit of autopilot in the sense that I feel I can rest easy a little bit more. I don’t feel that people are just going to leave me. They’re not going to just move on. We do well, and it’s a great feeling.
– – See, I wasn’t imagining it. Brad Paisley is definitely on autopilot. Has been since about 2005, I think.

It was kind of like what Forrest Gump said — ‘One less thing.’ I didn’t have worry about it.
– – Rory (of Joey +) simplified his life by choosing to wear overalls all the time. This is also why I always wear a scowl: just having the one facial expression saves me a lot of time and bother.

I’m kind of anti-label right now, but it depends, there’s new people coming up all the time that maybe won’t steal from you. That’s a real common thing. Now artists can make more money having your own label. We’re just tired of being stolen from all of our lives.
– – Tanya Tucker thinks the best you can hope for from a label is that they might not steal from you.

I mean, I can’t tell you what engine’s in what, and I certainly can’t pull it apart and put it back together. That would be pretty hopeless. But I’m a car buff in that I love the feeling of driving.
– – “In short,” Hunter Hayes clarified, “I’m not so much a car buff as I am a kid who knows how to drive and is sometimes photographed wearing lady shirts.”

Someone said once if you catch lightning in a bottle, you should probably bottle it up and run with it.
– – Nick Hoffman of new act The Farm. In fact, if you’ve already managed to catch the lightning in a bottle, there really isn’t much need to bottle it up. So you can skip right ahead to the running part.

He’s like a twisted jazz musician under all that country. He writes these chords that are just beautiful — the way they come together so simply, yet they go against normal forms that you learn as a musician. But he makes them sound so beautiful and simple. You don’t try to that, you just do. And that’s what’s great about Willie: he just does.
– – Norah Jones on Willie Nelson, the namesake of her country group. Which releases a new album, For the Good Times, next week.

I can’t stand any of it. It’s embarassing and I don’t even want to say I’m a country musician. We’re not God’s gift to Telecasters and pedal steels, by any means. We were a bunch of guys in a garage, but we live up to our inspirations and our mentors who set the bar just high enough.
– – Jason Boland on contemporary country.

Now, we’ve got to come out with another [single]. It’s a cycle. You’re always in a constant state of panic and worry, and hope you can hang on for one more song. […] There is a misconception that if you’re on the radio, you’re rich beyond belief. I wish that was the case, but you spend so many years trying to get a deal. That took thirteen years, then you get one, and it’s a constant feeling of ‘Are we going to be gone tomorrow.’ I was talking with Jason Aldean about it, and we both said ‘If you ever lose that edge where you think it will never go away, that’s when it does. So, you can’t really get complacent about where you’re at.
– – Keifer Thompson (Thompson Square) makes life in a ‘new’ act seem pretty harrowing. If you read this in conjunction with the first quote up above, it sounds like he and Aldean are predicting the demise of Brad Paisley’s career.

It was almost like trying to do a wedding, a reception and a family reunion all in one day. I don’t want to be on TV like that unless I can help people. I don’t want to be another drama series of catastrophic events. They didn’t show a lot of the joy and celebration and laughter. I told them they blew it.
– – If she had it all to do over again, Wynonna might pass on the Oprah reality series.

a true punk, in the best sense of the word
– – Lucinda Williams on the late Charlie Louvin.

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  1. MeMyselfAndI says

    Interesting about the Brad Paisley quote…. I’ve been repeatedly telling my family, that his recent albums…. More specifically, his MOST recent album, feels as if he seems to be experimenting…. How much CRAP can he put into an album, to have everything go Number 1?

    There are many in Country Music today, that it doesn’t matter what quality they produce, anything they release will go number 1. Brad Paisley is one of those people, and the song “Camouflage” is an example. Except for the song “Eastwood” which features, apparently, Clint Eastwood more than Brad Paisley, I’d call the entire album crap.


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