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Quotable Country – 01/03/11 Edition

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Well, the reason for that is, after we had a big hit with ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,’ anybody that had an idea for a song about an ass wanted to bring it to us, me or Jamey.
- – Randy Houser on his specialization in booty songs, including “Badonkadonk” and “Back That Thing Up.”

This is my last blog of the year, so I kind of thought I should say something really profound. Then I thought, no.
- – Yikes. Well, I’m glad Alison Bonaguro spared us that reading experience…

Q: A lot of your music focuses on the positive. Is that what you were going for?
A: You can only do so much with 10 songs, and there are only 10 songs on my first album. But, yes, of course, positive was part of it. But with the second album, I can’t wait to show more dimension. Of course, I want to have a positive part in it, but I want to talk more about stuff. Positivity gets old after a while.
- – Danny Gokey is on the lookout for songs that “talk more about stuff,” which is apparently a big improvement over nondescript optimism.

To learn Spanish, so I know what they are saying about me at [Nashville restaurant] Las Palmas.
- – Keith Burns’ New Year’s resolution. As far as what they’re saying, one educated guess: “So he used to be like the Kristian Bush of Trick Pony, and now he’s like the Keith Burns of Burns & Poe?”

I think it’s silly to put someone in jail for (marijuana possession). I think it’s a threat to the pharmaceutical industry that you can go to the garden to grow something that might keep you from having to use Lipitor.
- – Merle Haggard on the latest Willie Nelson marijuana bust.

I didn’t move to town to be on that chart with the people I was on the chart with, honestly. I wanted to be on the chart with George Jones and Roger Miller and Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. If I was going to be the singer in the band or be playing songs in a country band, I wanted it to be old-school country as much as I could.
- – From an NPR article on Shawn Camp and the unshelving of his (very good) 1994 album.

More writers are having to climb over each other to get to artists. Songwriters feel like they have to write that No. 1 hit, otherwise they can’t make it. But in my experience, you sometimes have to spend so much time with an artist who might not go anywhere. When I worked with Taylor, she was a teenager who wasn’t signed. I did it for fun.
- – Swift cowriter Liz Rose, quoted in a Tennessean article on the current state of songwriting in Nashville.

Uhh. I love his voice so much. I think it’s just duh-reamy. And he really couldn’t sing! They thought they were going to have to double his voice. And (writer-director Shana Feste), to her credit, was like, ‘Listen to him speak; there’s a voice in there.’ And he learned, it’s amazing. And while we were shooting the movie, he’d get up in the honky tonks and sing.
- – Gwyneth Paltrow on “Country Strong” costar Garrett Hedlund.

Yee-haw: in Jamey Johnson, at last Guardian readers have a country star it’s OK to like
The surprise at the top end of Rolling Stone and Spin critics’ albums of the year lists was The Guitar Song by a liberal country singer who’s more Oprah than Opry
- – If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

We’re finding more and more that there’s a 99-cent Elvis Presley fan, a $90 Elvis Presley fan and a $900 Elvis Presley fan. That’s what often drives the selection: How deep a physical experience is that fan looking for?
- – Sony Legacy’s Adam Block, quoted in a Los Angeles Times article on the niche appeal of deluxe collections like that 16-disc Hank Williams Complete Mother’s Best set.

It would be as inaccurate to define Nashville by the commercial country industry that operates within the city limits as it would be to describe the Los Angeles area solely as the home of Disneyland. Remember, in L.A., Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and the Kardashians all live within a five-mile radius of each other. How does one categorize that? [...] In the last couple of years, I’ve recorded in Nashville with the likes of Todd Snider, Elizabeth Cook, Old Crow Medicine Show, Delbert McClinton, Cowboy Jack Clement and Buddy Miller. Where else are you going to find talented, groovy folks like that concentrated in such a small area?
- – Don Was on Nashville, via The Tennessean.

I’m a marginal dude. I’m 53 years old, I’m not married, I don’t live in suburbia — I live in an old Masonic Lodge that I bought and turned into a living space and music studio. I don’t sit on the patio, or go to hockey games, or veg out and watch TV with my girlfriend. Most guys my age don’t live like I do. They’re worried about if they can afford a new car this year, or how much they have in their retirement account. I often ask people, ‘What do you do after 5 o’clock, after you get home from work?’ I’m fascinated by how they live, because my own life is just different.
- – Fred Eaglesmith explains why he tends to write about marginal characters.

He’s Paul McCartney, man. You can’t forget that he wrote those songs. That kept going through my mind: I’m an aspiring songwriter and sat beside the guy that wrote “Yesterday.” I recorded that. Some guys are famous for some songs you don’t remember, but that’s not the case there. When they started “Hey Jude,” with this wonderful orchestra, the building came apart. Everybody in the audience was singing it. It was a chiller.
- – Merle Haggard is big into Paul McCartney. Who knew?

Quotable Supplement: The Best of Chad Brock (or the commenter known as chadbrock)

  • “When your voice changes and you go through life in 25 years then come back and think you know country music. I have more knowledge in my little pinky than you will ever have. So when you have a couple of no.1 records or write one that still pays me more than you make in a year 10 years later talk to me.”
  • “You my friend are an idiot, writing to be writing, have you had 2 number 1 records any top ten’s top twenties done anything with your music than just right about what you think you know. Have you played in 27 countries for our troops been nominated for an ACM sang on the opry 30 plus times had a song played 4 million times . Shut your freakin mouth before you make an ass out yourself Kevin. Do something with your life then you have the right to talk about mine you little dweeb!!”
  • “Times they are a changing more than you know, music is changing and they way people get their music is changing. People are going to buy what they want because they enjoy it not because a so called music critic writes about it. You don’t have a clue about country fans and how they work. They are going to buy their favorite artist if they sang the ABC song, and go see them. It is called passion, and reading some of your blogs you lack that, oh look I am a critic now. SAD!!”
  • “I will make this brief, I am old school country.”

I understand Ben and Chad ultimately opted to resolve their dispute with a wrestling match.

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  1. Announcer voice: “…..and the winner of the WCW Championship is Ben Foster!”

  2. Something profound from Alison Bonaguro? No thank you, I’d rather read another story about people peeing in beer glasses, plus I’m still dying to know what Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher had for dessert at their wedding six months ago.

    Well, now I can finally say that I’ve argued with a country singer. Judging by some of the other things I’ve said on these blogs, this might not be the last time it happens. For the record, my voice has already changed, and I look way better in those tiny wrestling trunks than he does.

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