Peter Cooper Gets All Holy on You


Remember when I used to post videos? Well, I still do. If you need an excuse to do whatever you want to do on this fine Friday night, musician and Tennessean writer Peter Cooper has you covered. This is “Sheboygan” off of his 2008 album Mission Door (which made the Top Ten Albums of 2008 at Country Universe).


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  1. Dan says

    I’m glad Leeann and I aren’t the only ones who realize that Peter Cooper (or at least this song) is awesome – although maybe it’s just a given that you would like him if Leeann did, haha. But yeah, definitely one of my favorite discoveries of 2008. I’d love to see him keep putting out music, though he’s a pretty sweet journalist, too.

  2. says

    He has a new disc (a collaboration with Eric Brace) coming out soon, Dan. In fact, it might be out already.

    Glad to have put you over the edge, Trailer.

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