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On the Spot #5

Just when you thought you were in the clear, you are once again… on the spot! If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled right into my trap. I’ll only let you go after you’ve honestly answered the following question:

What’s the last song you heard?

Surprisingly, I’ve heard no music at all today, so my last song was David Ball’s “When the Devil Wants to Wrestle.” I had the Amigo album playing in the kitchen while I was burning my dinner on the stove last night.

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  1. I hate you, Wilcox!!

    I just heard Kellie Pickler’s “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” thanks to opposing reviews of it; otherwise, I wouldn’t have even bothered. I didn’t finish it though, since I wasn’t the one who had to review it.

    Why couldn’t you have ensnared me in your trap a half hour ago when I was listening to Clint Black?

  2. Well, I’m halfway through Tanya Tucker’s “My Cowboy’s Getting Old,” but the last full song was “Lady” by Kenny Rogers.

  3. The last song I listened to was “She’s A Genius” by Jet and halfway through “Consider Me Gone” from Reba.

  4. Currently listening to Connie Smith, Ain’t Had No Lovin’
    Last full song: Just Like You, Jon Randall

  5. We Can Work It Out–The Beatles

  6. Susan Haynes’ version of Maria McKee’s “Drinking In My Sunday Dress” while listening through her fine “Crooked Little Heart” CD. Susan was one of the first big label Nashville artists to have her album released digitally (on Valentine’s Day a few years back) with the CD to be released a couple of months later. Unfortunately the CD was never released and Susan was cut from her label right before Fan Fair that year (along with Jon Randall, Jessi Alexander, and Jace Everett) and that was the end of that.

  7. “If The Shoe Fits” – Hank III

  8. Moot Davis – Highway Kind.

  9. Pull My Heart Away – Jack PeƱate

  10. “When Somebody Knows You That Well” – Blake Shelton

  11. Metallica, “Seek And Destroy.”

  12. Imelda May “Johnny Got a Boom Boom”.

  13. Clint Black – Desperado

  14. Indian Summer – Brooks & Dunn

  15. “In a Perfect World” – Gene Watson

    Hoping to pick up Gene’s new release in the next day or so.

  16. “Ghost in the Crowd” – Sister Hazel

  17. I would anwser, but I don’t remeber.

  18. I Don’t Want To- Ashley Monroe….thanks to your recommendation of her a few weeks ago I’m now a fan! Can’t stop listening to this song!

  19. I can answer this one with no qualms … my last full song was ‘I Am A Simple Man’ by Ricky Van Shelton and ‘I’ve Cried My Last Tear For You’ is playing right now.

  20. Unless my search was faulty, it doesn’t seem that Ashley Monroe’s album is on Amazon anymore, again.

  21. Ugh.

    “Diva” – Beyonce

    I swear you do this on purpose, C.M.

  22. Well, I am in the middle of the Community Radio show I host. At this moment in time, I’m playing an instrumental Jazz number by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; before that, I played Randy Travis’ I Told You So.

    Funny you should mention Amgio by David Ball, CM. I was playing it last night on my walkman. “When the Devil Wants to Wrestle (Put Jesus In the Right)” is an song, and I apply it to real life. The whole Amigo album is terrific; I have all his albums and can’t believe he isn’t a major star by now. It doesn’t matter, of course, as David Ball releases terrific music anyway.

  23. “Old Violin” – Johnny Paycheck

  24. “El Rey” Just finished up “Twang”

  25. “15 Step” by Radiohead just ended, while “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado just started. I love both songs, so HAH!

  26. I was digging around for some stuff written by Ellie Greenwich, who just passed away, and came up with Ike & Tina Turner’s “River Deep – Mountain High.”

  27. Oh god! The last song I heard was “That Thang” by Fast Ryde. I turned off my radio afterwards and haven’t listened to anything since.

  28. “Gypsy Queen” by Country Radio

  29. “Love Is Looking for You” – Miranda Lambert

  30. whatever was on in the truck on the way back to the shop. something on the pop country station. big green tractor maybe?

  31. Paul Thorn – Good Day

  32. You bastard!
    I was watching the video of the funky wedding procession, so the last song I heard was (oh Lord)
    Chris Brown’s “Forever”…
    I so hate you right now

  33. Just tuned in WSM Online and heard an oldie but goodie, Charley Pride’s “I’m So Afraid of Losing You Again.” Good stuff!

  34. Phil Vassar’s version of “Little Red Rodeo.” Worse: I really like it.

  35. I have Miranda Lambert’s Crazy ex Girlfriend CD in my car CD player and it kicks on when I’m heading home and feeling free from work. I believe the last song I heard was “Guilty in Here”

  36. George Jones – “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

    Grrrrreat song.

  37. Just finished Chet Atkins’ version of ‘Yakety Axe’, and am now listening to Alan Jackson’s cover of Mercury Blues.

    If I had money
    I’ll tell you what I’d do
    I’d go downtown
    Buy a mercury or two

  38. Burnin’ Bridges – Jessie James

  39. Mister Officer – Jypsi

    I actually kinda like it, but my mother’s reaction was “yuck!”

  40. A bazillion guitars playing Luckenbach, Texas. Teaches me for leaving the soundcard on.

  41. Wild Western Windblown Band – Reckless Kelly

  42. Pray About Everything – Luke Bryan

  43. I don’t want to take anything away from the momentous ‘On The Spot’ feature, but I think the ‘I dare you’ summary prompted a lot of people to answer this. Excellent idea. I may start pre-facing all our posts at My Kind of Country with ‘I dare you to read this album review’ or ‘you’re a wimp if you don’t click on this recommendation’. :)

  44. When I clicked on the thread, it was Beirut, “Guyamas Sonora,” and now it’s The Riptones’ “Carry On.” My iTunes is in the middle of a big rockabilly/Balkans brass band kick.


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