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Nashville Song Plugger Swings Dead Cat, Hits Bike Courier

Nashville song plugger Linda Weathers has been charged with assault and is also being investigated for possible animal cruelty after she struck and injured bike courier Luvel Thompson with a dead cat on Tuesday.

Weathers was trying to make a point to Jenny Lindsay, a young songwriter and recent Nashville arrival, when the incident occurred. “I don’t even know where she got the cat; it was just suddenly in her hand and she was twirling it,” said Lindsay. “It was pretty wild.”

Thompson suffered a contusion to his left elbow and lacerations about his face and hands from falling off the bicycle. “It was the damnedest thing,” he mused. “I’ve been hit by eggs and rocks before, but never a tabby.”

Weathers, who maintains that the animal was already deceased when she swung it, explained: “I was trying to illustrate to the young lady the amount of competition she’s up against in this town. I assumed I’d just graze a Joe Leathers or a Skip Black to show her how many great writers there are here… I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Ironically, the bike courier has offered to drop all charges against Mrs. Weathers if she can get a couple songs to Tim McGraw for him.

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music

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  1. I guess I don’t get it… Is that just me?

  2. Sounds like a lunatic with her hands in the shiet…anyone man or woman that slings a dead cat to prove a point should be locked up in a psych ward and those musicians should use someone else lol!!

  3. Whoever wrote this is somewhat demented, eh?

  4. Funny how the bike courier was also a songwriter …

  5. Trailer’s a little nuts, but that’s why we like him.

  6. @J.R. Journey The story is Califorina BS but that the Biker is a songwriter , now that is a fact . 50% of Nashville is one way or the other either in the Music Business or trying to get in . Like it is in L. A. (not Lower Antioch ) 60 to 70% want to be in “the Movies” why it pays better . Me I am thinking about writing the great Country song
    ” I am tired of washin clothes ,feedin the kids n moppin the floor
    I’ll be glad when I hear your feet walking across our bedroom floor
    maybe then I”ll feel your body easing into our bed once again
    And I will be able to love you an not wonder where you’ve been
    I need some of your hugs and kisses Baby Girl, you’re still my Queen!
    I’ll be gald when you grow tired of chasin your “Rainbow-Dream”

  7. @Sully and @J.R. Journey … as Nashville’s only bicycle courier … I’m here to vouch for Sully’s comment. It is fact that I am an occasional songwriter. However, the situation would have played out much differently than reported.

    If some lousy plugger nailed me with a cat, I would quickly enlist the help of my best legal clients. We would unite bicycle and animal rights activists worldwide, bring justice to our poor feline friend, and punish that plugger for good.

    Then we would write a song about it, find our own plugger and after going #1 buy a new fleet of bicycles for everyone in Nashville.

  8. Or you could just bike down to 4th and Church and grab one of those naked PETA people.

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