Name a Country Concert Tour


Soul2Soul. Poets & Pirates. Bob That Head. Country music acts put on some of the biggest concert tours, but seem woefully inadequate when it comes to thinking up descriptive, interesting names for them.

Clearly, they need our help. I’ll throw out a few suggestions; you feel free to jump in with your own. The trick is to come up with a name for the tour that really captures the essence of the act and its live show. Even lesser-known artists tour, so don’t feel confined to the big names. Every concert tour deserves a fitting title. Without further ado:

Toby Keith – The Self-Indulgent Spectacular

Lee Greenwood – Twenty-Five Years of Mediocrity: A Retrospective

Lost Trailers – The (Unwitting) Farewell Tour

Jessica Simpson – Do You Know (That I Really, Desperately Need Your Approval)

Brooks & Dunn – Verizon Presents… The Phoning It In Tour

Little Big Town – Fleetwood Mac Live!

Buddy Jewell – Love It Or Leave It (Hey, Where Y’all Going?)

Lonestar (feat. Cody Collins) – Three Men and a Baby

Tim McGraw – Tim McGraw’s Autotuner Expo

Gretchen Wilson – Gretchen Wilson 7pm 21+ No Cover

James Otto – Geico Presents… Caveman Live

Josh Gracin – Concert Tour (Ann Marie)

Heartland – Where’d Our Other Fourteen Minutes Go?

Kenny Chesney – The Tortoise Sans the Hair

Darius Rucker – Stop Calling Me Hootie, Guys. It’s Not Funny.


  1. countryuniverse says

    Seriously! Your titles made me laugh out loud! Like Dan, the Josh Gracin one was especially funny. So simple.:)

    I’ll be thinking of some myself, but I know there’s no way to top yours.


  2. John Maglite says

    The Josh Gracin title may be simple, but that makes it universal and I think it’s so sweet that he dedicated the tour to his wife and you have no right to criticize it unless you can do better. Luv u Josh!!!

    Uh, and for the record, I don’t personally see the Chesney/turtle thing. I just like puns.

  3. Trailer says

    John Rich – Grandiose Cowboy (stadium tour – not to fit crowds, to fit head)

    Chuck Wicks – Lifetime TV Presents… Chuck Wicks

    Trailer Choir – When Do Our 15 Minutes Start?

  4. James Otto Sweet Heart says

    I will never be able to see what it is that makes people think that my most favorite singer looks like a cave person. (shaking my head) To me James Otto is a precious beautiful sweet hearted teddy bear, I love him SO much!!! (big smile)

    God bless you and him always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

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