Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies Albums Get Release Dates; Oak Ridge Boys to Join Opry; RIP Kenny Baker

  • During the Friday night Opry, the Oak Ridge Boys were finally invited to join the show’s cast… by Little Jimmy Dickens dressed as a miniature William Lee Golden. They’ll be inducted on August 6.
  • If you’re a Miranda Lambert fan, the rest of 2011 is looking pretty good for you. Lambert’s fourth solo album, Four The Record, will be out November 1.The full Pistol Annies record with Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe will be available digitally (or on CD if you preorder through their website) August 23. It’s titled Hell on Heels after the lead single. Oh, and Lambert also sings with Blake Shelton on the title track to his new album that comes out tomorrow.
  • Glen Campbell’s farewell album Ghost on the Canvas hits stores August 30. That Nashville Sound has details, including cover art and a full track listing.
  • RIP Kenny Baker, master bluegrass fiddler.
  • Country Universe’s Leeann Ward counted down her 25 favorite Rodney Crowell songs for the site’s “Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists” series. I’ve got a lot of listening to do!
  • In case you missed the link in the Quotable Country feature, Blake Shelton is the subject of a New York Times feature by Jon Caramanica.
  • MusicRadar.com has a track-by-track review of the Jeff Bridges country album that comes out August 16.
  • Writing at the Dallas Observer‘s DC9 at Night music blog, Kelly Dearmore named the five essential music videos of Dwight Yoakam. Did your favorite(s) make the list?
  • Meanwhile, Michael J. Mooney at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times‘ County Grind music blog listed the ten best songs of David Allan Coe, including (of course) “Take This Job and Shove It” and “You Never Even Called Me By My Name.”
  • Peter Cooper: Country boys are wearing out their calling cards
  • Remember when the Bellamy Brothers were not-so-subtly suggesting that Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” was a rip-off of their own “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)” and that one of the guys who wrote it had a history of plagiarism? Well, that guy – Dr. Luke, aka Lukasz Gottwald – is now suing them for defamation.

    The court also rejected the Bellamys’ contention that the statements on their website were truthful and did not constitute defamation. “The statements on the website strongly imply that there is evidence of a pattern of copyright infringement by Gottwald, because the website omits the facts that the plaintiffs in those cases publically stated that he did not infringe their songs,” Bucklew wrote.

    The court ruled that the Bellamys’ statements, which implied that the plaintiffs had committed an illegal act, intentionally omitted publically available facts and could not qualify as “pure opinion,” thus supporting a defamation claim.

    I guess life really is like a jar of jalapenos.

  • Honky tonk gal Miss Leslie considers gender issues, throwing in a Dolly Parton clip and a free download of her own song “Pretty Girl” for good measure. Head over to her blog to check it out.
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield swung by NPR/WXPN’s World Cafe to perform four songs from her album Tell Me.
  • Be honest: You’ve always wanted to hear a reggae version of “The Gambler.” Well, your dream can now become a reality with American Songwriter‘s exclusive preview of Reggae’s Gone Country, a 14-track compilation of popular reggae artists singing country classics. Recorded mostly in Jamaica and partially produced by John Rich, the album will be out August 30. It doesn’t feature Jennifer Nettles.
  • Georgette Jones, daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, has a new memoir called The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George. She spoke with PopEater’s Nicki Gostin about it.
  • Writing at Juli Thanki’s new Engine 145 music blog(!), Ken Morton chatted with Jason Eady about his upcoming album, AM Country Heaven:

    It seems like in the country world, there seems to be a big hesitation to just do straight-up old-school country. I’m not one of these anti-Nashville guys. I’m really not. But when it comes to doing old-school country, there seems to be this big fear of doing that. It’s not cool enough or it won’t appeal to the right demographic. I really wanted to make a record that proves that you can still make a traditional country record and that people still really want to hear that stuff. That’s really the point I wanted to make.

  • I’m hoping Ken will keep doing news roundups (like this one) over there so I don’t have to do them here. These things are a lot more fun to read than they are to put together.
  • Via Music Fog, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers tack the “King of the Hill” theme song (which Clyne wrote) onto the end of their song “Banditos.” Skip ahead to about 4:05 to hear the theme song. Or just watch the whole video. It’s pretty entertaining.

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  1. ChurchsChicken says

    Glad that the suit against the Bellamy Brothers is moving forward. Its probably still an uphill battle for Gottwald but I applaud Gottwald for trying. Even if Gottwald does not prevail in court, the Bellamy Brothers behaved in a pretty bad manner I believe.

  2. ChurchsChicken says

    I just watched about half of the “Jalopeno” video and the song, the singing, the production, is awful.I couldn’t make it through the video. Not only should the Bellamy Brothers be sued for defamation, they should be sued for making bad music.

  3. Derrick says

    Just happy to have more Miranda music, cheesy album title or not. :)

    Hopefully, once the Pistol Annies record gets properly released, we might get a single or two from Miranda.

  4. says

    That Crowell list is a great reminder of the depth and greatness of his catalogue, but omits some of my favourites – I Wish It Would Rain in particular.

    • says

      “I Wish It Would Rain” + “Wandering Boy” is a killer song cycle. The whole Houston Kid album is great. I’m not as familiar with all of his earlier work, so Leeann’s list will come in handy there.

      • says

        I love both of those songs too, but “Wandering Boy” a little less.”

        To be honest, I truly love every song on my list, but I would have focused solely on The Houston Kid, Fate’s Right Hand and The Outsider if I wasn’t trying to introduce people to some great stuff from his older catalog too. Those three albums are what got me into Rodney Crowell in the first place and they’re the albums that stick in my head the most. I could have put almost every song from each of those albums on the list, but I wouldn’t have had enough spots, not to mention the imbalance that it would have created. I already realize that I omitted “Closer to Heaven” from Sex and Gasoline, which I’m kicking myself for. I always rethink my lists after they’re published though.

        • says

          It’s interesting that there two segments of Rodney Crowell fan – ones who know Diamonds and Dirt and aren’t really aware of his post-2000 career, and people who are vaguely aware he used to have radio hits but only listen to his records from the last decade.

          The Houston Kid might be my favourite album of the previous decade, and I love Fate’s Right Hand, the Outsider and Sex & Gasoline (although it took a long time to grow on me). I still enjoy his earlier stuff, but the 80sness of it makes me much less inclined to put it on.

          I’m very excited about his upcoming album, which I hope will come out this year. Three years is far too long to wait between records.

      • says

        The whole Houston Kid album is great.

        Oh, man yeah. I’ve been meaning to get that album since I heard “Telephone Road” on the old KIKK in Houston way back in late 2001. I finally went & picked it up at Lone Star Music in Gruene last week and am kicking myself for waiting so long. Other favorites include “The Rock Of My Soul,” “Why Don’t We Talk About It” “I Walk the Line (Revisited)” and “Highway 17.” The whole thing is a masterpiece, though.

        (Also picked up Radney Foster’s Another Way to Goanother cd I’ve been meaning to get for almost as long as the Crowell disc — and Cody Canada and the Departed’s This Is Indian Land. Good stuff, all of it.)

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