Martina McBride Removed from Flight for Drunken Threats, Disorderly Conduct


martina-mcbrideEn route to New York on her Shine promotional tour, Martina McBride was ejected from a Continental Airlines flight for disorderly conduct, including angry threats and violent behavior toward crew members.

Problems began as soon as the singer boarded the plane on the Dallas runway. “Where’s the motherf***er who can get me a Long Island?” shouted McBride as she stepped inside and sprawled herself lengthwise across a row of seats. When a flight attendant approached and asked that she watch her language and confine herself to the one seat to which her ticket entitled her, McBride replied: “Are you the motherf***er who can get me a Long Island?” Noting the singer’s disheveled appearance and alcohol breath, the attendant gently suggested that she might want to skip the drink. McBride responded by beckoning him closer, then delivering a swift jab to his abdomen with her clenched fist. As he keeled over, McBride reportedly leaned forward and spat on him. She then let loose with a delighted cackle.

The flight attendant, Sal Mackey, expressed surprise at his encounter with the popular singer: “My wife is a big Martina fan, so I know her music pretty well. It has always seemed pretty sunny and optimistic to me. I assumed she would be the same way as a person. She always looks like such a sweet woman in pictures. I mean, she does have that one called ‘Independence Day’ about fighting back, but that’s like a cute female empowerment thing. I wouldn’t have guessed that she just likes to go around kicking ass for the hell of it.”

He added: “For a tiny woman, she has a heck of a right jab.”

Following the encounter with Mackey, McBride loudly announced her intentions to “cut a b**ch” if someone didn’t get her some liquor, brandishing her fingernails in a threatening manner. Several flight attendants wrestled her to the ground and delivered her to airport security before boarding the rest of the passengers.

McBride’s publicist was unavailable for comment. It is unclear whether the singer will make it to New York in time to perform uplifting songs from the new album on Live with Regis & Kelly this week.

Concept for this Fake* News by Farce the Music

* Plzdon’tsuefordefamationofcharacter.


  1. David Jones says

    I loved that one! Maybe the real Martina should do that every once in a while. But it’s as likely as her covering a Hank Williams III song.

  2. martinas fan says

    and again you need to QUIT releasing false information. you make me sick. Martina is not a drunk, not abusive and NEVER would talk like that so stop while you’re ahead or there will be one big FAT lawsuit comming your way got it..

      • martinasfan says

        it doesn’t matter if this stuff is fake, it shouldn’t have been said. it’s simple as that

        • says

          Really??? Do you really not get this??? If Martina herself saw this, which she very well may have, she would be laughing her a$$ off! It’s perfectly clear to the rest of us that the reason she was chosen as the subject of this particular “farce” is because she is probably the LAST person that would actually do this! It’s the irony of these sort of stories that make this funny! People that don’t get this must stay permanently irate as Letterman, Conan, Leno, Kimmel, etc., make a living with this sort of humor!

          • Martina's Cousin says

            Martina has seen this and she sure wasn’t “laughing her a$$ off” She is hurt by it. Yes it is on a website that does say that it is fake news (if you bother to scroll past the bottom of the article); However, people are free to copy this and repost it on any site claiming it to be a true article or say something about it over a social networking site to where others begin to believe it’s true. Stuff like this is ridiculous and immature, written by people with nothing better to do than write fake stories about the people they wish they could be.

  3. allysa says

    Martina would never do that. Sha has 3 kids who look up to her(I should know my step-dad is her one of her managers)

  4. Ashley says

    Wow! Really This Isnt True!! Martina Is The Nicest Person Ever! & Would Never Talk Like This & She Is NOT A Drunk!! STUPID PEOPLE!! STOP MAKING UP STUFF!


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