LeAnn Rimes Issues Incomprehensible Statement

LeAnn Rimes held a press conference earlier today, but the nature of the singer’s announcement remains a mystery even to the reporters who were present to hear it. Susan Wiley, a Country Daily correspondent who exited the small conference room at the Nashville Doubletree with a puzzled expression on her face, explained: “I mean, it was a nice meeting. The hors d’oeuvres were great. LeAnn seems like such a nice young woman and always looks so beautiful. But I couldn’t understand a damn thing that girl said.”  Harry Hootenanny, a reporter for The Tennessean and veteran of Rimes press conferences, added: “Yeah, we usually just sit through the meeting then go check her website to see what she was slurring about. At least she has nice legs.” Rimes is perhaps best known for her 1997 pop hit “Hudduha Live.”

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  1. Linda says

    LOL about the butchering of “How Do I Live.” But I gotta say, this post is true though. Her enunciating skills is seriously horrible. I couldn’t even finish watching one of her concerts on TV ’cause her enunciating was grating on my nerves. And don’t even get me started on her “I sing with a frog stuck in my throat” singing style. I don’t know why some people think she’s a great singer anymore. I miss her “Blue” days.

  2. Bobby says

    Personally, I liked “Nutter Butters to Chew”. I just didn’t get the first line, something about buying Crest toothpaste at Meijer?

  3. Noble says

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