Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood Going Solo

dave-haywoodThings won’t be getting any easier for up-and-comers Lady Antebellum, who lost an ACM Vocal Group trophy to Rascal Flatts this past Sunday: an important member of the trio has decided to pursue a solo career. Guitarist Dave Haywood performed his final show with the group last night.

In the weeks leading up to the split, the internet was abuzz with rumors of Haywood’s mounting dissatisfaction. He had reportedly grown tired of vocalists Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott riding on his coattails and begun expressing interest in doing something “a little more emo” on his own.

In an exclusive interview, Haywood’s former bandmates seemed quite shaken by the loss of the group’s center. Kelley offered: “It was obvious from the beginning that Dave would be the breakout star of the group. He was the only one who played an instrument – well, besides all the other players in the band, none of whom are credited as part of the group. We just never expected that Dave would go solo so soon. We thought we’d have a long run of at least three or four pop albums – I mean country albums.” Scott added: “Where on earth will we find another scruffy twentysomething guitar player?”

Haywood’s solo debut, tentatively titled That Guy, is due July 14 on Lyric Street Records. Although Haywood has been telling friends that the album will feature several collaborations with the Jonas Brothers, a representative for the tween boy band contends that the restraining order is still in effect.

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  1. Rick says:

    I’m not surprised by this news at all as accountants are just so naturally flighty and unstable! Dave’s new album was originally titled “That Bean Counting Guy” but the Lyric Street folks convinced him that “less is more”, which he replied is contrary to all generally accepted accounting principles! In an unguarded moment Dave let it slip that the constant rejection of his sexual advances towards Hillary Scott were the true reason he had to leave. “Charles has a hot wife and Hillary can have any guy she wants. Being a dweeb around those two was just unbearable” Dave whimpered as he slowly walked away….

  2. Chris D. says:

    I loved the last paragraph- I was reading the beginning and I thought “The Jonas Brothers better get mentioned…”

  3. Leeann Ward says:

    Ha! You left no stone unturned.

  4. QWERTY!!! says:

    Hi, I think Dave Haywood should go trio with Sugarland, him and Kristian Bush would probably be good friends–they both don’t sing much.

  5. Blake Boldt says:

    Dave is actually my favorite Lady A-er and I’m not ashamed to say it. He’s a rose just bound to bloom. You just wait and see. (wags finger)

  6. Vicki says:

    OMG! I knew he was the star of that group. Always giving those deep eyes to the camera, laying low so the mystery would continue. I knew his plan from the start.

  7. McKenzie says:

    This isn’t even true.

  8. Chelsie says:

    OMG i hope this is true i mean Dave is soooo HOTT and hes better than them anyway….

    = D

  9. Jessiepc says:

    huh… guess Ive missed stuff… I just recently became a huge fan of Lady A, just purchased a membership to their fan club a couple minutes ago…Whats the deal with the band…. also, not ashamed to admit it, I am a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers… was a little surprised that their names were mentioned in this seeing as the bands are very different… whats the deal there??? Someone please fill me in. I’m quite curious now so I shall go stock the interweb! Thanks!!

    • Tman says:

      A little gullible are we? “We thought we’d have a long run of at least three or four pop albums – I mean country albums”

  10. Sarah says:

    someone made that up…that is a lie….i dont know when this was made but it is June of 2010 now and he still performs in concerts, cds, music videos, and still writes music with Charles Kelley. Its crazy to think anyone would leave Lady Antebellum with all the sucess they have!!

  11. Kassidy says:

    Dude. This isn’t even true.

    • Stephen H. says:

      Of course it’s not true. Didn’t you see that it was catorgerizoed as “FAKE NEWS”?

      (On a side note, I think every post on this site should be “catorgerizoed” instead of “categorized” from now on.)



  13. Leah says:

    Thank Goodness this is NOT true. I love his guitar skills in Lady A, and would be devastated if he left them. When i first saw this, I nearly had a heart attack.

  14. Mary says:

    HAHAHA! this makes me laugh! who the heck believes this! it’s not true at all! Dave, Charles, and Hillary are very much still together!

  15. pyrochick says:

    Haywood IS the leader of that group! He has every right to go solo and he WILL succeed. He has talent that I havn’t heard in years. His piano is beyond even Floyd Cramer and Bruce Hornsby and his Guitar playing is remarkable. He knows how to perform. When I first saw Lady A. I thought he was kind of shy, but he is the break-out star for sure. If this story is true, I will be the first to buy a concert ticket when he goes on tour, and if it is not true, then I wish him and Lady A. the best as they continue to collaborate together to continue to be a top-notch group. Dave has talen like no other. That’s what has made this group work so well together, they each have such unique talent and I love them all. But Dave….he’s got it going on!

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