Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2009 Playlist

Thanks for all of your 2009 playlist suggestions!

I took one recommendation per person, and when more than one song was recommended from the same album I pretty much just went with whichever one I liked best. A few tracks don’t appear because they’re not on Amazon or the albums haven’t yet been released. But don’t let that keep you from checking out the new Guy Clark as soon as it’s available. Seriously, don’t miss that one; it’s a peach.

These are just 30 second clips, so it shouldn’t take long at all to listen to what other readers are enjoying and possibly discover a few new things for yourself. If a song piques your interest, you can support the artist (and kick back a few pennies to help defray the costs of running this site) by purchasing the MP3 from the player below.

This was fun. We should do it again sometime.

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