Kix Brooks Punked by Ronnie Dunn

New year, new feature. Real country music news is all over the internet, but where to turn for all the latest fake country music news? With these new Onion-style blurbs, Country California has you covered.

Kix Brooks was surprised to receive a text message from Ronnie Dunn on Tuesday with news that the duo’s next single would be “Drop in the Bucket” from 2007’s Cowboy Town. Brooks, who has not sung lead on a Brooks & Dunn single since “South of Santa Fe” hit the charts with a resounding thud in 1999, reportedly bootscooted around his living room in wild jubilation for ten minutes before noticing that a second text from Dunn had arrived. That follow-up message, which had in fact been sent just a few seconds after the first, was devastatingly short and to the point: jk. As of press time, the two men are not yet back on speaking terms.

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  1. David Jones says

    I didn’t read the two line intro as the names Brooks and Dunn caught my eye, and I actually believed it!

  2. says

    I always thought Kix has some great material, but they choose not to release it. “Drop…” would be a horrible choice, anyway. I would have loved if they had released “She Likes to Get Out of Town” from the last album.

    Funny article, though ha.

  3. David Jones says

    I agree, CF. “She Likes to Get Out of Town” is amazing! I know he does it live, but it would have been a definite hit. I think Arista Nashville don’t dare to put out a non-Ronnie track, but to be fair to Kix, “South of Santa Fe” wasn’t that good a song. It was an OK album track, but it wasn’t exactly radio-friendly.

  4. agent713 says

    “She Likes to Get Out of Town” is MY song! Seriously. It was written by me…especially now at 4:23pm on a Friday! I love that song and it’s the only reason I ever listen to “Hillbilly Deluxe”

    Great new feature. I look forward to more :)

  5. Bobby says

    Didn’t they yank “South of Santa Fe” because PDs were saying they didn’t WANT another Kix song? And is it just me, or does Kix only sing really quiet background vocals for about 10 seconds on each Ronnie song?

    Seriously, tho. If you form a duo, whatever you do, make sure the “other guy” does NOT have a mandolin or he’ll end up doing about 0.0000001% of the work. I’m looking at you too, Kristian Bush. Be glad you got to sing a line on “Life in a Northern Town”.

  6. Cool G says

    Ok, guess I’ll show I’m an old timer here but if anyone remembers martin and lewis, dean martin could sing and had looks, lewis was a bit erratic, a clown, a jokester to martin’s straightman. Kix was funny to watch kikking across the floor, amking faces and just vhaving an aparently good time. He did his part/

  7. Paul W Dennis says

    I don’t really think they were foes or anything like that, just not best friends. A few months after their breakup Kix had Ronnie on his radio show giving a plug for Ronnie’s new album


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