Jean Shepard Joins the Hall; Country Radio Reacts to “Idol” Finalists; Free Randy Travis Download

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  1. says

    Thanks for the Randy Travis download tip. Not bad, but at the risk of sneers, Chesney’s voice is stronger than Travis’ to my ears. I’m hoping I’m imagining this though.

  2. says

    Great news about the new Connie Smith release. Haven’t listened to the Randy Travis download yet. I know his voice isn’t what it once was but I still hate the thought of that song being maligned by having Kenny Chesney sing part of it.

  3. Rick says

    Don’t forget tonight’s episode of “CMT’s Next Superstar”! I’ll admit their attempt at combining elements of reality shows like Amazing Race and Hell’s Kitchen into a talent quest is a bit loopy, but the show has been entertaining. I will also readily admit the situations created to judge the contestants each week have ranged from bizarre to idiotic, but hey at least its different. That Matt Seletic guy comes off as even more arrogant and egomaniacal than John Rich with a bad hangover, but it does appear he is the driving force behind the show.

    That’s quite a good Opry line-up tonight! Its about time for me to tune in come to think of it.

    Jean Shephard was truly one of the most influential women in country music back in the 1950’s and I would rate her as having more long term impact than Kitty Wells. Jean’s saucy attitude was a springboard for Loretta Lynn and lesser artists like Jeannie C. Riley as well. I’d say its also about time that Jean’s inspiration Rose Maddox also was elected to the Hall of Fame.

  4. says

    Enjoyed the Sara Evans feature on I liked their analysis of “Cheatin’,” and I have to give them extra props for including “Three Chords and the Truth.”

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