Jason Isbell, Alan Jackson Star in Buddy Comedy; Best Country Singles of 1993; Ashley Monroe on Fallon

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  1. Tezca says

    I can argue the rare recording bit in that interesting MP3 article, I would imagine there are still rare or hard to find recordings when it comes to defunct and probably lesser known bands. Like take luvjOi(Big Kenny’s old rock band) for instance, you can easily get the tracks for the first album that they did off of amazon but good luck hunting down the tracks off the second and last album they did.

    Well actually at least until I got the bright idea to make lyric videos for some of the songs and put it on YouTube, but it would be hard to fine them before I did that and I got lucky to found someone to email all of the tracks to me years ago.

    Forgive me if my argument is not that strong but just felt like making a comment.

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