Jamey Johnson Reviewed Favorably

Jamey Johnson, a burly, bearded singer-songwriter with a deep Alabama drawl and only one Top 10 hit to his credit, recently saw his career taken to a whole new level by a favorable review from Curtis Wilson, a columnist and occasional music critic for The Lafayette Ledger.

Wilson reportedly had to fight for the placement of his Guitar Song review in the January 25th edition of The Ledger, a semi-weekly paper reaching more than 200 readers in the Lafayette area. “My editor wanted another feature on the local hot dog stand, but I felt very strongly that we had to bring this unheralded album to people’s attention,” explained Wilson from the basement-level cubicle he has occupied for the past six years. “Sometimes you have to go to bat for something you believe in.”

“It meant the world to me when I saw what Curtis had written,” said Johnson from a tour stop in Arkansas. “I thought it especially enlightening how he referred to the ‘grit’ and ‘outlaw’ style of my recordings, which was stuff I had never heard put that way before. It’s just nice to get some good press for a change, and for it to be in The Lafayette Ledger… it’s more than I could have asked for.”

Wilson’s review earned him a personal ‘thank you’ call from Johnson, as well as an invitation to be the singer’s best friend for life. He’s also fielding staff writing offers from The New York Times and Rolling Stone. “Obviously, we need visionaries like Curtis on our team,” said Times music editor Henry Horsewallace.

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  1. says

    I would guess that Jamey probably has a lot more thank-you notes to write. I’m working on yet another favorable Jamey Johnson review, so I’ll be waiting to get mine!

  2. Rick says

    Man, I just can’t stomach brown nosing ass kissers who pretend to be real journalists! Thank goodness “W” never had to deal with any of those types in the mainstream media…

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